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  1. Nope. Graves is full of general use stuff. No reason for it to be inside the Omens expansion.
  2. I can't even imagine playing this with my 8 year old daughter. She'd have no trouble reading the cards, but I am not so sure about her sense of strategy. Most importantly though, there is no WAY she would have the patience to sit through a game of this length.
  3. Just in case anyone else comes upon this thread and wonders at the answer, the FAQ says that both sides lose everything and nobody "wins" the battle.
  4. All I could think of was Incan Gold when I heard about this one. I'm sure it's NOT the same game, but I wonder just how different it will feel? We'll have to wait and see...
  5. All I have noticed so far is that in every game, one of the losing players has loudly proclaimed that his team was worthless and unbalanced against the other teams. Funny thing is, it always seems to be a different team that gets ranted about...
  6. 1. Yes. That happens to be one of the sweeter highlights to win. Don't forget that if there are multiple symbols that are the SAME, you only keep one of them. 3. Scoreboard phase is OVER by the time you actually claim the card, so no. 2 & 4. Yes, that's all good. You collect your payouts. You GET the cards in your improvement pile. NOW the game is over so End of Game abilities trigger.
  7. Flagrin said: We just make the Guard ability work across highlights. That... just doesn't make any sense at all. I think the simple solution is to simply allow a player to use Guard even if they're the target of the tackle..
  8. chainsaw_ash said: hi can more than one team and staff upgrade be used per matchup? Are they only used after all the players have been committed or can you use one each time a new player is committed (assuming its not tapped)? Can I use several immediately after each other? thanks Yes, you can use more than one per matchup and even more than one per turn BUT there are some restrictions. 1) Commit a player. Resolve his skills. 2) Use ONE Matchup Action if you want to You can use as many Responses as you like though.
  9. XAos said: Dark Bunny Lord said: ....so I really don't see the problem. Sure you didn't really "use" the guard, but the end result was the same. I think the problem is the dwarves have a "team card" which is virtually unusable. If might as well be a blank card. The end result would only be the same if that team skill ability could not be activated, when the guard is the target of the tackle. That is a tough one. You need two guards at the same matchup to pull it off, but then you only have to do it once since you can replace that Team card when it works. Generally though, Guard IS a useful skill in that it forces your opponent to try to tackle someone who's not the ball carrier.
  10. Mustakrakish said: Is this how its supposed to be played? Player A Commits a player, then player B commits a player to the same highlight. That means players C or D cannot commit, but players A or B can continue to play cards from their hands, resolving skills and using ability cards until they can not. Player B doesn't have to commit to the same highlight as Player A, but we'll assume he does. Now it's Player C's turn. He chooses a spot to commit to. He can't choose the highlight where A and B are already committed, but he can pick another. Player D does the same. Player A now adds to the battle against B at the first highlight or jumps into a new highlight, etc etc etc.
  11. Mustakrakish said: Woohoo Cthulhu said: That's at the end of game, so you'd go through your whole roster, which is all of your cards. The way we played it was: Your roster is all the cards that would make up your team deck. So your Hand, Your Discard Pile, and your Team deck. Put them all together and that is your roster. This made the player playing Reikland Revers take a HUGE leap as he got Gryphone-ade early in the game and he had a TON of star players on his roster... he gained 30+ fans from that alone:) That's not possible. If you're really lucky, it'd still mean you'd have to win 25 Star Players during the game.
  12. wapcaplets said: The Minotaur's text says, "Response: If this player becomes downed from a tackle attempt, this player may immediately attempt to tackle the same player that tackled him. Use this player's standing Star Power during this tackle attempt." Does this ability work if the Minotaur is the one attempting the tackle and rolls XX? I suppose it does, but I don't think he'd want to tackle himself. Seriously, I get what you're asking and the fact that the minotaur failed the tackle does not mean that the player he was going after tackled HIM instead so it's a moot point.
  13. Fryd Pickles said: As per the rulebook- "In case of a tie at a tournament when the ball is at midfield, the first manager decides which tied team has higher Star Power." So they are basically saying the first manager chooses who he wants, or does this mean he has to add up all star power points on each team and then determine the winner? ??? I don't see where your question is coming from here. The part you've quoted is pretty clear.
  14. Fryd Pickles said: What if the ball is at midfield at one of the matchups and both players have equal star power? Does the person with the coin (first manager) decide who he wants to win the matchup? If so, that would make the two player game lame since it's an obvious choice who they would want to win. P. 13 In such a tie, there would be no winner at a highlight. First Manager WOULD choose who won at a tournament though. In a two-player game, each player will have that tie-breaker twice, so it evens out. I think of all of the games I've played so far, that tie-breaker has only been called into action ONCE. You just play to avoid a tie when you know you need better.
  15. Aren't #1 and #2 saying the same thing? Anyway... Manager 1 assigns a player to a highlight, resolves all of that player's skills, and then uses one Matchup action if he chooses to. Manager 2 does the same routine. Manager 3 does the same routine. Manager 4 does the same routine. Manager 1 does the same routine. etc. etc. This continues until a Manager chooses to stop playing players from his hand or runs out of players in his hand. The other Managers continue to play. Eventually, everyone will have stopped playing players and it's on to the Scoreboard Phase.
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