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  1. @copperbell Is this the same character (Diplomat Ambassador FS Emergent) you discussed over in the AoR forum? If so, as I said in my previous post, you can just spend the extra XP to buy into an F&D spec as out-of-career. You'd still have all your other specs, and still have Diplomat as your Career. Edit: Also, I think you might be confusing Career and Specialization. You can only have one Career, but any number of Specializations.
  2. There's nothing per RAW stopping you from purchasing a Specialization from the F&D line as an out-of-career spec. But changing your actual Career would require a GM approved rebuild of the character, as per RAW, you can only have your one starting Career.
  3. And Edge Studio doesn't have more than a placeholder English website yet. Once they have that, I'm sure that updates will start up about products.
  4. There is the "Spoof" Missiles action in the Additional Starship & Vehicle Actions table of the various CRB's.
  5. Under the Cantina Tab (LFG), there is a Campaign Posting channel. At the top of the channel, they give instructions.
  6. If you're looking for online players, you can tag yourself as a GM Looking For Players, and even post a campaign announcement.
  7. Discord is a good option for virtual gaming and play-by-post: https://discord.gg/Agmtr2j This is the link to the FFG Star Wars RPG Discord. Cheers!
  8. Fair enough. I apologize for being snappish. So, while I personally don't feel Linked needs to be changed, of the options thus far presented as "house rule" modifications, I like the re-roll option. I'm not happy with adding Boost dice, as that steps on the Accurate quality. But if Linked allowed you to reroll a number of positive dice equal to it's rating, that could be interesting. Maybe combined with a flat +2 damage per rating (so +6 for Linked 3). It would definitely need playtesting. Cheers!
  9. Good thing we're talking about Star Wars and not real life... The OP's objection is that Linked breaks his immersion in the game. In. The. GAME. It doesn't have to represent "real life". It's a representation of a space opera. Where ships act like WWII fighters in the vacuum of space... where people wield swords made out of energy... and move objects with their mind. The OP doesn't like Linked, but has no problem with Autofire. Linked and Autofire are similar, but different ways of trying to represent what is seen in Star Wars... in a game. Both mechanics were playtested, and been used in play by thousands of players across the world for something like 8 years. And both qualities made the jump to Genesys. If there was something inherently wrong with either, it would've been addressed by now. But to each their own. If a gaming group wants to change the rules for their home game, go for it. The gaming police aren't going to show up.
  10. @Ahrimon In your original post, you said that you found Linked to be "immersion breaking". What about talents that allow re-rolls? That's pretty "immersion breaking". In fact virtually all the rules are "immersion breaking" (Soak, Wound Threshold, Pierce, Criticals, most Talents, dice in general, etc.), so I don't understand why Linked is any different.
  11. Well, a Human has 110 starting XP, and potentially some more from extra Obligation (a group of 4-5 players can take up to +10 Obligation to add +10 XP). With that extra +10 XP, the ideal array is 333322. For a Gunslinger, B2 A3 I2 C3 W3 P3 is a good build, and allows the character to branch out into social skills, especially with an eventual cross-spec into Charmer.
  12. @EliasWindrider Greetings! I hope all is well with you and your family! I'm curious: Have you come up with pricing for the Modular Pods section yet?
  13. It's obvious that neither of you are going to convince the other to accept a different view. I, personally, don't have a problem with the RAW. But if it doesn't work for you and your group, then change it. Truthfully, you could eliminate both Autofire and Linked based on your take of the narrative. If you want to add some perk like Boosts (i.e.: Accurate) or rerolls or extra damage, go for it. Whatever works for you.
  14. Ah. Yeah, you really need full party buy in to make building a fleet work. After all, if none of the other players are interested in fleet actions, they're going to be frustrated if that's all you're interested in. The whole group (GM included) need to have a Session Zero to discuss everyone's expectations for the campaign.
  15. Technically, when increasing in Contribution Rank, the group can select a ship with a rarity of no greater than Contribution Rank +3. But you could discuss the option of getting a small number of Minion crew as underlings. Overall, I guess it depends upon the group and GM.
  16. My suggestions would be to: A) Swap out Brawl for Ranged (Light). B) Start with 2 ranks in Charm and Negotiation (you'd have to lose a rank in 2 of the Knowledge skills). Otherwise, sounds just fine!
  17. To further clarify: you must purchase each Rank of a skill sequentially (i.e.: you must buy Rank 1 before Rank 2). The "free" Ranks at character creation allows you to have some starting skills, as it is highly suggested that most (if not all) of your starting XP be spent to increase your characteristics, as they can only be increased after character creation via the Dedication talent.
  18. Career skills cost 5 XP × the rank being purchased (i.e.: Rank 1 costs 5 XP, Rank 2 costs 10 XP, Rank 3 costs 15 XP, Rank 4 costs 20 XP, and Rank 5 costs 25 XP). Non-career skills cost (5 XP × Rank) +5 XP (i.e.: Rank 1 costs 10 XP, Rank 2 costs 15 XP, Rank 3 costs 20 XP, Rank 4 costs 25 XP, and Rank 5 costs 30 XP). If you plan on purchasing a skill all the way to Rank 5, having it as a career skill will save you 25 XP. Cheers!
  19. I've been playing Star Wars for about 6 years, both IRL and via PBP. No one thay I've gamed with has ever had an issue with Autofire or Linked used "As Is". It is just a game, after all...
  20. Something else that is important to note, is that "new" doesn't automatically equate to "better". Plus, whether or not a product is "good" is very subjective. Having played 1st ed AD&D for a decade, I was happy to switch to 3rd. And I was equally happy to switch to 3.5. When 4e was announced, I was like, "Good, 3.5 has gotten too clunky". But then we tried it, and my friends and I despised it. Yet there are players who love 4e. But not enough to save it. 4e died quickly, because a lot of people jumped to Pathfinder. Now, the 5e model is, "Slow and steady", with a slow release schedule as opposed to 4e's, "Crank out the products!" attitude. I don't want a new edition. For that, I'd just use Genesys, as it fixes most of the bugs. But honestly, Star Wars just needs some errata, not a new edition.
  21. Or they can spend XP to buy into another Specialization and beeline to Dedication...
  22. For me, it's not a matter of, "To buy or not to buy." I simply don't see the need for a new edition at all. A few minor tweaks, mainly to vehicle combat, and this can continue. If they do choose to make a 2nd edition, I would want it to be as backwards compatible as possible.
  23. The same applies to Starships and Speeders and Allies and Adversaries. These are a large selection, but not everything available. However, for someone that might not be able to find (or afford) every book*, they provide a large enough selection to make most players happy. And definitely easier to transport to a game session than every book... (* I'm not talking about myself. I do have every book. 😏 )
  24. The thing with the current edition of Star Wars is that there are still dozens of Region/Sector books that they could make. Those don't even need new "crunch", except for a few new species and Adversaries.
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