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  1. The Corvette/Bulk Freighter combo can get pretty close. It's only 3 HP shy of meeting the requirements (needs 1 more Dedicated Hangar Bay). Thanks for suggesting Corvette. 👍
  2. Continuing with some hard data: The ship would have 27 hp (+2 hp from extra hp, and +2 hp from integrated systems), for the equivalent of 31 hp. The ship needs: Weapons 4, Engine 3, Sensors 1, Hyperdrive 1, Life Support 3, Reinforced Frame 8, Customization HP's 7. That leaves 4 hp for crew/passengers, 5000 Enc cargo, space for 50 pods (Sil 2), 4 shuttles (Sil 4), and another ship (I would guess Sil 4). I personally feel that this ship is broken no matter what rules set is used to build it. Now, with Reinforced Construction, I can get this up to 6 open HP.
  3. @EliasWindrider Howdy! I found an extremely anomalous ship in Special Modifications. The L-2783 Deep Space Recovery Vessel (pg. 64) is strange. Just from the description, this Sil 5 (Bulk Freighter) has a 5000 Enc capacity, carries 50 (most likely Sil 2) salvage pods, and 4 cargo shuttles (most likely Sil 4, but maybe Sil 3). In addition, it can hold an "old-style cruiser" in it's internal bay (text description). It has a crew of 100 and passengers of 100. It can perform repairs in deep space. I can't get enough HP to meet the crew/passenger, cargo and hangar capacity.
  4. salamar_dree

    5 second default Combat Rounds?

    @Archlyte There are also numerous Talents whose use becomes nonsensical with a short, fixed round duration. Inspiring Rhetoric and Scathing Tirade come to mind. The character using one of these Talents have to actually give a speech that either inspires or demoralizes the targets. 5 seconds might be enough time to say five words, not an entire speech. Medicine, Mechanics and Computers checks can all be performed during combat. 5 seconds is enough time to get out your tools or log in to a terminal, but not to actually do anything productive. And narratively, the single skill check in combat doesn't necessarily represent a single attack (nor does it have to represent multiple attacks, either). Using Ranged (Light) to throw a grenade could literally be that one attack, as you retrieve the grenade, plan your throw, and then toss it. Yet it might be a dozen shots with your blaster pistol, most of which miss, or whose purpose is to spoil your opponent's aim. As someone who has been playing and GMing this system practically since it came out, I've never once had anyone have a problem with the narrative and flexible nature of the combat round. I hope that helps! 😊
  5. salamar_dree

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    @RLogue177 Are these still available?
  6. salamar_dree

    Psionics as Magic

    @TCArknight I just perused your doc. Looks pretty nice. I do have a question: Shouldn't the Curse action be for the Psi skill instead of the other two?
  7. The Ilum crystal has 7 mods. 2× Vicious +1 4× Damage +1 1× Decrease Crit rating by 1
  8. salamar_dree

    Another Character Generator

    @Nytwyng Thanks.
  9. salamar_dree

    Another Character Generator

    @OggDude Is there a way to actually add text to the "Notes" sections that appear when you print out characters (other than penciling them in afterward)?
  10. salamar_dree

    Rise of the Separtist's release date?

    What Nytwyng said.
  11. salamar_dree

    Rise of the Separtist's release date?

    It is also of note that SotB skipped straight from "In Development" to "On the Boat". And FFG doesn't have an "In the Warehouse" tag. It's possible that it's sitting there and has some reason they aren't releasing it yet. Or it was sent back to the printer because of a screw up. They never back-track their tags.
  12. salamar_dree

    Another Character Generator

    @kiranar Are you talking Specialization Trees & Force Powers? Because RLogue177 has fully updated pdf's on this very site (see my post right above yours).
  13. I haven't had any trouble with Discord. It's really cool, because a GM can create their own server to run their games, and just invite the Dice Bot and the players. I run a PBP and play/GM in two other games round-robin style. Cheers!
  14. salamar_dree

    Another Character Generator

    @Kesin Here's a link to the thread that WolfRider is talking about:
  15. Sounds good! Besides, when you get that big, it's less of a ship/base and more of a set piece (the Death Star has a write-up like a planet, with a "population" of 1.2 million).