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  1. The Vehicle/Starship Combat rules are a bit weak. They require a lot of emphasis on the Narrative, inclusion of interesting terrain, and ensuring that the non-Pilots and non-Gunners have plenty of ways to contribute.
  2. Chronicles of the Gatekeeper adds a new species, the Sathari, which is completely new. That is, FFG created them whole cloth.
  3. Yes, you can take the "Aim" maneuver with any Combat check (even a Brawl check). 😁
  4. All those skill ranks help build a Specialist in their field: "Astromech Droid" B1 A3 I4 C2 W2 P1 (180 XP, need +5 XP from extra Obligation. Technician (Mechanic) Free Career Skills: Astrogation, Computers, Discipline, Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Planetary) Free Specialization Skills: Mechanics, Piloting (Space), Skulduggery His dice pools are: Mechanics: YYGG Astrogation, Computers: YGGG Piloting (Planetary/Space): YGG Discipline, Perception, Skulduggery: YG Obviously better with Intellect skills and decent with Agility.
  5. I toss canon out the window when I GM. It's my group's story, not LFL's. The players were tasked to bring a Rebel agent to (pre-ESB) Hoth. They didn't interact with Luke or Leia, but were present when the base was rocked by an explosion that killed Luke and Leia. Thing is, the agent they brought was a double agent tasked with assassinating the Rebel leadership (although they did save General Rieekan, from the assassin) . It was then that I reiterated that they were the BDH's of the story. Much later, they had a (brief) encounter with someone in an advanced TIE. The black armored pilot ejected when they nearly destroyed his ship, but managed to latch onto their ship with superhuman strength. It was hilarious watching the players panic and managing to scrape him off against some space debris... Almost forgot: They were also responsible for escorting and guarding Mon Mothma to a (not so) secret meeting. They saved her and the person she was meeting from IG-88 and another assassin.
  6. Easy fix: State that the Max Silhouette of object that can be affected by a Tractor Beam should be equal to or lower than the Tractoring ship. Done.
  7. Oh, and now that the various Crafting Rules have been "in the wild" for a while, I'd like to see updated/corrected crafting compiled into a single book.
  8. Back to the original topic: I would like to see more region source books, especially with modular encounters. If they want a few new species in those books, that would be nice, but I'm not sure if they need more gear (we have plenty).
  9. @Cassian Ordo The Gunslinger Talent "Guns Blazing" only refers to fighting with 2 pistols, but could simply be used to ignore the first Difficulty increase, with GM permission. Still, increasing the Difficulty by 1 Purple for every additional weapon will make the check less and less feasible, as you would still need an extra 2 Advantage per hit (10 with 6 pistols). Technically, Difficulty stops at 5 Purple, and any further increase would require a Destiny Point to be spent just to attempt the check. Some people go with Upgrading to Challenge dice after you reach 5 Purple (so RPPPP for a Difficulty of 6), but again, this requires GM approval. The Paired Weapons Attachment is meant to be only for a pair, so I'd only allow it to drop the Advantage cost to activate your second hit to 1 (meaning that you'd need 9 Advantage to hit with all 6). The Difficulty would either be 5 Purple for Short with Guns Blazing, and 5 Purple ("Impossible") for Medium+, requiring a DP to be spent... ...or for Short Range (using the alternate method, and assuming Guns Blazing to ignore the first increase) it would be 5 Purple, Medium would be RPPPP. And this is before the Adversary talent or any Setbacks. I'm not sure that you'd actually be generating a successful attack and the necessary Advantage, but it's possible. Now, narratively, you could wield 6 pistols and stick to the normal Two-Weapon rules. Each round, you could use different pistols for different effects. A better build might be to have 2 tricked out damage dealers, 2 stunners and 2 Ion pistols, for flexibility. Of course, you have to deal with the Encumbrance of all those weapons, not to mention the reception you'll get on civilized worlds...
  10. @Rimsen There are official ship construction rules in Fully Operational, and unofficial ship construction rules in the Age of Rebellion forums, The Nubian Design Collective. Either would be a good place to start when crafting your new ship.
  11. Re-listened to the relevant part of Episode 112 of the O66 Podcast. Tim Huckleberry, lead designer of Dawn of Rebellion (not sure if that's how he spells his last name), said that he didn't see a problem with dropping the "Human Male" prerequisite and using Retired Clone Trooper to represent any "War Veteran". He even suggested tweaking the Career skills to fit the character's area of expertise (like adding Mechanics for a demolitionist).
  12. Good catch. It's in the text and not listed on the Spec tree. I'll have to re-listen to Episode 112 of the O66 podcast, because I know that they discuss the RTC with a Dev. I think that they discuss allowing other species taking RTC.
  13. Remember, there are only three Specs in the game that actually have prerequisites: General, Knight and Master (from the Jedi career). While Clone Soldier implies a prerequisite of being a Clone, it doesn't explicitly state that you have to be a Clone. Nor does the Deathwatch Warrior require you to be a Mandalorian Human, nor do you have to be a female Dathomirian to be a Nightsister. Any of those Specs could be renamed and re-fluffed as something else. Personally, Clone Pilot should be renamed Combat Pilot and replace Beast Rider in the Ace career (with the latter becoming a Universal Spec), in addition to being in the Clone Soldier career. Being a "Clone" should always be a narrative consideration, not a mechanical one.
  14. @Moomanchew First, as a group you need to discuss this new turn of events. If I were going to implement a change, it would be based upon how the Ship's Complement is written. If it says (for instance): 1 Pilot or 1 Pilot and 1 Co-pilot, I would use Agility. If it says (for instance): Twenty crew, I would use Intellect. Cheers!
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