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  1. I rarely see the need for a cap, but in my time with Star Wars, we use 1 Advantage to pass 1 Boost die only, then it's 2 Advantage per extra Boost dice. The Assist maneuver Boost die shouldn't get nerfed just because you passed a few extra Boosts. They cap Defense (Setbacks) to 4, but you can still add Environmental and other Setbacks, so it can go higher than 6 or 7 Setbacks in a crazy combat situation. There's no reason to cap Boosts, as if a player would rather throw extra Boosts to an ally instead of doing something narratively awesome with the Advantages, that's their call.
  2. I'd like to see it from several more angles.
  3. Each line has a supplement for each Career (so 6 each for EotE, AoR, and F&D). EotE: No Disintegrations (Bounty Hunter) has Investigation rules. Far Horizons (Colonist) has Base of Operations (Business/Homestead) rules. Enter the Unknown (Explorer) has exploration based GM advice. Dangerous Covenants (Hired Gun) has mercenary based GM advice. Fly Casual (Smuggler) has scoundrel type advice. Special Modifications (Technician) has crafting rules for Weapons, Gadgets, Droids, and Cybernetics.
  4. When asked his behavior was identical to every other time he was asked about unannounced upcoming products for Star Wars... ...He's not allowed to discuss them until officially announced. I don't see that changing from FFG to Edge.
  5. Cybernetics on droids is just "upgraded" components. A cybernetic brain implant is an "upgraded CPU", etc. Droids are already gimped enough because of their rarely invoked species abilities, that denying them access to cybernetics hurts.
  6. Yes, any "integrated" gear should count against Encumbrance. You can only cram so much into a droid's chassis. 😁
  7. And a droid's cybernetic cap is 6, instead of Brawn. But yes, unless a cybernetic calls out that it doesn't work for droids, you can use it. They are basically "upgraded equipment". And most regular equipment can be refluffed as being internal components.
  8. Each of the 3 core rulebooks are about 450 pages long. Excluding all the duplicate rules, you would still need to add at least 150 pages to consolidate the 3 CRBs into 1 book. That's 600 pages. Not impossible, but the cost would go up from 60 USD to... what? 80? More? That can be a big deterrent for new players as well. Although if it tweaked the vehicle rules and just cleaned up some minor issues without being a new edition (i.e.: allowing all the other supplements to be used with just minor errata), I'd be okay with it
  9. As for any interviews, even when FFG was making Star Wars, they weren't allowed to mention anything in development until an official announcement was made.
  10. Is the system perfect? No. Nothing created by humanity is. It doesn't mean that I'm throwing away my books. I've been GMing a (mostly) monthly game for over 6 years now, and the only thing that bothers me is the vehicle combat rules. For which I ported over some Genesys rules recently, and it seems to work well. That said, after this campaign is finished, I'm going to take a little break to let a friend run something different before starting up another SW campaign, using the F&D books that I've hardly touched. I expect that to keep us for at least 4 or 5 more years, without purchasing a single new product!
  11. I can't figure out why he still frequents these forums. It seems like he hates this system...
  12. I want to start off by saying: good call on just coming up with something in the fly. Exactly how you should be doing it. Btw: There are no "set rules" for this, with the only thing close being the Sunder quality and the item damage steps at the beginning of the equipment section, along with the "Spending Advantage and Triumphs" section of combat. However, that doesn't necessarily cover these situations, and what you have to decide is: How difficult do I want this to be? Do they need 'X' amount of damage? Do they need 'X' amount of Advantage? A Triumph? It's really your call. Go with what is fun and exciting for your group, not what the book might say. So, for next session, just decide what they need to accomplish in order to destroy/deactivate it. Cheers!
  13. Greetings! The big thing to remember is that the narrative is more important than being strict to any specific rule. Choose the ship that will be more fun to use. As for "sneaking" with a ship, I often call for a Piloting or Stealth check (or the lower of Piloting or Stealth) opposed by using the Computers or Perception of the observer reversed into a Difficulty. Add Boosts or Setbacks liberally for the environment, attentiveness of the observer, Handling score of the ship, etc. If using a ship with "stealth" that should make the check easier for the players and more difficult for the observers. Note: You can also reverse the Skill/Difficulty and have the observer roll (i.e.: use the Player's skill as a Difficulty) But I will point out that if the players' ship isn't at least Speed 4, there are many options that they lack. I hope this helps and isn't too confusing! Cheers!
  14. I stand corrected. Thank you, @P-47 Thunderbolt
  15. You can run it any way that your GM (or you, if you are the GM) wants to. A Twin Concussion Missile Launcher is 11,250 Credits, and normally has Limited Ammo 6 (that's 12 missiles, as it has Linked 1). The Missile Pack is 10,000 credits (Limited Ammo 2/10 missiles). In both cases you can assume that the price includes an initial loadout of ammo. The Missile Pack fires 5 missiles (2500 credits) vs. A Twin Concussion Missile Launcher, which fires 2 (1000 credits). The chance to trigger Linked may well be more beneficial than 2 damage per Success. Is the Missile Pack worth it? Maybe, maybe not. I will point out that the weapon system is in the Hired Gun supplement. This should inform the type of character that the weapon system would appeal to. If credits are going to be tight in a specific campaign, then any weapon with Limited Ammo might be too expensive, and the group should stick to lasers. In that case, the GM is well within their right to simply exclude any item, attachment, weapon, and even vehicle that doesn't fit the campaign. Note: There is also Dev answered question indicating that you can choose to only fire 1 missile, even if the weapon system has Linked. If you do, that will stretch the Ammo out. However, Linked cannot be activated in this case.
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