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  1. I was looking at finally getting the game then saw there was a second edition out. From what I could find, all the 2nd adds is more card art, fixed Slanesh, and has a problematic board. I imagine the board issue will be fixed soon, but is there any other reason to get the 2nd (i.e sturdier cultists)?
  2. 1. Traitor - Way too powerful. This card will be taken first every turn and be used to keep a player down. Theoretically, you could keep a player from building anything the whole game. The Assassin works b/c he picks a character to kill, so a player could ignore a common target to ensure they get their turn or switch things up so they aren't consistently targeted. The prevent building idea is good, but I think it would be more effective to steal a building someone made, say by paying 1 gold more than the building's cost. This way people have to pay attention to how much gold the Traitor (Spy might be better in this case) has on hand and consider the likelihood of them taking their building (i.e likely to take a red if it's the only colour you don't have) or waiting for something better built by the next player, creating the second-guessing and paranoia that comes with traitors in your midst. 2. Treasurer - Too many variables. The thing that's great about this game is the simply rules: everybody pays a gold, players who build pay a gold, etc. What might work better is anyone who gets gold gives 1/2 to the Treasurer unless they had less than him at the start of their turn 3. Illusionist - Problem here is mostly the title. You are taking a district from someone when you make illussions, things that are not actually real. It might work better if they could flip a district face down for the round so it's ability, the money it would generate, and it's count toward the 8 needed to end the game are negated, though the last may need some more thought concerning its execution. 4. Tyrant - The +1 is pointless. o one else gets money from yellow districts so you don't need to make him stand out in that way. I like the idea of cancelling the action though. 5. Missionary - Taking the 1 gold is a repeat and there should only be one power anyway. Not sure how the other power makes thematic sense though. And making it cost double to destroy a building is just going to make people destroy other player's buildings. Getting money for it makes even less sense. What you could do is allow him to get gold from the poorer districts, say 3 cost or less. 6. Money Launder - I think this one has already been done, but otherwise it's a good power. I'd change the title to something more medieval though. 7. Immigrant - First power, unnecessary. Second, neat idea but, again, makes little thematic sense. Also, there should be a limit on the cost that could be played, either 3 or 4, so a player doesn't get 16 points in one turn. Otherwise you should only get half thye points from the second building. 8. Barbarian - Makes no sense. Why would a barbarian get the district card they destroyed? First, they razed the district. Second, he's a barbarian. Why would he want the plans to build a district. What would make sense is the -1 to destroy and +1 cost for him to build, which would balance the powers while reflecting the barbarians uncivilized nature. 9. Informer - This one isn't bad, it just seems underpowered.
  3. I don't know, it sounds to me like they simply found the tech, most likely alongside a dead alien, in Roswell. Plus the only truly advanced tech we've seen thus far from the Union is Hoax's hologram thing. If there was an alien corpse, I'd like to see some humans with genetic alterations based on the alien's pysiology but no more. Plus, an alien would likely be too much of a strategic asset to send in into the field. Since I'm talking about it, has anyone else been disappointed by the lack of futuristic technology coming from the Union? I would imagine that there'll be an elite faction with experimental alien-based weaponry in the future but other other than Hoax all the technology the Union uses is similar to what we have today, if not for decades.
  4. The player with the Iron Throne breaks ties. If no one bids there's no tie to break. Granted, that's how I've always interpreted it since my group's never been flat broke before since we don't want anyone to win by bidding 1.
  5. There's still lots to be done with inner factions as well. The Union could harness totemic powers of Aboriginals that are in conflict with the blood sacrifices from Aztecs/Incas, both of whom are trying to become the primary magical force in the Union. The Reich could have a group who have possessed the remains of ancients, be they King Arthur or the last incarnation of Vishnu (I think...), or having scientists who've recreated mythological creatures to be used in he same fashion as wardogs. And to be honest, I'd rather see the factions we have now more fully fleshed out so you can build groups aligned to a certain group that works slightly differently within their particular faction before throwing more out there.
  6. I'm guessing they're aiming for some historical resonance but I agree that it's odd as it stands now. As was mentioned, they all have a different source of power that affects how they operate (work for demons, ruled by old gods/women, liberty vs death). As of now there is no fluff that would have binding alliances make sense. Now if they're alliances of convieniance, that would be something I could get behind. Sometimes the Reich might give the Shogunate a hand against the Matriachy, other times they'll help the Union against the Shogunate if they think they're getting too strong. The Matriarchy might join the Reich on a dig that would mutually enhance their supernatural powers (with the option of betrayl) and fight alongside the Shogunate to keep the Union from breaking the status quo in the Pacific, only to help them if they'll draw away the other's forces at a key moment. Sending a guide/liason/operative as it were instead of military cohesion.
  7. I'm curious as to how it compares to Space Hulk. Granted, I haven't played it before but from what I've heard of it and seen of Gears it looks like they just changed the setting.
  8. With 8 characters I'd turn it into something of a stamina run to see which group lasts the longest. Granted, you can only really do either teams of 2 or either teams of 3 plus a benchwarmer or teams of 4. The problem with 2 could be that a single player has to play by themself if their partner died, but it could be a character run instead so they can join another solo player. For 4, you could tally the wins/losses, surviving characters, streaks, etc. between the two competing teams. It'd probably be more fun with 9 people who play so there's some actual competition, but that depend on the group you have. As for match synergy, I'd say you can only change your skillset if a character is removed from the game (the rest of the team would have to adjust to make up for the loss) and they can only carry over items equal to their starting number. None of which can be mission exclusive of course.
  9. There's been a running theory that there'll be a board of the continent Dani is traipsing around. But the only certain (and that's iffy) expansion would come when the Others cross the Wall, at which point the factions would have changed (i.e Stanis and the Wildlings in the North, Freys in the Riverlands, Dani at Dragonstone) and the areas would change shape and production as Winter progresses, making warehouses more important than fertile land (making the centre of the board less enticing and coastal areas more important since they can fish). Then there could be magic units, dragons, new leaders, etc. That's all just speculation though.
  10. Veet said: A common occurence in a Lovecraft story is that the protagonist is investigating in addition to their normal lives, many of the investigators fill positions in town have jobs etc, I would assume that they are handling this stuff as well as investigating. No point in saving the world if it'll get you fired afterall
  11. Clash of Kings:the board and Martel only for six players. Some like how Tyrell and Baratheon can expand elsewhere, but that limits the confrontation and all but hands the game to the Lannisters. I wouldn't bother with the seige mechanic but fortresses work well. I'd leave out the ports for the first game too since I've found it leads to lots of rule arguements from new players. I personally prefer these house cards over the others but I know people on the forums seem to like Storm's better, which I don't think adds anything to the base game beyond leaders, which are not needed unless you play a death match or something. I'd leave out one time orders too since they, again, cause new players grief and get them worked up if someone else's seems better. The Wilding cards are a great addition and so are Storm's cards that makes having the throne/sword/crow more useful, but if you don't play with leaders "Swing the Sword" is useless for the sword holder so I'd ignore them.
  12. Gatha

    Considering Dust

    It's not the best wargame out there but its still good. Some people don't like the victory track way of playing but that keeps it short and light, which I prefer over several hours of back-and-forth Risk. Which isn't to say you can't just play world domination and ignore the point system anyway. Really it comes down to whether you're a hardcore wargamer or someone looking for a decent game to switch things up that doesn't demand several games to get the hang of things (like Choas in the Old World or Twilight Imperium from what I've heard)
  13. Could be a town they made up to throw together stories that don't take place in any definate location, like the ghoul story or the one where the guy hallucinates a party in an old house. I really need to read LC again.... I also wonder if its a board for separate locations you can go to where the rest of the city is unimportant like the hotel Erich Zann was in or the house in Whisperer. We might also get to go into Y'hanethlai (?) though that seems unlikely.
  14. I've found some people think it's unbalanced when they first start playing. Either the Reich is too powerful (mostly Herman and Heisinger) or the Union's guns make it unfair. Its mostly the Reich they complain about though and they only complain about the Union when I win with them because they want to play the cool demons all the time and I think they're easier for new players to use, which had given me lots of experience w/ the Union.
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