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  1. I use them in my game, they look nicer on thee table and we just use the mini card to flip, kept next to character sheet to just keep track of activations.
  2. Hi All When a skill card is committed to a test, do the icons add to the investigators total as well as the text or is it just the text? Sorry I don't have access to my cards at the moment to give a good example. Thanks in advance
  3. Does a synapse unit instigate battles they are at, if not at 1st planet or a planet with a warlord?
  4. Thanks to both of you for the info. 4 of us looked and none of us found that. D'oh{face palm}
  5. Does the symbol on the bottom of some characters eg +1 gold, count as part of the text box? I am just wondering how fortified position interact with these symbols. Thanks in advance
  6. If an elite army unit is equiped with 2 heavy venom cannons, can the combat action Area Effect (2) on each card be activated to give area effect (4)? Thanks in advance
  7. I have had a quick play with it. Looks good so far, would you do similar for the other LCG's? Thanks
  8. It wasn't on his roster so I am not sure.
  9. Event Date: 14/6/2014 Venue Name: Pegasus Gaming Location: Bundaberg, Qld Australia Attendance: 17 Final Cut: Top 8 Winner Chris Haak Soontir Fel + Push the limit+ Hull Upgrade + Royal Guard Tie+ Targeting Computer Captain Yorr + Heavy Laser Cannon 1 x Omicron Group Pilot + Heavy Laser Cannon + Fire Control + Engine Upgrade 2nd Place Biggs Darklighter + Shield Upgrade + R2-D2 1 x Blue Squadron Pilot + Heavy Laser Cannon Jan Ors + Recon Specialist + Blaster Turret + Moldy Crow Title Top 4 Thomas Dobson Chewbacca + Navigator + Veteran Instincts Luke Skywalker + R2-D2 1 x Rookie Pilot + R2 Nicholas Wong 2 x Bounty Hunter Soontir Fel + Push the Limit + Hull Upgrade Top 8 David Dicker 1 x Dagger Squadron + Auto Blaster + Advanced Sensors Garvin Dreies + R2 Astromech 1 x Proto Tarn Mison + R2 Astromech Michael Dicker 2 x Bounty Hunter + Heavy Laser Cannon + Anti-Pursuit Lasers Backstabber Luke Hunter Chewbacca + Millennium Falcon + Determination + C-3PO + Gunner 1 x Gold Squadron Pilot 1 x Gold Squadron Pilot + Ion Cannon Turret + R5 Astromech Kim Jenkinson 3 x Academy Pilot 1 x Omicron Group Pilot + Heavy Laser Cannon + Mercenary Co-pilot + Advanced Sensors 1 x Omicron Group Pilot + Heavy Laser Cannon + Advanced Sensors
  10. Just found my answer in the FAQ, looked 3 times and missed it each time. D'oh!
  11. How does the timing work concerning the Jinteki ability of dealing a point of damage. We had the runner make a run on R&D and was able to draw 3 cards. All 3 were agendas. I understand that you draw and deal each card seperately but the last card reduced the runner's hand to -1, does the runner flat line and lose or does he steal the card and as he now had 7+ points he wins the game regardless of the fact he flatlined. Thanks in advance.
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