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  1. ESryan said: can i have a unit move into Op Fire mode? example: can i have a squad move 2 hexes into the woods and then switch to op fire? No. I fresh unit can be placed into Op Fire. There are 3 types of movement actions (1) "Advance" (i.e. move only) (2) "Move and Fire" movement value -1 and Fire Power is halved (3) "Assault" movement - 1 movement point then assault.
  2. I don't know of any instruction video that might be out there. I say setup the game (scenario 1) and work your way through it with the rule book open the whole time playing both sides. Personally I talk out loud to myself when I'm working through some problems. Just be prepared to consult with the rule book quite often as you are learning the system. After a while you'll reference the rule book less and less. I think you'll find that the journey is just as much fun. Welcome to ToI and enjoy! Thass
  3. Hi Nicolas - I have taught Tide of Iron to people who have a similar gaming background as yourself and I find dramatically reducing the rules and components as a great starting point. First I create my own scenario where the map only contains open terrain, woods and a single 2 hex building in the center. I use 4 boards (2x2). Next I give each side 3 squad bases with only infantry (12 figures each). I use the actions Fire, Move, Move and Fire and Assault. Simply play to control the building in the center of the game. Don't worry about Op Fire, cards, command points... none of it, just focus on the moving and shooting. Once you have these basics, start adding more rules, maybe Op Fire and Officer figures next, then MG and victory points, more squad bases (6 or 9 per side) and the concept of moving just 3 bases before the other side moves... maybe add a single tank per side...or maybe explore the different types of terrain (whatever interests you). Just have fun with it, then the next thing you know when you look at some of the scenarios in the booklet you will have the confidence to play them. Best of luck to you and have fun! THass
  4. I agree 2 different game experiences, both worthy of my hard earned dollars.
  5. Belloq said: KlausFritsch said: 4lterego said: Hey all, I am thinking of picking up TOI soon and am already planning what miniatures to go with to replace the plastic ones in the game. I have been using Flames of War minis right from the start, and I really like them. They're not too expensive and you can have the infantry needed for the base set and expansions ready in no time. So, KlausFritsch, how do you use the Flames of War figs? Meaning, what kind of bases do you use? Have you made your own? You need to remove the figs for ToI which you can't do if you base the FoW figs on FoW bases.... ... how do you distinguish between reg infantry and elite infantry? How do you use the squad badges? (Just lay them next to the base/group?) A platoon of reg FoW infantry costs about $45 (US) then about $15(US) for a mortar platoon and another $15(US) for a MG platoon. That's $75 for (not even) one side. I enjoyed FoW but kind of gave it up for ToI because, FoW was turning into a money pit for me.
  6. I think you caught it but to be clear. An active squad that is hit by normal OP fire takes casualties (looses figures) and stays active and can continue moving. An active squad that is hit by suppressive OP fire receives a condition token (pinned or disrupted) and is fatigued. A squad in Op fire mode can be silenced if either all figures are removed as a result of a normal attack or takes at least one hit from a suppressive attack, thus immediately fatiguing the unit. I hope this helps Thass
  7. Thass

    Solo play

    Yeah I don't think setup/tear down is all that bad either (I kind of like it...it's part of the game fun), however I do have 3 Plano containers to keep everything organized. It sounds like your life is similar to mine, where you want to play bad enough but "life" keeps interupting. I setup a table in my spear office/bedroom and leave the game up for a few days playing when I can. And when you're drinking some beers (specially some of those fine UK Ales that we can't get over here in the states)... well that's a little slice of heaven in my book.
  8. Thass

    Solo play

    I believe ToI plays wonderfully as a solo game. One side is usually a defender so they can sit tight and wait for the attacking force. The cards are all face up so there are no secrets there, that are compromised. If you can play both sides with equal interest then the game is idea for solo play. I do it all the time.
  9. Hello and welcome back to the hobby! I too played PanzerBlitz, Panzer Leader and Squad Leader back in the 80's. I was out of the hobby until a friend of mine introduced me to Flames of War about 3 years ago (I think). FoW is a miniatures game and was a lot of fun but got expensive way to quick for me. So I started searching around for other war games and found ToI. I downloaded and read the rules and I knew this was the game for me and haven't looked back. The thing I love about ToI the most is that you can play it solo. I still enjoy just the base set and try to adapt scenarios from other board games (like SL) and play them with ToI. Sometimes successful other times not. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the purchase of Tide of Iron. Enjoy. Thass SoCal.
  10. Belloq said: Yes, I've wondered these too. Do you think this might require some scale adjustments? I wonder if they'll do this. One of the great things about ToI is that the system and mini's are flexible enough to accommodate such an adjustment in the scale-of-play. Maybe... I was thinking of boards that had just one large building on them, maybe overlays that could connect two boards to make one large factory type building, with large open rooms? Maybe have city street that are multiple hexes wide. A board dedicated with a bridge on it, just city street fighting boards... it's just fun to think about. I'm sure FFG won't disapoint.
  11. I was wondering what new rules we would see; new boards with nothing but buildings and streets? Winter theme boards? New melee rules for room to room fighting? I building level movement? (might be to complex) Sewer movement? Epic tanks battles?... on and on...
  12. Tivo is set... well DVR...is Tivo even still around?
  13. Feanor said: That being said, winning a game with only two heroes is generally only slightly shy of impossible. Wow really? That's too bad. If my experience yesterday is pretty common, this game has slipped from my radar screen. I'll just stick with Talisman...which is totally fine with me.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I did keep Mok in the town for a few turns but the Overlord had no intension of killing my fighter. My fighter had no range weapons, maybe an oversight on my part, but when shoulder to shoulder with Mok it didn't seem to matter. But once the fighter got webbed and Mok died for the first time they were seperated and never joined forces again. So as I sat in town with Mok and the fighter stuck in multiple web tokens the overlord went through his desk spawning monsters. It was obvious at this point that my heroes were done. So I decided to have Mok entered the board and died repeatedly to end the game, which is what happen.
  15. The rules state that you get to roll a power die for each web token (trying to roll a surge symbol), but can you use your fatigue tokens to get extra dice to try to escape? I had a hero caught up in a web and a couple of spiders kept their distance far enough to assure that the hero stayed in the web while other creatures repeatedly kill the lone weak Spiritspeaker Mok (I think was his name). The game was fun at first but that tactic (clever as it was) made that game session no fun at all. The death of the heros was inevitable.
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