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  1. If it is Scarlet Witch, I hope she has a facedown invocation deck. She exhausts to play the top card. Chaos magic!
  2. Guys. Maybe October is Squirrel Girl. She’s a computer science major in college, so a laptop would make sense. Short hair. All I’m saying is it could be her.
  3. I’m not sure about that. She was basically the head of one side of Civil War II. Maybe for the average person, but Marvel comics readers will most likely have familiarity with her.
  4. Article is up! Hulk preview article
  5. Here are the pictures from today’s stream. Aggression as we thought. I expect an article sometime today.
  6. Maybe the Hulk has a forced response that if he has not attacked this turn, he flips back to Banner at the end of the round.
  7. My final guess is The Rise of Thanos. Heroes are Gamora, Drax and Rocket. (Star Lord would be the first pack after since it could probably sell by itself). The five scenarios will resolve around the infinity gems, with two different Thanos fights (like Green Goblin). The other fights will be vs Ronin the Accuser, The Black Order, and something else. Maybe Ego to tie in with the second Guardians. My thoughts are that story wise, it makes sense for the Avengers to team up with the GotG to fight Thanos in order to mirror the movies, which is where a lot of non-comic book fans will be coming from. I also think there will just be a tool box of new cards, instead of full decks. So each aspect might get 3-5 new cards and a few basic ones. After, it would pick back up with the single Heroes with Star Lord being Leadership, Mantis being Justice, and Groot being Protection. Maybe we’d get a Ravagers scenario pack thrown in for good measure.
  8. Probably won’t be today, since they are live streaming The Fallout Shelter board game on Twitch. They typically post about that after the stream. Friday is typically what’s coming out, though once in a while it will also have a new article.
  9. If they have one and don’t call it Marvel Knights, I think there’s something wrong with their marketing division.
  10. I’m thinking we might only get two heroes to even off the aspects. So there would be a pre-made leadership and justice deck, assuming Dr. Strange is Protection and Hulk is Aggression. I wonder if we’ll get some sort of cycle, like the big expansion is two heroes and two villains, and the next wave of single packs are related to that themed set. So if it was Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe the main box is Star Lord and Gamora, then we get Rocket, Groot, Drax, and Mantis as singles.
  11. Golden belt plus Three Hunters Contract. What sort of broken decks can you make when you get to attach 4 restricted attachments to three heroes?
  12. How does Host of Galadhrim work with Sneak Attack? Does the sneak attack trigger still go because they are still in play, or does the trigger go away once that ally goes back to my hand?
  13. The "It has all led to this", could be in reference to the continuing of this specific narrative that started in the Grey Havens. Correct me if I'm wrong, but each deluxe and cycle since then has led into the next one. At the end of Havens, we were stranded in Harad. At the end of Harad, we went to look for a place for the Haradrim to live in Wilds. So maybe this is the last "linked" story line and the next deluxe will see us starting a new adventure.
  14. If they really felt like it, they could also do quests that run parallel to the Sagas. See what other people were doing at the same time, that weren't featured in the books.
  15. From other threads I've seen, it means something like "of the stars".
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