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  1. The "It has all led to this", could be in reference to the continuing of this specific narrative that started in the Grey Havens. Correct me if I'm wrong, but each deluxe and cycle since then has led into the next one. At the end of Havens, we were stranded in Harad. At the end of Harad, we went to look for a place for the Haradrim to live in Wilds. So maybe this is the last "linked" story line and the next deluxe will see us starting a new adventure.
  2. If they really felt like it, they could also do quests that run parallel to the Sagas. See what other people were doing at the same time, that weren't featured in the books.
  3. From other threads I've seen, it means something like "of the stars".
  4. So the preview for the new Journeys in Middle Earth game showed off one of the heroes, Elena. Her character card has new art, making me think she'll be a hero in the next cycle. Her theme seems to be related to music and songs, so if they continue that, we could have finally have support for the Minstrel trait? As for an ability, maybe draw a card after you play a song. I think they already have enough resource acceleration with Love of Tales. Alternatively, they could go the standard route of Elena can pay for song cards without a resource match. Thoughts?
  5. Wow. A hobbit hero and at least 4 hobbit themed cards. Chad is going to be stoked.
  6. I’d like to see a hero that allows a single hero deck. Maybe with an ability that if a player only has one hero in play, collect 1 extra resource and draw one extra card at the beginning of the resource phase. Maybe Spirit Aragorn, since he can get a few different spheres with his artifacts and Strider is a natural fit for him. I’d like to see some of the under represented keywords get a bit more love. It looks like Beorning will get some love this current cycle, as well as woodsman, but maybe healer and a a few others.
  7. I think Valiant Determination is good in a Dale deck, one with Brand son of Bain. With the +1 Willpower to allies with a player attachment, even low willpower allies can chip in and serve another function. Guardian of Esgaroth would a a 3/2/2/2 that doesn’t exhaust to quest. It’s 4 resources, but Dale has a way to make allies cheaper. If a few more good Dale allies show up, it could be very strong.
  8. Plus it goes on allies and heroes. Great in a Dale deck, but useful in other decks like Tactics/Lore trap decks or as stimpaksam mentioned dunedain. The song could be really good with an Eomer/Firefoot trample build.
  9. I think one reason to have default decks is so the rule books can reference certain card types and make sure you have all the types within the deck. So if the rules are explaining certain keywords, there will be a guaranteed example of it in one of the decks. If it was four randomized decks, you might not get that.
  10. If you can convince a local game store, they can order a kit. I’ve contacted mine. You can also check Facebook. There are a few LOTR lcg groups where members will post about events like these. Good luck!
  11. I feel like if I tried Angmar Awakens cycle with just one Core plus the cards in the set, I’d just end up sobbing silently to myself in the corner.
  12. So how are you all planning on getting around Dagnir’s 7 attack each round, starting on turn one? Chumping seems bad, and stacking attachments on a hero might be too slow. I guess you could get lucky with Beregond and two shields in your opening draw...
  13. I was just thinking you could try to make a Strider deck with Celeborn and Thranduil. Since Thranduils action is a combat phase, you can pop in allies when you need them, staying at that five character restriction for the quest phase. Then return them with Elvenking after. It might require too many pieces, but something to think about.
  14. I think in a Silvan deck, it would work fine even without Galion. Most of the decks I’ve made bounce cheap Silvans out with events, and get replayed cheap with O Lórien. These tools just make Silvan decks better. I foresee a Thranduil, Celeborn, Galadriel deck that’s going to be powerful. You lose out on The Tree People and a few other cards, but I think it will still be a strong archetype for 29 threat.
  15. New preview is up: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/6/fire-in-the-night/ Look at that hero!
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