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  1. There are still some decks for sale here and on other websites, but base sets are pretty much gone. While it is possible to just buy a few decks and play with them as is, it would be better if the core set were available, as well as all the other decks. I'm statring this topic in hopes that enough people post of their desire to see Blue Moon reprinted to have an impact, though it could easily be victimm of market forces beyond the scope and control of FFG. (So, I'm not trying to villify them.) Even if it doesn't help, It can't hurt. What does hurt is the high prices this game is now fetching on ebay or the BGG marketplace. I lost my first set in a house fire, and had to pay dearly to replace it. A reprint, if feasible, would go a long way to help people like me, or those who missed the boat the first time around. So, post here if you want to vote for a new run of Blue Moon:
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