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  1. i have a question for this situation: i play evil illusion slam with 2 multiples and the last multiple i activate savage fighter, this is possible? because i think that count like attack Thanks for your answers
  2. hi: My opponent play with Maxi, and play an attack "X", he give -3 to difficult, and activate E´s maxi:" your air and good attack with difficulty 6 or more get +4 damage", but the dificult´s attack is 3. my question is the attack still get +4 damage? or only count the printed difficult? thanks for yours answer...
  3. Hi i have two questions about arrogance: 1) i played 2 forms in my turn with arrogance in my stanging area, in my opponent´s turn your first form is gaishiki lunar rebellion, and destroy arrogance, my question is what happen with the effect of arrogance? is my opponent must play two forms? 2) ones of my forms are playing billiard form´s ability. my question is this form count for arrogance´s requirement? Thanks for yours answer...
  4. the text of this card say: Rcommit, discard 1 momentum: after your opponent´s ready phase, until the beginning of your opponent´s next turn, all control checks get +1. if a player fail a control check, that player discard 1 momentum end their opponent adds the top card of their deck to their momentum. for effect of this card, if my opponent play a card with a difficult of 6 and check 5, but he can pay with foundation for do it succeful, does he fail CC before paying the difference? Thanks for yours answers.
  5. this is the scenario: an attack´s damage is reduced to 0. in the block step, activate holding ground. my question is: what happen in this case?. because there are two concepts, deal damage and take damage, is possible take damage 0 and activate holding ground to return damage to printed value? Thanks for yours answers
  6. i have a question: after the original attack played by my opponent is resolved and before resolve the multiple copy, have i play a reversal?
  7. i´m forget something, my opponet have 3 manifest destiny in his stanging area, then can i respose with revenant´s calling, before de response of manifiest destiny?, i understood whati have correct?
  8. * Ralf * Attack 8 4x northen lights bomb 4x Ninpo Mozu Otochi Asset 5 1x Jeff´s Gloves 1x Kim Dojang 1x self confidence 1x Lynette´s Shop 1x Olcadan´s Menthoring Foundations 58 4x ikari warrior 4x white magic 3x chain of command 4x iga legacy 4x aim high 4x born on christmas day 4x american made 3x know wrong from right 3x fast food lover 2x connoissseur of blades 2x dark messiah 1x soul of ling-sheng su 2x meat eater 3x bretheren of the coast 1x pieces of eight 2x the one man army 1x clean freak 3x adopted 3x inhuman perception 3x the bigger they are... 3x billiard player actions 2 2x forceful resolutions this deck is simple, strike with throws, at the end of turn is comeback to hand and the next turn strike again... plan b: trhow with powerful (with meat eater), momentum`s generation with white magic.. i wait for your comments
  9. for example, Athena is a character what no have a lastest version and her set is legacy, my questions is: can i use athena in standar format? because i read while a character no have a lastest version, is valid in standart format, but his support not. thanks for yours aclarations
  10. my opponent play a card X, activate manifest destiny for commit revenat´s calling, but at same time i activate revenant´s calling response.... my question is, what effect resolve first? revenant´s calling or manifest destiny?
  11. thanks for yours answers !!!!!!
  12. when i´m playing against akuma domination, he activate his ability, i have a control check 2. then my CC was -2, i need CC 4. my question is: how i pass the CC? have commit 6 foundations? or in this case the CC is 0? thanks for yours answers!
  13. i´m not according with de cost of bitter rivals, if you haven´t cards in hand, you can´t reveal nothing, then, costs aren´t paids.
  14. british subjet: F commit, lose X vitality: Add a foundation with a difficult equal to X from your card pool to your stanging area. my question is: what happen with split foundation/attack played as an attack? can i used british subjet to add this split foundation/attack to my stanging area? Thanks for Your Answer.
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