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  1. Per an official answer from the designer, a hero can't interrupt a large monster move unless the monster has a valid space to expand into. If the hero wanted to interrupt & move, the monster would have to be able to expand into some collection of spaces based upon the entering space that the hero was adjacent to. If that is not possible, the hero cannot ust that ability.
  2. Actually, the rules forbid using two of the same class, but do not prevent there from being two of the same archetype… RAW, it is perfectly acceptable to make a party composed of: The Knight The Berserker The RuneMaster and The Necromancer I'm not sure how well such a party would play out in the long run, but it is perfectly legal to use…
  3. I don't have the card in front of me, so I'm not 100% on the wording, but it is something along the lines of: Any time a hero suffers any hearts, he also suffers one fatigue. The way my group and I have always interpreted it, a hero will only get hit with one fatigue loss each attack, not one fatigue loss per wound…
  4. Rules for Descent 2E: javascript:void(0);/*1351599303955*/ Rules for 1E: javascript:void(0);/*1351599361820*/ Short answer, yes. They are very different games.
  5. Triu said: Click on the envelope next to My Messages in the header … Click on Write a new message under My Mailbox in the left pane … Pretty clunky. There might be an easier way, but I don't know it. Thanks!
  6. Note to self: Caffeine first, post second.
  7. skolo said: and I have started painting for gold if anyone wants to have nice minis painted, let me know still 3 heros from D2 to finish + other projects from Mantic and GW (got my hands on Space Hulk) Since I can't for the life of me figure out how to do a private message, I'll just post here… What sort of price range are you looking to charge? I have a lot of figures (Doom, D1e, D2e, plus all the expansions for each) and don't really need the bestest quality paint job, just something better than plain red / tan / grey, etc… The figures are pretty much loose in the boxes, so, again, display quality is way overkill… Thanks!
  8. I don't have the rules /cards in front of me at the moment, so I'm quoting from memory, but… IIRC, to apply status effects, attacks (usually) have to deal at least 1 heart of damage…
  9. Dam said: First off, victory for the OL triggers at the start of his turn THIS! That is the crucial bit we missed. We had several players read the scenario, especially after the "not starting on the entrance" bit was missed. Somehow, ALL of us were reading it as a win as soon as the two spaces were occupied. I wonder how many of the other quests had some "tiny" thing like that we managed to overlook… Thanks, everyone!
  10. Actually, to be perfectly honest, the very first time we ran through this, they started on the entrance. That was such a terrible occasion that we all re-read the rules, and had (somehow) all missed starting on the red X. That was adjusted for subsequent run-throughs. Based on the size of the dungeon, and the fact that the two monster groups start where they do, it was just about impossible for the heroes to both advance, and block my monsters. One of my wins was due to using goblin archers, and their "scamper". I used Dark Charm to move one of the heroes out of the way, and a large monster moved past, opened the door, and continued on his merry way. I used an Ettin to throw a hero out of the way, and the second one dashed to the door & beyond. Something just isn't "clicking" with our group, but I'm not sure what it could be…
  11. I've been discussing this on BGG, without much resolution. Our group recently tried to run through Frozen Spire. I kept both Dash cards in my hand from part one. (Victory in part one went to the OL, but that isn't a terribly large impact on part two.) We played through part two four times (with varying monster selections), at least, and I, as the OL, averaged a win at about the two turn mark. Sometimes it took longer, once, I won on the first turn. What kind of experiences does everyone else have with this level? Does anyone see it as being remotely possible for the heroes to win, if the OL has two dash cards in hand at the start of part two?
  12. mustardayonnaiz said: Interesting we have been playing like this: Pick target Roll attack and defense die Spend all applicable surges. If a surge gives u blast apply it then. Then roll defense die for all other monsters. The initial defense is for the target, so we base all surges on that defense die. If I have a weapon that has blast already, and then decide to spend a surge on adding 2 damage instead of something like 2 pierce, because the initial defense roll yielded no shields, then my initial decision to apply surges has greater meaning, and seems fairer overall. The remaining rolls may or may not have the maximum number of shields but I like the not knowing aspect of applying surges. Just how we roll! This ^^^^^^^^ Exactly how we have been playing, it seems to work out wonderfully.
  13. jcbbjjttt said: The OL did position the elementals such that you have to kill one to get to Belthir. (I don't think it is possible to make it so you have to kill both). I killed the elemental and Belthir with an entire attack remaining on turn one. Overlord had not time to react. That seems a bit…much. In a 4 hero game, Belthir should have 15 HP. Unless the OL completely botched the defense rolls, how did that much damage get done in a single attack?
  14. On our groups playthrough of this level, the heroes won the first encounter fairly easy. That is, in my OL opinion, not a big deal one way or the other. The second encounter is where the real action takes place. It is not hard, at all, to place the elementals such that they become meat shields for Belthir. Belthir has enough HP that, even if the heroes manage to get past the elementals to attack him, he shouldn't die the first turn. Once it was time for the OL to act, I used the giants I had placed to move in and attack the guards. Frenzy cards helped tremendously. Belthir had absolutely no trouble moving across the map and hiding in the water. They had left Tobin sitting on the starting tile, and, based on their placement of heroes, I was able to spawn the master elemental almost exactly where he had been the previous turn. Since the minion elemental hadn't been killed yet, the heroes lost a large part of the second turn just fighting their way off the bridge. The guards damaged both giants, but not enough to kill them. Two rounds of attacks by the giants, backed up by an additional attack from Belthir had the game just about won for the OL. There was only a single guard left at this point. Seeing the level as a lost cause, the heroes dedicated themselves to grabbing search tokens as much as possible. Beginning of the third OL turn, I killed the last guard. Game over. (Judicious usage of trap cards is highly recommended. Give the heroes time to plan out exactly what they are going to do for their actions, and then procede to disrupt their carefully laid out scheme with a tripwire or pit trap.)
  15. I don't have the cards with me, so I'm recusing myself from the conversation for the time being… What cards offer the OL the best "bang for the buck" from an XP spending perspective? It would seem, to me, that the saboteur path ranks very highly… Mostly because the majority of the quests depend very highly on mobility. Since saboteur offers numerous methods to slow down the heroes, that is a terrific benefit. Has anyone chosen cards and found them to be more useless than anticipated?
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