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  1. Greetings; gentlebeings; Last session, I had a player use "It's not that bad" on himself to shrug off a crit. I didn't want to slow the game down with a rules lawyer session, but is this rules as intended? Should a character be able to use this and similarly worded talents on themselves?
  2. And why would the meso-americans know about peripherals...?
  3. Actually, I'd imagine loading elevators for astromechs are pretty common on starfighters that use them as copilots. The Naboo N-1 definitely has one.
  4. The way I've been running it is you never fail to jump to hyperspace. What you might fail at is arriving at your intended destination; higher degrees of failure indicate how badly off course you are (conversely, success indicates how pinpoint accurate you are). Advantage/Threat is my time axis (how much longer or shorter the trip is). Triumph/Despair is my axis of FUN.
  5. Can you do this with Google drive? I figured out how to host a page, but I'm having the same problem as Roman Virtue; Animation, but no sound. EDIT: Figured it out; URLs for the audio files needed to be updated, Audio tag needed "autoplay" added.
  6. This is a rather stringent interpretation. Essentially you are saying my Slicer could not attempt to do any type of slicing on a computer in front of him without dumping 500 credits into the slicer gear? Ouch. I'm not playing it quite that strict, personally; I do require you to physically scomp into a system somehow (a datapad works). Slicer gear just let you do it better (a boost die).
  7. MapTool could definitely do it; I don't think you would even need two instances of the program going (since you're presumably not worried about fog of war). Just go into fullscreen mode; it doesn't have any dice by default anyway, and the default tokens are hidden away in folders.
  8. Hey, how have you guys been handling the more ambiguous critical results (Blinded in particular)? One of my PCs got Blinded in a vibroknife fight with a squad of stormies tonight; I'm leaning towards the damage being permanent (requiring cybers of some sort), but I though I would ask before I made call. It occurs to me that the chart differentiates between temporarily crippled limbs and missing limbs, which makes me think that if it was supposed to be temporary blindness, it would say so.
  9. YMMV, I guess; I used to play the D6 Star Wars with one group, and have a force sensitive in the FFG game I run. Neither group showed a particular desire for everyone to go Jedi.
  10. You should probably post a suggested time of play; you're recruiting from at least 4 time zones. People should at least have some sort of vague idea of when you're intending to host. Also, why no force sensitives? Do you not like having conflict in a narrative game?
  11. I made this one for my MapTool game. It's not print resolution, but it's good for a visual aid.
  12. The one in BtR is described as an "Arak-series" - so the same manufacturer, but its stats are kind of weak. Ianinak came up with some stats on the EotE board that look reasonable: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/89296-imperial-probe-droid/?p=10948956-imperial-probe-droid/?p=1094895 I'm setting up a vehicle encounter with personal scale weapons, so these will do.
  13. That's a good point, but we also see these guys interact with vehicles all the time in the EU. Not that I think they're the fastest things in the world, but as fast as a landspeeder (Speed 1-2) seems reasonable. Also, Wookieepedia says they're only 1.6m tall, but that seems small to me; maybe 1.6m is the height of the body. Chunky enough to maybe shrug off small arms fire.
  14. This fella. How would you stat him for FFG? A regular droid (that maybe uses vehicle speeds)? A vehicle with no armor (so ground pounders with heavy blasters can hurt it)?
  15. Certainly. When I do it, it tends to be end of the session (or adventure); gives me a chance to foreshadow / gloat.
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