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  1. GrandInquisitorKris said: sounds like fun , but how long does it take to play compared to regular games It doesn't make any difference to the play time.
  2. BSG Variant: Super Cylon Fleet By Frank La Terra This variant assumes you have all 3 BSG expansions, and are using the “Clyon Fleet” option from Exodus. Its purpose is to reintroduce the Cylon Attack cards (specifically their special rules) to the game. Setup Changes: 1. Do not remove any “Cylon Attack” cards from the decks. Add “CAG Chooses” cards as normal. 2. Do not remove any Vipers from the reserves. Add the new Vipers to the damage box as normal (ie, play with all plastic ships available) 3. Leave the “Mining Asteroid” Destination card in the Destination Deck. New rule: Heroic Sacrifice. When the Cylon Pursuit marker instructs the CAG to place one or more Civilian ships on the board, he may instead destroy a Viper (of any tpe) from the reserves and not do so on a 1-for-1 basis. For each Viper he destroys he does not need to place a Civilian ship. Drawing Cylon Attack Cards If a Cylon Attack card is drawn from the deck, perfom the following: 1. Treat the “Activate” section of the card as you would treat as normal – in other words ‘activate’ any ships listed. 2. Advance the Cylon Pursuit marker 1 step. This is in addition to any move it made in step 1. 3. Ignore the “Set-up” section of the card (as well as the diagram.) It has no effect with this variant. 4. Look up the card’s title in the below list to see if there are any changes to how the “Special Rule” works in this variant. Super Crisis Card When a cylon plays a super crisis card, perform the following: 5. Treat the “Activate” section of the card as you would treat as normal – in other words ‘activate’ any ships listed. 6. The Cylon Pursuit marker moves immediately to the ‘Auto Attack’ space. 7. Ignore the “Set-up” section of the card (as well as the diagram.) It has no effect with this variant. 8. Look up the card’s title in the below list to see if there are any changes to how the “Special Rule” works in this variant. The rest of the game is played as normal. Enjoy. Crisis Card List Ambush: No change. Boarding Parties: The viper navigation system malfunctions. All unmanned Vipers are immediately returned to the hanger deck. Cylon Swarm: No Change. Besieged: Place 4 raiders from off the board straight onto the main gameboard in the ‘4’ space. Dogfight: Keep this card in play until the fleet jumps. Each time raiders are activated launch 2 raiders from each base star on the main board (do not activate these new raiders). Heavy Assault: Galactica is immediately fired at by 2 basestars, even if there are not 2 basestars on the board (they are using long distance weaponry.) Jammed Assault: No Change Raiding Party: No Change Scar: Place scar on the Cylon Fleet board per the normal rules. Keep this card in play until Scar is destroyed. Whenever raiders are activated, activate the Scar raider twice. Scar may only be destroyed on a roll of 7 or 8. Surrounded: No Change. Tactical Strike: No Change. The Guardians: No Change. Thirty-Three: Keep this card in play until a civilian ship or Base Star is destroyed. The pursuit track will automatically move up 1 space each turn when it otherwise wouldn’t. Super Crisis Card List Lured into a trap: No Change. Boarding Parties: No Change.
  3. Steve-O said: I don't recall Harker ever being a hunter. I remember him being a vampire chit that Dracula could get (but rarely did), representing that he had been turned. Did GW publish two editions of this game before FFG took over? The older version I played only had three hunters; Van Helsing, Lord Goedring (or whatever) and the doctor who's name escapes me.In response to the OP, the game is mostly the same as the original, except for how Dracula moves (which is admittedly a big part of the game) and the addition of a fourth hunter (Mina Harker - a nice addition thematically, although the Texan guy would've been better for keeping continuity with the book). I suppose the whole day/night track is new too. I remember in the orginal you had to roll to decide if a fight took place in the day or at night, but in this version there's a little compass-style track that marks time of day as the game progresses. That's an interesting one. Harker was in no edition. The GW edition only had the 3 male hunters, and Mina was added later as a 'expansion' - possibly from White Dwarf. The texan guy was Quincy Morris, and can't be a hunter as he is dead at the time the game is set in. Dracula can get him as a Zombie ally. The day night marker is change in the current edition. The resolve mechanic is another one.
  4. Hi guys, I'm messing around with an endgame variant for RTL. I therefore would like to gather some info on peoples games of RTL. So if you have completed a game of RTL and can be bothered answering any of the following questions that you can remember it would be appreciated. =) 1) What was each teams score (ie the heroes and the overlord) when the game reached 600 CP and was moved to the overlord's keep? 2) How many conquest points did each team gain in the OL's keep (all 5 levels)? 3) Around about how many heroes deaths were there in the OL's keep (all 5 levels)? 4) Which Avatar did the OL Play? Did it win? 5) How 'hard' was the avatar to kill on a rating of 1-5 (1 being a walkover)? Can you remember how many hits it took to bring him down? 6) What was the most dangerous thing about that avatar (if anything.) 7) Did you fight any lieutenants during the GOLD level of the campaign (where both the heroes and the lieutenant were Gold)? If so how hard were they to bring down? Thanks for your time!
  5. Actually I don't think he is impossible. I've played characters that could take him down. Without special rules he isn't much tougher than the guy at the end of IOD.
  6. Shuffle them together and randomly select one - that's the only way to play. My solo rules: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/122763 My guide to expansions when you are ready for more: http://fortressat.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=769&Itemid=551
  7. To add salt to the wound there are supposedly another 3 'promo' figures in existence (that have yet to be released). In the descent 'paint the dragon' competition the prize was a set of 4 promo figures.
  8. According to Corey in my interview with him (do a search on www.fortressat.com) Brood War is the only expansion currently planned for the game. sigmazero13 said: The original Starcraft and Brood War are already tried and tested to be awesome. Starcraft II, while probably good (despite the fact I won't be buying it due to Blizzards stupid "let's make it three games that you have to buy instead of one" move), has yet to be proven. For now, I'd rather any expansion to the board game be based off the tried and true version Huh? Where did you hear this? If that's the case I wont be buying them.
  9. facenorth23 said: In the Midnight expansion alternate rules for knock-outs are used. They are quite clear to us, except they don't mention what happens with your wound and exhaust counters. Do you discard all the tokens like in the basic game or do you keep them?[/q]You certainly discard them - otherwise you'ds instantly be knocked out again since you have wound counters equal to yuor life value! [q]Because: if you keep everything (it is not mentioned in the new rules...), what happens when a patrol knocks you out? The patrol stays on the hex along with you... (because it is clearly mentioned that you do not move after a knock out...) The Night King will go first (before your next turn in which you would have been able to heal yourself...), can it really smash and kill you (I don't know how to call it...) or not?[/q] Yes - that is why you need to flee a lot in Midnight.
  10. I did an interview with Corey which some of you may be interested in: http://fortressat.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=820&Itemid=365
  11. Mr Skeletor

    Doom too hard?

    Doom is a very hard game for the Marines. The best fix I have found is simply increasing the marine's starting armor from 2 to 3.
  12. You have to build buildings with the help of other people, and watch when they build things as this affects places you should be building. Mutiplayer solitare? This is one of the more interactive Euros that doesn't involve bidding there is.
  13. Mr Skeletor

    A board game?

    The board game is fun, but the card game is far superior.
  14. I haven't played "the movie" boardgame, but I have played the game it was originally based on (Kingdoms.) I have also played this game (and can't say I enjoyed it.) Both are Eurogames that have slapped on themes. You might enjoy the games as games, but if you are looking to adventure along with beowulf you'll be disapointed. You should be able to find the rules to the games on this site. I'd recommend reading them.
  15. Kevin has said this game will be light on expansions: http://fortressat.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=220&func=view&catid=10&id=14354#14358
  16. shnar said: K, then as far as I can tell, the only thing that "allies" can do in the game is provide Support, correct? I mean, the rules talk a lot about "making alliegences" and breaking them, but there aren't any game mechanics to facilitate it (sorry for my lack of understanding, only played the game once). -shnar The other things Allies can do is agree to not punch you in the face. While there are, apart from the very powerful support rules, no other 'rules' for allies they are still vital to the game. If you don't forge aliances and agreements with other players you are going to struggle to win. I have never played a game of this where aliences wern't formed and houses weren't ganged up on.
  17. My answers involve some spoilers (nothing too heavy) ColtsFan76 said: My question is this game only appears to be loosely connected tot he books, correct? We have the places, the characters, the threat of a Wildings attack, and the shifting alliances, but that seems to be it. I disagree. I think the game captures the spirit and themes of the book magnificently. I find the game very thematic. This storyline is a subplot which has yet to be weaved into the main narrative. I'm not sure how FFG could have included this in the game when even they don't know how it is going to eventually tie in. The only way to include Danny's storyline would b to have it as a totally seperate game I would think. There is hardly any magic in the books either, so it's appropriate. The Others are represented in the wildlng attacks (they do after all come from the north.) How? Religion is just something the characters in the books believe in, it's not like the Gods themselves are walking around Westeros or anything. It's not even clear if the beliefs are real or just myths. Religion doesn't appear in games like hammer of the scotts ot WW2 wargames, so I don't see why it should be in here. No, but apart from Danny these elements were not an important role in the first 3 books either I'd argue. Danny isn't in book 4, I'd be guessing she'll hit the mainland in book 6. I don't think there will be anymore expansions, which is a good thing. The game feels more than complete as it stands.
  18. None are mandatory, and your preference will depend on which elements you wish to have added to the game. I wrote an article to help people sort through them here: http://fortressat.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=769&Itemid=365 Hope you find it useful.
  19. Luftwaffe Flak said: Excellent point! I hadnt thought of that but your most likely correct. I dont mind substituting the Master for normal and normal for Masters but is there any more actual proxying in the expansions? No, this scenario only happens in the base game. Pure speculation on my part, but I suspect it's because Kevin didn't know what the final monster tally count was going to be when he was designing the scenarios. If you look up old articles where he talks about the game prior to it coming out, he would give the number of figures as a range rather than an actual figure, and from memory the final tally was towards the lower end of that range. So I suspect when he was designing the maps he thought the game would come with more monsters than it did, and when the costings were worked out it had to be scaled back by a bit.
  20. Oh my god, I saw the box cover. This game is obviously imbalanced! Has anyone got fixes to fix the player imbalances?
  21. Man what's the hold up, feels like I have been waiting forever for this game to come out!
  22. Forget the optional doom track rules, they suck eggs.
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