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  1. http://store.chrisostrowskiart.com/ Obviously Mr. Ostrowski is an official illustrator for FFG/L5R, because all his paintings are marked with "Fantasy Flight Games 2017". I assume he is allowed to sell his paintings in this way. It is very interesting to see future Holdings/Strongholds , especially for Mantis and Spider ..... PS: My favourite playmat is "The Fruitful Port" ....
  2. Maybe they plan to change the style of future games also ...
  3. http://boardgamegeek.com/article/8596107#8596107 .. with miniatures. I like the new style very much.
  4. ClydeCloggie said: To the west, we could go over the Misty Mountains (via Moria or Redhorn Pass) towards Rivendell and on to The Shire, but it would mean going through Mirkwood once again. Of course, the designers could choose to leave this bit out of the narrative and start from Lorien... Actually, that's my bet: a cycle starting from Lorien, moving west over or under the Misty Mountains, to Rivendell. And obviously such an itinerary would not ignore Moria...I'm thinking we might see the Balrog, Durin's Bane, within a year or so. + 1
  5. Bonzo said: Frank6 said: In Germany the game will be available the 18th (the german version of the game). I ordered it today. Where did you order it? I found it on Amazon where they say it will be out on April 30... Magier Spiele.
  6. In Germany the game will be available the 18th (the german version of the game). I ordered it today.
  7. Why do the heroes have to kill the Balrog, the only have to run for there lives (make it out of Moria in a certain number of rounds).
  8. Karazax said: I was kind of disappointed that there don't seem to be any official scenario creation rules. I'm sure there will be a nice expansion for this when the game is established. Karazax said: It will be interesting to see how tournament play develops. There are many people (including me) that have no interest in tournament play.
  9. Maybe there will be generic cards for all players and also race-specific cards. I think it may be the same system like in Rune Age.
  10. Does your FLG has someting for us: Pictures, Details, ... ?
  11. A Deckbuildung-Game from the same Designer, hmm..... What does this mean for Blood Bowl: Team Manager ? A game with the same engine ? Blood Bowl canceled ? Something official would be nice ...
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