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  1. acctually id like to say he is right with the halloween town deck the new jack is ment to recycle your dark cards to stop world racers and to have them use your friends to defet them i personaly run this deck around riku and it turns out to work well against world racers and some time aggros to.
  2. capncrunch email has been sent let me know soon. morbidsanity im sorry i didnt have time to send the cards please accept my applogy thechampishere im willing to give goofy lvl4 if you need him
  3. OMG how long has it been for you who know me im back for you who dont im tonybam14. well i have decided to get out of my funk from one of my previos trades and get back into tradeing cards. so here we go. i will only be posting what im looking for and what i will trade what i want the king aerith there is another thing im looking for im looking for airsoft guns have any that your willing to trade email me at tonybam14@yahoo.com and lets chat. what i have for trade goofy lvl4 ansem cloud sepiroth jafar genie chip and dale end of the world and a whole lot of SR from set 123 so many that i can post them all. things to know it will be VERY tough to get most my my SRU the one im being very flexible with is goofy lvl4.also im not looking for any common SRcards im looing for really good SR cards. so happy tradeing with all of you and hope to trade with you.
  4. all i got was 95 dollars in gamestop gift cards. which got me 7 xbox 360 games. also if any one has gears of war1,kyne and lynch dead men, tom clancys end war(mostly this one) and you have xbox live if you want to friend up then the username is same as it is here tonybam14. all i need is a friend request with a message stating your username here on the forums.
  5. hey have you talked to you friend about the king? also interested in disney castle and destiy islands. i cant send cards at the moment due to stamps. but i can tell you when i get some in.
  6. sorry for the trouble i went through the cards and found the cards i wanted sorry for the trouble.
  7. giving a big +1 to Daisuke_Aurora thank you soo much
  8. maybe i should just add goofy seeing as how i dont really need donald seeing as how it looks like i dont use magic much. and if i get soul eater goofy will be an exalent addition with chip and dale. and add another moogle if i add leon so if i draw a moogle and lvl4s i can atleast get them out fast enough. and what about....a promo riku so i can keep some hp due to another aggro?
  9. do you think that the tidus and selphie are a little much for for the deck i dont seem to to use them much? also what friends should i add to here and do the cards i said look good for the deck or do some of them look to lean away from the decks objective?
  10. i am giving an offer to you for you king. ill trade you ansem and end of the world for you king and foil tigger promo i know its an amazing trade for you and a little good for me if interested ?
  11. the ones you listed on the email wyvern, behemoth and jack lvl3
  12. seeing as how it is almost here ill put this up just list what you got tommorrow and share with people how you felt. all i know is im getting a 360 hurray!
  13. want to say merry christmas to everybody on the forums hope you guys have a wonderful hoilday to people im tradeing with i got all of yous guys your cards out so the is you christmas present and happy holidays guys
  14. small update not much but still its an update
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