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  1. I bought and downloaded the game, I installed the cache, the FFG logo shows up and then game crashes back to the home screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing and downloading the cache and still the exact same results.
  2. I have both games, actually I wonder if ebay has the expansion to battlemist since I don't have that.
  3. I really liked it and found it fun. It is a bit hard to understand how to play at first but once we got it going it pretty cool, I glad I got a copy before it went away but I am disappointed to see fantasy flight no longer supporting it. I don't understand why games disappear with no info on why? Would it kill them to let their fans and customers know what is happening to games they like?
  4. I also like this game and own a copy. It is too bad FFG isn't supporting it any more. I was looking forward to possible expansions .
  5. If this is a repeat I appologize I couldn't find it asked anywhere. How do you subscribe to a thread so you can get an e-mail or something when someone response to it? Is it possible or can it be added as a feature? How do you private message someone on the forums or is that not possible?
  6. myrm said: You can still; Wreck skill checks Deny cards Use the human fleet to steal cards and damage Galactica (this is an underrated ability and useful for the sympathiser to use especially IMO) Hammer them with the daily special from the Crisis deck Hand out Loyalty cards to spread dissent and suspicion. I have to say supercrisis cards have been played in about half the games I have played. Other times the Cylons have been more than happy to play around with other things. Not having a special ability on reveal is no loss either as I would say that less than 1 in 4 reveals actually get to use the ability in my experience. The main loss is loss of the Cylon fleet action - I have found that this made the players somewhat confident in their fleet control and I was happy to simply get 3 damage markers on Galactica which DID get their attention while stealing their repair cards. My Cylon compadre running the fleet did the rest with his basestars Hmm that is a fair point, I guess then it isn't as bad as I thought, which is good because I know with my luck it is inevitable I will end up in that situtation, since I was the human version of the sympatheriser in my first game.
  7. ok cool, I will give it a shot thanks all.
  8. Bleached Lizard said: Personally, I'm not a fan of the plots. I think they're so abstracted so that you don't really feel like you're doing the thing that they're supposed to represent. How does playing (any) light card make you "feel" like you're strengthening your relationship with your best friend? How does sacrificing any one favour make you "feel" like you're getting closer to your estranged dad? I understand that point but the way I look at it, playing light cards is doing good things and your best friend may only like good people and not evil ones. Showing how you want to move ahead and be ambitions but care who you step on. Is how I look at it.
  9. I really like the world of conan and I like war games. I guess I will jsut go with my original instinct and pick it up but I was hoping to get more info from people who played.
  10. I would recommend the game as well. it is very fun and different game. The fact that you have different stages and everyone gets a large invasion makes the tides turn for who is winning a lot and can even help someone who is losing pull ahead. Very different game from most war games I have played since you control more then one race, some don't appear till later and some right away and even if one is wipped out which for some is expected/historical, you can still win. Very good game.
  11. I would say that this game is about a full days worth. I mean to say takes 4+ hours if you are playing for the first time. But it is well worth it. It is the type of game that you learn about history and it is pretty well balanced. Very fun and interesting game.
  12. Personally I think adding an expansion would be fine. Add a new board to take your hunting to another location, add more events/traps for dracula to choose from. But yes it is good as it is.
  13. I am so confused on how you get points or how they work, I know they are used for raffels but how does one get it. Seems a bit random.
  14. Personally Arkham Horror is one of my favorite games of all time, but it is really hard to get people to play it since they either love it or hate it. Also it can be very long. Fury of Dracula I don't think is as good as Arkham horror but it is still very good and you would probably get more people interested in playing it, so my suggestion is find out what your group would want to play. Then get that one first. In the end get both.
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