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  1. Thank you very much for this awesome scenario editor! It would be great if there would be a possibility to create Scenario Cards (or if there would be at least "half maps", like those printed on the Scenario Cards).
  2. The reference book says: "If a unit becomes poisoned during a combat roll, lore results produced during that roll may be commited to cause one damage each." (Reference book, page 7)
  3. Graf

    Civil War?

    You would have to mark somehow which units belong to whom. Apart from that, I see no reason why mirror matches shouldn't work well.
  4. Graf

    Faction packs?

    I guess we will see an expansion with a new faction soon. I hope for the Undead, too.
  5. I guess experienced "Battles of Westeros"-players will easily overlook the "Support"-rule: "A unit is supported if it would be forced to retreat into a hex occupied by a friendly unit. While supported, a unit ignores all retreats; ignored retreats do not cause damage." Another one: "When line of sight is traced along the edge of one or more hexes, the attacker shifts the line away from the hex edge in one direction." This rule is important for some cases of retreats forced by archers.
  6. The following video is pretty nice: Is doesn't explain the game, but it gives some good impressions of a session and it's very well done. Oh, and yes, it's about BattleLore, too, but BattleLore is close related to Battles of Westeros.
  7. I used Kobolds to slow down the heroes in the room where Lady Eliza started. She had not the riddle, but the Kobolds did perform well enough to block the heroes until Eliza left the map. As second monster group, I chose Ogres but the heroes never saw them – Eliza escaped before the heroes managed to get to the Ogres.
  8. He was able to fly in first edition.
  9. If you're playing a campaign, then focus on getting treasures at the start of act 1 and act 2 (even if this would mean that you'll lose the first scenarios). With a good equipment, things will get much easier in the following quests. One of our most successful partys was a group that was mainly focused on getting treasures (Silhouette as thief in combination with Aurim – this combination allows you to get through the whole treasure deck in every scenario, cherry-picking the best treasure cards.)
  10. Hellhounds (from the conversion kits) are great. They raised from "pretty useless in first edition" to the winners of second edition. You get many of them, they are fast and they hit hard – moreover, they have fire breath. Not to forget that they are two-space-monsters, so they are great to block some paths. (Especially the red one with its "Aura 1".) Ogres (conversion kit) belong to my favorite monsters as well. Along with the golem, they are a great choice if you need some tough meat shields to block some paths. Their "Knockback" is really useful in plenty of situations and "Undying" not only makes them great meat shields, it might also allow you to exceed their monster limit (if the red one gets killed and will be reinforced as long as his "white copy" is still alive).
  11. I don't think the OL would get a card for slaying a NPC-token that "counts as" a hero. Otherwise the OL would even draw a card for slaying a familiar.
  12. I'd suggest to let Splig keep marching straight towards the exit, ignoring all signal flares. Dams strategy is the best way to play this scenario: So you should go sure that at least one monster in every area will survive the heroes assault.
  13. In the German version of the game, the "sweep"-ability of Giants and Trolls says that all figures within two spaces are affected. This would mean that monsters are affected as well. Is this wording of the sweep-ability translated correct? Or does the english version say that only enemies/heroes within two spaces are affected?
  14. The girl on the cover with that potion in her hands might be some kind of alchemist (I guess healer class). The orc seems to be some kind of scout/ranger or maybe a nomad (apparently ranger class). The third person on the cover seems to be dead very soon ;-) (I agree, most likely a NPC)
  15. Finally, the older brother of our Lava Beetles has been revealed! ;-) It was not at "Spiel" in Essen, but at the Toy Fair Trade in Nuremberg (Germany).
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