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  1. Maybe Android could use an app-aided second edition, to take care of the bookkeeping? They could also add in some lore from all the other Android-related games they've made, since. That, and I'd like to see an AI hidden in the conspiracy. It's such a standard part of cyberpunk.
  2. I like the idea of seeing more of the setting from Android. How well does Infiltration deliver on that? Is it just the reuse of a few names, or are there any notable character or story connections?
  3. That's astoundingly cheap. I wonder if they're planning to print this in quantity and try to sell it at the big stores (Target, WalMart, etc.)?
  4. Ooh -- And while looking at the tiny picture, I notice that there's at least one outdoor tile. Cool!
  5. From looking at the tiny picture on the announcement, it looks to me like the new tiles may not fit together with old. On the positive side, the connection does look to me a bit like the ones on the Ravenloft/Ashardalon games, so those might be compatible.
  6. It's a pretty well established practice here in the US, mostly for games which have randomized packaging. (That is, Magic the Gathering, D&D miniatures, etc.) I have no idea what the laws involved are, but it strikes me as likely to be beneficial to everyone involved. (The publisher sells more games, the buyer gets the desired game parts, and the reseller gets a small profit.) As for buying replacement parts -- Just email Fantasy Flight instead! They're very good about replacing pieces. But I wouldn't do that if I wanted extras.
  7. Auggie's games -- a long-time minis store -- is selling individual pieces, rulebooks, etc. from Mansions of Madness. So if you need extra cultists or such (can you ever have too many cultists?), it could be worth a look. www.auggiesgamesonline.com/Mansions-of-Madness_c_200.html I don't work there, and I don't get anything for posting this. But I do like the store. (Note that FFG is very good about replacing missing or damaged parts. So if you're just looking to replace a broken piece, you should ask them, instead.)
  8. Good idea -- I'll go post over there. I haven't actually played Mansions of Madness, so I wasn't sure whether extra parts would be much use for the game. But at a minimum, I suppose an extra professionally printed rulebook could be nice.
  9. I notice that Auggie's Games has started splitting up the Mansions of Madness pieces for individual sale: www.auggiesgamesonline.com/Mansions-of-Madness_c_200.html So you can pick up mi-go, cultists, the eight investigators from MoM, etc. (I don't work there, and I'm not getting anything for the reference. But I do like the store.)
  10. Just thought I'd point out that Auggie's games (a minis store which mostly sells prepainted figures) is now selling Descent stuff, too. They're out of dice at the moment. (That's my fault, I'm afraid.) But there are still lots of corridors, figures, and such in stock. www.auggiesgamesonline.com/Descent-_c_90.html No, I don't work there, and I don't get anything for pointing people to the store. But I've been happy with the store for other miniatures, and it seems like a good resource to me.
  11. No cookie for me. It's a deck building game: www.boardgamegeek.com/article/6349968#6349968
  12. I'm not sure how the pricing details would work out. My guess is that the big cost would be for the plastic mold, so selling lots of units would be the main concern. But if the cards are the big cost, then Fantasy Flight wouldn't really save much by grouping together a bunch of cards with the figures.
  13. Then again, maybe we'll get to see the Terrinoth heroes in Wiz-War.
  14. It sounds like you're expecting something Euro-ish, which certainly seems possible. Maybe it would be a Silver Line-style game? I'd really like to see Fantasy Flight do something with Borderlands, but thematically I don't think that would work very well in Terrinoth. And as a big board game, it could get confused with Runewars (though in terms of gameplay, they're really completely different). Here's my guess: They just dropped all their Warcraft games. Maybe they've rethemed one of them for Terrinoth? My guess is that they've redone World of Warcraft: The Boardgame. As a team-versus-team game, it doesn't really have an equivalent among the Terrinoth games. It wasn't designed by Corey Konieczka, but I suppose he could have been the one to rework it.
  15. Though Runebound has done well (at least well enough to merit a whole bunch of expansions), I think Arkham Horror has sold much better than Runebound. I seem to remember that it (AH) topped a bunch of sale lists for quite a while, there. So my guess is that an expansion expansion would be a lot less likely for Runebound. You need to sell a lot of expansions before an expansion to them would sell well enough to be worth printing. One possibility I'm guessing we might see is a character-only expansion. There are now enough games with a Terrinoth background (Runebound, Descent, Runewars, DungeonQuest) that if they included cards for all of them it might well have a big enough audience.
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