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  1. If you are coming to Black Friday VII, please email your name and t-shirt size to NightsWatchNYC@gmail.com by tomorrow (Nov 16) as I need to finalize the t-shirt order with the print shop and having an accurate count for each size will help ensure we have one in your preferred size. Btw, the shirt's logo is this:
  2. Jinglebell (u), character, neutral traits: House Frey cost: 2; STR: 1; icons: none Response: After you win an Intrigue challenge as the attacker, kill (cannot be saved) Jinglebell to choose and kill (cannot be saved) a non-army character controlled by the losing opponent, then steal up to 3 power from that opponent if the character killed is a king or a lady.
  3. Stag Lord said: I really wanted Summer's Champion on there somewhere, but LGR's design abilities failed. He shall have a finger shortened as a result. Get there early for the ceremony and a good seat. I'll keep the knuckle in pouch around my neck. So Stag's undies doesn't get too bunched up, I did plaster the Summer Champion on the meta's website (www.AGoTNY.net).
  4. Hey, wasn't there a time when we used to show off our event flyers? I liked those times.
  5. Maester_LUke said: kpmccoy21 said: I'll be there. ~Now I have to decide whether i want to net deck a Martell/Summer build or actually build my own deck for GenCon. Wait a minute, d00d! I'm pretty sure Mathlete said it's all about the driver not the car... not that I'm doubting your ability to keep it on the road... the question is whether you can force Anthony and Jason (and Chris, perhaps) off the road. Kev (kpmccoy21) doesn't have to worry about me; my playing of late is akin to riding the bus. And that's great news that you plan to come up, Kev. Here's hoping Lars, Skeletor or others will split the gas with you and come along.
  6. JerusalemJones said: After all, the whole Lyanna/Rhaegar relationship, which is very major in the books, is compeltely glossed over here for Robert's version of the truth. And who knows if and how it can be told at a later date in the series. But that's how it is in book one; only Robert's version gets clearly laid out in A Game of Thrones. Eddard's cryptic flashback's to his sister really don't do anything to offer a different version of the truth until coupled with details revealed in later books (at least, that's how I recall it and I just reread book one along with the HBO series). It does mean that when/if the series wants to delve into that other possible version of the truth, it'll likely just be served up on a platter to the viewers rather than the slow evolving uncertain revelation that happens in the books.
  7. bloodycelt said: Dan/Jason don't you guys have the deck lists to just verify the info? They were destroyed in a freak fire.
  8. LUke, my other claim 1 plot was Wildfire Assault. I know, perhaps a bit strange with me running dups, but I only ever planned to play it defensively if I were behind on the board and didn't want someone to come out of the reset better than me b/c they had saves. I did have a couple of Price of Wars in my deck, but against Fatmouse I couldn't get off a successful mil with my War crests to trigger it. And he was undermining my Mil claim 2 attacks with Wyndemyr plus influence enough to trigger him twice for two saves. Old Nan + Carrion is an oldie but a goodie, that said I was leaning away from having her in my deck until Lars encouraged me to do so. Fieras, my restricted card was Fear of Winter.
  9. Thanks to everyone who came to NYC to play in this year's 'Moot/regional and a big thanks to Dan (Twn2dn) for taking on the bulk of the organizational effort. Just a short-n-sweet report from a guy who didn't even make the cut... Just to correct a nit in bloodycelt's report, I ran the Siege agenda with my Stark deck. I had no Direwolves and a build that I think can be fairly described as aggro-ish: focus was on winning challenges, particularly Mil, with a lot of claim 2 (5 of my 7 plots were claim 2) to create board dominance. To try to come out even/ahead when my opponent resets the board I ran Cat 'o Canals and several character dups with Widow's Watch. I had a fair bit of Int for a Stark deck as my plan for card "advantage" was in part to win some claim 2 Int challenges and drop Rule by Decree as a plot if things were getting out of hand. Northern Cavalry Flank is a great card right now as agendas are quite prevalent. Old Nan was the hero (Lars, thanks for encouraging me to put her in) in my game against Bloodycelt as she removed Red Viper that had a dup and Bodyguard on him (actually, at that point, one of those might have been used up) plus Taste of Blood that had generated a bunch of power on RV. In my second game against Anthony and his GJ Winter, he got a tremendous amount of locations set up fairly quick --I desperately wished at that point I had Fleeing to the Wall in my plot deck to try to get back into the game. In my game against Finitesquarewell, the big turning point was when he got off a claim 3 Int on me and pulled *3* of my military heavyweight characters. After that I draw any more of my Mil strong characters and couldn't win Mil challenges and so couldn't grab power or turn board advantage my way --Erick coasted to the win. In my two other games, the deck worked as I hoped, getting early board advantage and repeatedly beating the opponent's boad down with claim 2 military --against a Lanni no agenda deck I flopped much better and came out of his early Valar better and he so never had any character presence to speak. Against a Targ deck I got off a claim 2 plus deadly military challenge thanks to an Endless Endurance (he put in three characters against the challenge thinking to win and only lose one to Deadly, but Endless Endurance swung the challenge to me) to eliminate 3 characters, then dropped Fear of Winter and Rule by Decree as my next two plots which kept me in the driver's seat for the win. So, 3-2 and missing the cut on SoS comparison after only playing about six games the last few months was frankly better than I expected.
  10. Fieras said: Interesting to see no siege agenda yet. I'll remedy that tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for the compliments on the trophy. Btw, for anyone interested in an AGoT "Black Friday" (our fall tournament) t-shirt, we have some available at cost ($12). (We only have a few grey Black Friday IV t-shirts remaining.) If you are interested and will be at the tournament this Saturday, please email us (NightsWatchNYC@gmail.com) to let us know style, size, and quantity you want and you can pick it up at the tournament this weekend.
  12. You'll definitely be seeing this: Erick, I hope it complements your decor. And you'll see me getting back to my roots and playing Stark (and no Treaty) as previously stated.
  13. Perhaps the way to best avoid results tampering for joust is to only allow one result: a winner and a loser. Get rid of draws and modified wins. You'd need a satisfactory tiebreaker hierarchy and it would inevitably have to end with an unsatisfactory "coin flip". That won't fix someone "throwing" a match to another (not sure that can be prevented), but I suspect more tampering/collusion would arise when a tie would advance both players (or is it the case that it occurs more when a modified win looms and the would-be loser is indifferent about the winner being handed a full win? if it is, problem solved as my suggestion gets rid of the modified win result.)
  14. blackbart said: I looked up Oliver Platt and he would have been better than the current King Robert but I think you almost need a massive ex football player/ wrestler type that is a bit long in the tooth now to get the bad ass warrior turned fat drunk. I tried to google some but just couldn't find in the real world what I had imagined. At the end of episode 1 they have the Hound talking to Tyrion, which makes me very curious what the "Mountain that Rides" should look like. Now he should be truly massive!!! A Great Khali or El Gigante type but I don't know any legitimate actors who are this size. (Sorry to use wrestlers as examples but these guys fit the mold.) I think 6' 10" Kevin Nash fits the bill.
  15. kpmccoy21 said: Probably won't be there, now. The new Restricted list has killed all interest in the Regional season. Nothing personal to the NYC meta. Probably wouldn't play in any Regional if Claymont wasn't hosting, but I feel obligated to support the local meta. Hopefully see you guys in Claymont. Kev, please, I don't want to be the only one at the 'Moot with dashing good looks. I haven't been active on the boards much nor been playing, but I am getting excited to return to action at the NYC regional in large part because I look forward to reconnecting with everyone. And I plan to get back to my roots and play Stark --not winning Stark, but Stark nonetheless (hey, if I'm going to lose I might as well do it with the house I've considered my "true" house since I started playing) and probably something somewhat goofy. You don't want to miss out on laughing at my expense, do you?
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