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  1. Picked this game up through a charity auction and did a walk through of a few turns with my teenage kids. They love it and are excited to see how the full game goes. Looking for a time when we can do that. I'm hoping the non-random combat and the logistics of battle and resource gathering holds up for the full length of the game. We'll see as they are literally begging me to play it again.
  2. Good to hear. Let me know when you have it set and I'll make the trip up. I'd like to get something going with Game Haven here in Bountiful as well. Would you be up for driving down?
  3. Looking for some opportunities to throw down a few games in a league/game night setting. I'm in Bountiful but would be available to travel to Salt Lake County area or up to Ogden area. Let me know.
  4. I want to throw out a suggestion for the packaging of the LCG games - particularly the Core products and large expansions. I've purchased AGOT, Warhammer, and will soon buy Star Wars The Card Game. My game mate has purchased Warhammer, Netrunner, CoC, and AGOT. The standard box size is not condusive to the LCG format. It doesn't work and the fact that this is an expanding card base there should be more thought put in to this factor. I won't suggest custom inserts like Dominion. I don't want to pay the extra cost. However, useable boxes like those found with Star Trek Deckbuilding Game, Thunderstone, or Ascension would all be improvements over what we have to deal with. Most of the times I end up ditching the box and going with some bland cardboard deck box. That just doesn't seem fair for games so rich in theme and art work. If changing the Core boxes isn't desired, would it be possible to ask for custom 400-800 card boxes for each game? FFG has excelled at custom accessories with the art sleeves, resin house cards, and the cool token/face plate deck box. Why couldn't we make this happen to provide quality game storage for great games? I'm just looking to give appropriate love to the games I love without having to customize from the instant I buy the game. Is that too much to ask?
  5. And just to add insult to injury.... Throw in a couple of Poisoned Knife attachments to further empower your Snakes who all have Stealth now.
  6. radiskull said: The combo requires: No Use for Grief The Red Viper 3 influence The Red Viper getting killed when you have 3 influence. Not getting any of your Sand Snakes killed before you can execute the combo. Yes, it's a powerful combo, but it's not overpowered. It takes a lot to pull it off. Maybe I saw a lucky hand but he didn't seem to have much problem pulling it off and I can see it happening fairly easily again. Here's the setup: 1) Martell House card + Knights of the Hollow Hill Agenda (+2 Gold, +2 Initiative, +2 Influence) No Setup cards but mulligan for No Use for Grief and one of several low cost Initiative producing cards. 2) First Plot - Summoning Season. Pull The Red Viper. You have 6 gold and will have drawn 9 cards from your deck. Play The Red Viper and you've still got gold for a Paramour, Dornish Fiefdoms, Lord Doran's Chambers or a zero cost Summer Sea 3) Second Plot (If they haven't tried to kill The Red Viper already) - Wildfire Assault or Valar (if influence from locations). Kill The Red Viper, play No Use For Grief, and watch the Sand Snakes reign down in no-cost horror with Dupes on them. 4) Third Plot (if the opponent doesn't have a reset Plot) - To the Spears! The nasty little snakes now attack without kneeling. Sure there are a couple of things you could do to slow it down (heavy counter-event cards and direct character discard) but that two round intro to 30+ power is a bit of a head rush. Even if you don't draw exactly what you need, just wait a turn and proceed with plan. That doesn't seem like to hard for a well crafted deck to pull off on a very consistent basis. Please correct me if I'm wrong....
  7. KristoffStark said: I happen to play a Martel deck, and I've used a similar trick. However, based on my knowledge of the card, I don't think this guy was using it right. First, the name of the card is No Use For Grief, and its text reads: House Martell only. Response: After a Sand Snake character is killed, kneel 1 influence to search your deck for 1 Sand Snake character, reveal it, and add it to your hand. (Kneel 3 influence to search for any number of Sand Snake characters and put them into play instead if The Red Viper was just killed.) Then shuffle your deck. So, no, as long as he's got the 3 Influence, there is no limit to how many of those little nasties he can bring out. That being said, it quite specifically says "put them into play." Backing up a duplicate is NOT putting a card into play, so using this card to back up your uniques is NOT legal in my understanding. That being said, I can't beleive it never occured to me to use Wildire Assault to kill my own Red Viper to use this card! I will also say that in my opinion, yes, it is a play aberration. I don't know of any other card/mechanic in the game I consider quite as dirty pool as this. I've kinda retired my Sand Snake deck because it seems almost unfair.
  8. Wow... Haven't played against a non-family member for a year or two and I finally head down to Game Night Games that has just started a league night of sorts. Bring all my cards (haven't purchased for awhile) and am sorting them out before starting a match against a really nice guy playing a Martell deck. He get's a couple of Sand Snakes out that are giving each other cool abilities but my Baratheon Power rush is holding on alright until The Red Viper comes down. I'm ready to work against him when a plot comes down that allows us to choose three characters and the others are killed. He doesn't choose The Red Viper and then plays No Use for Tears. So I sit there in amazement as he goes through his deck and pulls out 12 Sand Snake cards and drops multiple dupes on the in-play Sand Snakes and then lays out tons of other Sand Snakes giving him about 35 strength on the table. So..... I look at him and have questions: 1) No Use for Tears references Sand Snake characters. Does this mean as many Sand Snake character cards he can find or does this at all limit the amount of personas to one that he can draw. 2) Should there be a limit on how many Sand Snake characters that No Use for Tears pulls? Don't mean to cry and I know it's a situational deck but really.... twelve free characters that have every icon, are being power boosted, and several now have multiple dupes? Talk about negative play experience. Have to say that when he played that out, my first thought was "If this is what the game has become, I'm done with it." I know I can pack Event hate cards to try to preclude this and a well timed Valar would wipe out a bunch of his host (except the four Sand Snakes that had multiple dupes), but those are pretty heavy silver bullets to carry around. Please let me know if this play is an aberration or if the rest of the game has really turned that way. On a good note, after I recuperated from the Sand Snake beatdown, I did play a rematch with my Stark deck against his Greyjoy and pulled out a convincing win of 15 to 4. Was able to control the board very nice so it gave me some hope in getting back in to the game. Thanks for your insight. Matt Jensen
  9. I'll second that. I was waiting to pull some good stuff. Would love to do the Event Center but from all the way out in Utah that's a bit cost prohibitive for a sale!
  10. Just an update.... I worked through two games trying to use the strategies tips I posted. Played through with two investigators on each game. First game I lost one investigator pretty quick (KIA) but won the game with the other one. Cashing in Trophies became very valuable as you had more turns during the day. I cashed in for three Elder Signs during that game with the last winning it for me. The second time through the dice weren't as kind and I got toasted. Still, very enjoyable. This game has a lot of potential and I feel it's going to have some awesome replayability even with just the one GOO.
  11. I'm speaking out of turn here as I have only played once all the way through and thoroughly got eaten. But I did see a few strategies develop.... 1) There are easier/less difficult adventures. Sure, you are still at the whim of the dice, but target some of the easier ones - specifically with the investigation tokens. These are easier to roll and succeed at and in turn provide you additional items and rewards that can be used to overcome some of the more difficult adventures down the turn. 2) Don't write off an investigator. My two guys were slouchs at first but when I started picking my adventures a bit wiser they ended up coming on strong. 3) the footprint token that allows you to reroll glyphs is priceless. Added dice is nice but the reroll is fabulous. 4) Target adventures that don't have sequential phases with investigators that don't have reroll abilities. This allows you to use the dice that are available when you have them and not in the order the adventure dictates. 5) Remember the odds of the dice. Each green dice has the following sides - Investigation x1, Investigation x2, Investigation x3, Lore, Peril, Terror. Be sure to Focus according to the odds and the needs of the adventure. Yellow dice replaces Terror with an Investigation x4. Red dice is like the Yellow dice but replaces Investigation x1 with the Wild token - lovely, lovely wild. 6) Cashing in trophies tokens at the Entrance seems to be a waste if you are using four investigators - especially if you have the adventure that is hitting you for 2 trophies every midnight. With four investigators, you only get two turns per investigator per day. I'm going to try with less than four to see if that dynamic will change. 7) Assist is a great feature that works if you fail an adventure and then have a second investigator come in. Instead of focusing one dice, you'll be able to focus two. A nice synergy in the game and makes getting past some of those tough adventures a little bit easier. Like I said, I'm new at this game myself, but during the butt whooping I got during the first play, these are the things I figure to work on. Hope they help me through on the next game. Good Luck! Matt Jensen
  12. Is the brig character limited to one card still?
  13. Newb question I know... Be kind. On Location Skill Checks, does only the character at the location and activating it contribute to the skill check? I know the destiny deck throws two cards in, but does everyone else contribute or is it just the person activating the site? Let me know. Love the game. Thanks! Matt Jensen
  14. Old Ben said: Lars said: 'm not sure if I understand your complaint, but if you are syaing that the LCG is CCG in a new wrapper, i'd disagree, especially if you are syaing the chapter packs are a sign of it. I think the complaint was about the fact that the Core set decks can´t be equally developed if you only purchase one of each chapter pack and one Core set. If you follow that logic there can be maximum 2 decks which run a half decent winter/ summer mechanic. However this houses will still miss some backbones, because cards like Shadow stalker, a time for raven´s are only delivered with 1 copy in the latest chapter pack. So you´ll have to buy every chapter pack and the Core set x3 (or more) to develop the decks equally and end up with a lot of not so often used cards. That´s of course not a problem if there are 2 or 3 people which buy the product and trade the cards they need, but it´s somehow harder if you want to treat the game as a classic board game like Runebound or the Cuthulu boardgame with only one person purchasing the cards. Thanks for clarifying my major concern Lars. I'll have you as an editor any time! On top of the need to buy multiple sets and packs still, from a design issue the Winter/Summer engine still bugs me. Most of the cards are just fluff if you don't have the right season out. Nice and thematic but not that great when you are looking at a card pull of less than 400 cards in LCG format. It might just be me, but I like the mechanic we saw with the Knights rather than the mechanic we see with Winter/Summer and the Night's Watch/Wildlings.
  15. I'm probably in a minority on these boards, but I've got to voice a bit of a concern. I jumped back in to this game with the Core set and Chapter packs as a way to enjoy an excellent game while not throwing the investment chunk of my past CCG addictions. I picked up all the Chapter Packs that were available before the Core Set and had to say I was very excited with the set card format. I saw the potential of buying more than one Chapter Pack but was happy with the distribution. When the Core Set came out the excitement continued though I thought a few things were dropped, namely not having any Kings or Queens to trigger the fun Armies and other cards from the Chapter Packs. The Core Set is a great way to bring non-CCGers into the game and enjoy it as more of a board game setting. My non-CCG gamer buddies even looked at the Chapter Packs as regular 'expansions' a la Runebound. Things were looking good for me to get a regular 'CCG' kick while enjoying the game with my non-CCG gaming partners. Well, that isn't looking that great now. I've picked up the latest three Chapter Packs and have to say that the Winter/Summer theme just doesn't seem to mesh with the LCG format. Most of the Summer/Winter cards are only useable when the right season is there and buying one or two chapter packs doesn't provide enough resources to really run the theme engine. Compounded on that is that using the Core Set to run melee games, you need more of those packs to make everything equal amoung the three to four players. Further mixing up the issue is the immediate 'branding' of certain houses as Winter or Summer specific. With the limited amount of cards available in the LCG format, this theme engine just doesn't seem to fit. Instead of developing the Core Set format, these latest expansion packs seem to be hearkening back to the Night's Watch and Wildings block where if you weren't interested in that theme you just skipped those sets and worked from your old strategy. But again, the limited number of cards in the LCG Core format doesn't make that work really well. My concern is that the LCG format isn't really a new take on how the game is going to be designed and developed. It looks more like just a straight remarketing and repackaging of the existing CCG design. Yes, there's a balance between bringing in new players and keeping the existing base happy, but there's another thing about introducing a new 'jump point' and than things looking all to familiar once you get past the wrapping. So that's my concern. Probably not as satisfyingly put as I'd like but it's there. I was expecting a bold new take on CCG fun in a structured non-random manner. Instead, too many dregs from the past are being pulled out too quickly for the new audience to enjoy.
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