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  1. No help to the OP, I realize, as you're wanting the app for a laptop, but I downloaded the app for my iPad yesterday. So it is available and I would imagine will show up on Steam today. Unfortunately, the game itself won't arrive at my home until next Wednesday! 😥
  2. The news that Disney is pulling licenses may have to do with movies and TV series as they are bundling all Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel productions into the new Disney streaming channel, Disney +. This wouldn't affect games at all. For example, Netflix is losing the ability to show Marvel movies on their channel as they do now.
  3. Can two or more copies of Discover be put together to create a larger game? If I have a copy and a friend has a copy, I know we can trade but can we also combine them?
  4. Wow! We've come a long way with this topic! 😁 All very interesting comments and discussions. Thinking about Descent, Mansions of Madness, and Imperial Assault, I've played all of them with their apps, and the co-op feature these apps provide is one my family prefers. No one ever wants to play the Overlord or the Bad Guys or the Empire! From a solo standpoint, though, it takes time and energy to run any of these games by myself even with the app. With HoT, however, the solo game is wonderful, quick, easy to set up and take down, etc. Just what I need these days. So my original post was really a desire for some kind of equivalent SW game that could be played solo with the same ease that HoT provides.
  5. Thanks. Seems like pulling Netrunner license, Hasbro is shooting themselves in the foot, but this doesn't surprise me. It was a popular license. I was a fan and player back when Richard Garfield first produced it through WotC. But this is a discussion for another topic. In the meantime, I'm glad we've got Terrinoth to play around in.
  6. Ditto for more Terrinoth content, tibia. Xelto, thanks for the information. I didn't realize the boardgame license was through Hasbro. Also didn't know the loss of Netrunner was due to Hasbro. Did Hasbro buy Wizards of the Coast? Guess I'm behind the times with my game news.
  7. I love Heroes of Terrinoth for its ease of play and quick adventuring. I would love to see this game engine used to do a similar solo/coop Star Wars adventure game. Aside from Imperial Assault, which can be time-consuming to play, there is no good , quick, relatively simple solo/cooperative Star Wars game from FFG. As someone who plays solitaire more often than not due to a lack of opponents, a Star Wars themed adventure game like HoT would be ideal. Just saying.....
  8. Do I keep or discard extra successes? For instance, I'm fighting an enemy, and I roll several Crit die (lucky me!), ending up with 5 successes. However, I only need 2 successes to kill the enemy. Do I get to keep the 3 remaining successes (up to a max of 5) or do I discard them? Thanks!
  9. To play a focus card, do you have to perform the instructions? For instance, I have controlled spaces all around my cities, don't need to put any more control tokens down, but I have a culture focus card in the 5th slot which states I need to place control tokes. Can I ignore this and play the card anyway or is it stuck there in the 5th slot until I can create a new city, etc., to have new spaces in which to play control tokens?
  10. I would like to see extra players, including a Celtic or British (UK) player. Also, space tech--satellites, space station, colonies, etc. Bring Civ into space.
  11. I've heard that FFG is planning future boxed expansions like the newly released two-player game but based on Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, etc., with different legendary Heroes and Villains Does anyone have any news about this? Thanks!
  12. OK, I think I’ve answered my own question. I should have studied the Dreamlands board more closely. There are Gate disks for the Dreamland Cities, but the Dream Portals all lead to Wilderness sites in the Dreamlands where ordinarily a gate would never appear. So the gate that would spawn in a named city on the main board will spawn in a Dreamland wilderness instead if there is a Dream Portal in that city. Makes sense.
  13. It occurs to me as well that if your interpretation is correct, as it probably is, then it means that a Gate can never be spawned on a city that has a Dream Portal. It would have made sense, if this is true, to simply state this in the rules: "A City with a Dream Portal will never spawn a Gate." That would have made everything much more clear!
  14. LeRouxt3, thanks. this would make sense, but the rule book states: "If a Gate would spawn on a space containing a Dream Portal, spawn that Gate [italics mine for emphasis] on the space that corresponds to that Dream Portal instead." Hence my confusion, since if I read this as written, it means the Tokyo gate, to use your example, ends up in Dreamlands on the site associated with the Dream Portal in Tokyo. Your answer makes more sense, but it would be nice to have an official ruling if possible. [i hate ambiguous rules! ]
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