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  1. Cifer said: Something that hasn't been said: It's probable the remaining marines by now know how they were ambushed. Start shooting cameras. This, marines are trained to be excellent tactical thinkers. They remaining two should immediately pull back & join together, if they feel they have to continue their attack they will do so but carefully, voxing for backup if available. Start taking out cameras, first one moves up, the second covers on overwatch, first one covers, second moves up, repeat. Use their inbuilt auspex to find where the power generator for the building is, head there and destroy it. Now, there are no cameras, doors may not open and it's pitch black… the marines are in constant contact, can no doubt force doors more easily and see perfectly, suddenly things became a lot more dangerous for the players
  2. jordiver2 said: Wait, when is the last time you've heard of a Commissar who was likeable? Or charming? Aside from the free RPG day lady, who has a few ranks in Charm… which would be up to the player of that character. Except Fellowship doesn't just show likeable someone is, to quote the rules, "A characters ability to interact with others, and represents his ability to charm, command, or deceive ". Command relies on Fellowship, the Terrify special use is exactly what many people think of for Commissars, someone the Guardsmen are more afraid of than the enemy. Clearly this makes Fellowship vital to the core of what the Commissar is, hence why it would make sense for him to have an apptitude in it, obviously he'd have to lose another one to balance it out but it seems, to me at least, to be a needed change.
  3. Tremere777 said: I agree…I think that Ogryn should have access to some sort of Bone' Ead advance or cybernetics purchase option. Honestly I figured that's exactly what the player ogryns would be, normal ogryns are so dense as to really kill a lot opportunity for them to engage in encounters, the Bone'Ead upgrade makes them smart enough to function on a level closer to the rest of the group whilst still clearly being the 'big dumb brute' of the group. I think perhaps losing the comrade and giving them the Bone'Ead upgrade with slightly different penalties might work a lot better, though I freely admit i'm not sure what would be more appropriate.
  4. Just chiming in to agree, was very excited to get the chance to help ensure the new rules were the very best and most fun they could be but paying to beta test it is insane. If it was $20 off the final version I could maybe see it, effectively pre-order and help make the game great, $25 off or something then fantastic, they get pre-orders, they get a ton of beta testers and the testers get a small thank you for investing so much effort. This really shakes my faith in both FFGs common sense and their care for their customers. Edit: Just saw this, could have sworn it wasn't there initially. As an added benefit, anyone who downloads the Only War beta from drivethrurpg.com or rpgnow.com will receive a $20 discount on the pdf version of the Only War Core Rulebook when it becomes available in the fall. Simply download the beta, and when the full rulebook goes live in a few months, you’ll receive the necessary coupon code for use on drivethrurpg.com or rpgnow.com.
  5. Sebashaw said: The Hyperspace is a dimension without the limitations of our dimension, but is not the warp or the "immaterium", because in the hyperspace there aren't demons and you can't gain psychic powers from hyperspace, so is not the immaterium. And of course, numbers and violence are enough to win battles, yes, why not. No. It doesn't work. Ask it to celts. But it's 40K, you have right, I always forget this, so for the E. you have win. That argument works both ways though, if Hyperspace isn't the Immaterium and thus 40k forces can't travel faster than sublight in the Star Wars universe, then neither can Star Wars forces travel faster than sublight in the 40k universe. So unless you want to simply pick a side to win the only sensible thing to do is say that both work and each can use them in our hypothetical 'battle universe', otherwise whoever is unable to use their 'fast' travel is at a huge disadvantage. You're quite right that numbers alone do not win battles, violence.... usually plays a pretty large part though. Probably the best example everyone knows is the Battle of Thermopylae, force multipliers can enable a smaller force to defeat one with vastly superior numbers. That said, I don't see that the smaller Star Wars fleet possesses such multipliers; Their weapons are on a similar enough level of fire power that neither side has a huge advantage (both sides are quoted in canon as requiring "entire fleets" of normal starship weaponry to destroy a planet for example), Star Wars vessels seem in general to be smaller and faster than Imperial Navy ships but fall behind in armour and weapon range (see my previous post for the actual numbers, too lazy to copy it! ), both sides have super 'planet killer' ships (Death Star/Blackstone Fortress) or weapons. Take all that then consider the huge numerical advantage the Imperial Navy has and it's hard to see how the Galactic Republic could win, initial engagements, sure, their speed and agility will let them do well, but in a prolonged war the Imperial Navy is able to throw so many ships into a battle that numbers will tell. If you feel there is some massive advantage(s) that the Star Wars fleets have please feel free to list them, i'm always interested in a good discussion about the power levels of various different world systems
  6. Other than Starships and Space Marines the two settings are reasonably similar, Storm Trooper armour can stop a few blast bolts but the IG number in the billions. Jedi and Sith are supremely powerful, but so are Greyknights and other Space Marines. In regards to space travel, the Star Wars hyper lanes were mapped out of the course of thousands of years, travel in them certainly seems faster than Warp travel (and far far safer) but when they come to a new area they are slowed to a crawl as they map it out over years, or are reduced to random unknown jumps. Whilst Star Wars ships may be faster and more manuverable than Imperial Navy vessels, the Navy has had plenty of experience fighting such vessels thanks to the Eldar and Dark Eldar, who have yet to destroy them wholesale. Whilst both sides have powerful shields the 10s of meters of armour and sheer size of Imperial Navy ships helps soak up a vast amount of fire power, and the relative fragility of Star Wars vessels means it likely needs relatively few hits to disable or destroy them (For reference: An Imperial Patrol Frigate in Star Wars has a crew of around 500, weighs 6000 tons, and its turbolaser batteries have approx. a 50km range, an Imperial Navy Patrol Frigate in 40k has a crew of perhaps 30,000, weighs around 6 million tons and a Sunsear battery has approx. a 180km range going by 10,000km per VU as in the RAW). Whilst at first the speed and agility of Star Wars vessels would undoubtedly serve them well and get them some wins (although with the strong possiblity of high losses, the Imperial Navy gets to shoot at them from a -lot- further away), in the medium to long term the Imperials have an unbeatable advantage... they can upgrade. Sure it might take time (the AdMech being what they are) but with an extreme threat to the Empire of Man things will no doubt get done faster, as soon as the Imperial navy captures a Star Wars vessel (hello teleporting Space Marines!) they can tear it apart and begin to copy the tech, or hell, capture Star Wars engineers and force them to help. Even a handful of Imperial Navy vessels upgraded with the ability to travel Hyper Space would be terrible for the Star Wars galaxy, each ship can carry Exterminatus weapons and in a handful of weeks decimate the Galactic republic, whilst a similar tactic in reverse would require hundreds or thousands of Star Wars star ships all in the same place focusing their fire power for every planet, and they have a million worlds to go through...). Short term skirmish, Star Wars wins, long term drawn out war the Empire of Man wins imo.
  7. You could also suggest your GM make them Best Quality if he still feels they need a bit of a buff.
  8. Siranui said: Maverick91 said: yes I have, last night after our session I asked him to stop questioning my actions when I have blatantly rp'ed it so that no one can tell and only when its obvious that I may have psychic powers (Im not asking him to stop playing his character but to question if a wound mysteriously heals, not when I use a power to find a door I happened top stumble across). He said he would play his character how he wants because questioning is in his players nature. Start doing it back. But in the grimmest way possible, that makes his character look like a jerk, 'seeing' things that are as paper-thin as his proof in the same way that he has. I recommend that you start being suspicious every time he looks at children, and start mentally portraying him as the worst kind of pervert and molester as possible. Simply view every interaction with children in the worst possible and most suspicious light. When he searches a church, point out that he's spending a lot of time checking the cherub statues et cetera. Yes: I am a bastard. But if he's trying to screw you over and basically fabricate 'evidence' and doesn't care what you think, then turn-about is fair play. Also: Your Inquisitor knows. How about you talk to the GM and have him reveal it to the others. What are they going to do? Kill you? After the Emperor himself has ok'ed you?! And the Inquisitor, too?! I'd do something similar but actually more vindictive, after all, all sorts of monsters and terrible people are lauded Inquisitorial agents... If you, a loyal and true servant of the Emperor are being stalked, hounded, persecuted by this scum... well, then the only sensible explanation is that he isn't a loyal servant of the Emperor. Every time he goes off alone, wonder out loud who he could be meeting, why he wants to hide it from you all, every time he searches a church note that he seems very nervous and stays away from the altar, if he specifically goes to the alter and such, wonder what exactly he's doing, ask the rest of the group if the alter seems maybe a little... messed up, now? If he does anything even slightly suspicous point it out and mention to the rest that they must always be on the lookout for corruption, connecting his actions with corruption in their minds. If he ever questions anything you've been told to do by your Inquisitor, or shows less than a zealous desire to complete your assignment, report it to your Inquisitor, Set him up not as a bad guy, but as an agent of corruption, a heretic and a traitor... and then let your team deal with him as traitors are dealt with
  9. I'll almost certainly be playing a follower of Nurgle as my first character, a renegade Magos Biologis whose field of study is the creation, effects and spread patterns of viruses. Currently fleeing the Mechanicus after introducing a number of particularly virulent strains, that he derived from captured cultists, into a servitor workforce to see how they developed 'in the wild', so to speak. Of course he fully intended to kill the viruses off with pathogens once his experiment was complete, but the Forgeworld apparently objected to a small but significant percentage of their workforce being turned into plague zombies and he was forced to leave before he could gather all the date he wanted. Ah well, there's always another population center to begin again in!
  10. ItsUncertainWho said: in the HH novel Nemesis they introduced a Mechanicus Temple assassin refered to as an Infocyte. He was basically a super hacker that could collate huge amounts of data and plant false and true information so that others would kill his target for him. More or less he is a super spy with a lot of extras. Fon Tariel (the infocyte) was a Vanus Temple assassin, Officio Assassinorum, not Mechanicus. The Vanus are the ultimate information gatherers, so if you're looking for a super spy, their operatives would certainly fit the bill. As mentioned earlier, the Callidus could also function in a similar vein in some respects, masters of disguise and all that.
  11. I've been poking around a bit and wasn't able to find anything specific, but what do you guys think of the possibility of using an iPad (or any similar product) as a stand in dataslate? Though I am far from a tech expert on such things would it really be terribly hard to get some art for icons/background that was 40k ish and turn it into something you could give your pcs to play around with and try to access info off? Presumably you could even add password protected files on it that were relevant to the game and let them either roll skills to hack them, guess or find out during roleplay in the game itself? Just strikes me as something that could be extraordinarily fun and immersive for the players, especially the techie types who may often get somewhat overlooked in games with a decent amount of combat?
  12. Along the background package line, you also have the option of the character having been mind wiped. Perhaps they already -were- an Inquisitor, they saw something so terrible, defeated a heretical plot so malign that after it was all over their mind snapped, yet they were rescued and given their value an attempt to 'fix' them made, the only way to let them recover from the horror they saw was a complete mind wipe. This neatly explains why perhaps they are inexplicably trusted by their mentors colleagues, these people -know- that once upon a time the character was one of them and sacrificed their very being for the Imperium, loyalty like that can be repaid by their trust. It's also a perfect way for you to introduce GM 'hints' if need be, tiny fragments of past memories from dealing with similar situations before.
  13. Try http://savagemojo.com and their 'story maps section, they a few sci-fi ones there. Alternatively a search for "sci fi battlemat" turns up a lot of other sources!
  14. A quick search for 'spyre armor dark hersey' turned up this which may be what you were looking for. Http://www.cold-moon.com/40k/40kRP/DHCampaign/cast_of_characters.htm#Jakara_Spyre_Hunter_-_Threat_Rating:_Hereticus_Minorus_ Scroll down for the stats that fine gentleman wrote for the other types of suit.
  15. That's an awesome piece of work, I especially chuckled reading the note at the very end regarding the safety of animals
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