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  1. Sorry for the delay - this forum is quiet... methinks a combo of no announcements of future expansions and general quiet from FFG (still waiting for some official FAQ!) 1) Both the Star and Shield markers on the scenario card move down the track whenever the Agenda deck runs out and needs to be shuffled. They also move, of course, whenever the results of a quest card say Star+ or Shield+, moving one space for each + symbol. 2) Each Agenda card you have is worth 1 Influence by itself, so everyone starts the game with 1 point. Getting more Agenda cards is key to winning the game, and the easiest way to win is to lucky into a few cards for the same faction, and, of course, moving that specific faction (Star or Shield) down the victory track. Fallout can end VERY suddenly. We just played a big game last night and decided to keep going after the official win, because we wanted to see how the main quest line was going to end. Not unlike a Bethesda video game, by the time we finished, we were all ridiculously-powerful
  2. I can't think of anything in the rules that would force that. Once a thing is acquired, you can safely ignore the "cost" from that point forward :)
  3. Ooo great! That will be fun! I was looking at your co-op play rules, and it's got me thinking about all sorts of house modifications to the game...not the least of which is that it would be nice to finish each scenario rather than stopping whenever one player gets enough points. First thought off the top of my head: Agenda cards can be exchanged at any time for their value in caps.
  4. Admittedly, I haven't been to these forums in a few months, but I do like the community here! Just wondering if anyone is playing Fallout 76 Xbox. Username: "PodOfThrones" Disclaimer: I'm a builder/explorer, not interested in hitting the endgame anytime soon
  5. Hi all, After my FLGS couldn't seem to get their hands on New California, I've now ordered it and expect it later this week. In the meantime, a couple questions: 1) Is the playmat worth getting? It looks cute, but is it useful? 2) Do the New California cards and tiles wind up mixing in with the original set? Not that it would make any sense to have places like Megaton show up in New California, but I would love to see more overall tile randomness - where you can't say for sure what's about to pop up when there's only one or two tiles left to reveal. That's all for now. Thanks!
  6. This is very exciting! BUT I'm a little disappointed that there hasn't been anything added to the "Support" section of the game listing. No FAQs or other rules clarifications still??
  7. Note what Fnoffen is saying about Stage and Add. Those are two very different mechanics - Staging means it's a full-on quest that adds to the board, and Adding puts a new card into one of the Encounter decks. But as for your question about "doing" a quest, sometimes you do indeed say that you're questing as one of the actions on your turn, but many times you don't even have to do that. If there's a quest card where you have to travel to a specific location and, let's say, discard a follower, then once you're at that location, you must use one of your actions to discard the follower and get your reward. These types of quests will also have a Quest Icon on the card - it's the little circle-star icon that looks kinda like a vault door (Page 11 of Rules Reference Guide). On the other hand, if there's a quest whose sole requirement is to kill a Raider Psycho, then you get the reward for the quest as soon as you kill any NPC whose name perfectly matches "Raider Psycho," EVEN if that NPC initiates the combat when you move into its space. No extra action needs to be spend to acquire the prize - you simply have to be the first player to kill the mob.
  8. Even without reading the post, the subject line filled me with sadness. I pictured an incident involving a dog or a toddler, but whatever the case: SADNESS!
  9. Let's not forget that the minis show all sorts of gear that your characters don't start with. They're definitely not designed to be highly-accurate representations of the actual character you are in the moment - just a ballpark idea
  10. I thought it looked like a fire extinguisher, which would make sense for certain types of Protectrons. I'm shocked that confusion never came up during playtesting! All you'd have to do is swap the order of the icons...
  11. You're just trolling now, right? What Kathleen Kennedy said and what you said in response is literally the exact opposite of the "problem" you then tried to illustrate. She specifically used the word "eventually," AND she has already hired male directors for all of the upcoming films, so the ONLY logical conclusion is that her statement means that she'll hire a woman when a woman is the most-qualified director, and she hasn't found that person yet, but she's confident that it will someday happen. Your sarcasm says you think she's feeding you some sort of affirmative action statement (which appears to offend you on a deeper level than it probably should), but what she said is literally the opposite of that. So you're just trolling, right? RIGHT?
  12. Almeric

    Combat question

    Correct. Aggression requires movement on either party's part. The presence of any enemy still blocks many actions, of course, but no more fighting unless someone else enters that space (or the mob moves into someone else's space).
  13. Hot crap, I saw the problem with leveling up in action last weekend, and I totally get the issue now. It was also captured on video, so that might be a thing in a week or two... ANYWAY, what happened was not a double-level-up situation, but still something confusing that needs to be addressed by FFG. It could definitely lead to faster-than-intended leveling up, depending on your interpretation. Let's say someone has PI, with exp marker on I. Then that player completes a quest for 3 XP. Do you peg to zero, P, and then I again, and THEN level up, OR do you peg to zero, level up, and THEN peg 2 stats? That can make a big different in the long term. If you finish the pegging and then level up, well what if you pull S that goes in front of your P? You skipped over the S while pegging. If you and your opponent have both gained 2 XP and are close to levelling up, and then you kill 3 L1 mobs while your opponent runs off and finishes a 3XP quest, that's a significant loss for you! So would definitely vote for the method where one stops pegging to level up, and then finishes pegging. It's more complicated, but I think it's important.
  14. As a dad who's always trying to "nerd-up" my daughter, I'm always happy to see more female characters in a game. In the case of Fallout, people who dive deep into the source material will know that 2 of the 5 characters (the power armor and the super mutant) are gender-neutral, but the look of the super mutant doesn't help. Furthermore, the nerd genres where female armor is represented in a realistic way are very small... in my universe, only Fallout and Captain Phasma come to mind. Unfortunately, even though my own daughter is very much in favor of not accentuating her own femininity needlessly (hooray!), I think even she would see such dull-looking armor in a game and assume that the person inside is male. Maybe we'll soon get to a tipping point where that changes, thanks to the likes of Gwendoline Christie Anyway, if I use the too-many-choices FFG Talisman character roster as an example, I imagine that expansion content will feature a much better gender-mix than this base game. We'll get some good stuff - I have hope!
  15. Maybe I just didn't read the original post in this thread very carefully, but to me, this reads the same. Situation: New game, my character has S and I If I gain one XP, the peg moves from the starting spot to S. If I gain another XP, my peg moves from S to I. It's in the last SPECIAL spot, but I haven't leveled up under either of the scenarios. As soon as I gain the third XP, my peg moves "beyond" the last SPECIAL. Likewise, my peg was in the rightmost slot, and I gained an exp, so I level up. Moving beyond my last SPECIAL has the same effect of putting the peg back in the leftmost hole. Is the dilemma about whether or not the leftmost hole counts as a spot if you were to, say, gain, 3 EXP at the same time and move from S, past I, and then back around again? If so, I must advise that yes, the leftmost hole always counts when advancing the XP marker.
  16. Aye, multiple enemies on multiple spaces, but if you initiate, that's two separate actions to fight both of them, and if it's Enemy-Turn, they're still fighting you at separate times with separate die rolls. I'd say in all cases of multiple opponents in a single turn, you'd gain each clump of exp at the end of each fight.
  17. Almeric


    I think A and L would be too powerful, so if I may add to the house-rule brainstorm: A = +1 MP when using two actions for MP in the same turn L = Once during your turn, you may reroll any one die OR... L = +1 loot bag from encounter results
  18. I was writing a completely different reply, and then it hit me: Is leveling up more than once EVER possible? In the original poster's scenario, he's a young Survivor with SL, and has gained two exp so that his peg is on L. That would be the EASIEST scenario from which to gain two levels, but that would still require you getting 4 exp at once (Peg to zero, S, L, and back to zero again). I feel like I've maybe seen a couple cards that give that much exp, but it's pretty rare, and definitely not an early-game occurrence. Even in the case of camping with two magazines, I would have always assumed that you would resolve each exp gain from each magazine separately.
  19. That is correct, sir! Deathclaws, for instance, can only be hurt on their arms, which makes the Ripper a great weapon to use against them. The Sniper Rifle opens it up so that headshots also count, however, and that's a huge advantage against the nastiest monsters.
  20. Hah, I just posted this in the addiction thread not realizing this thread was also here. I can't seem to delete my other post, so I apologize for the redundancy, but it actually fits better here: I generally feel pretty OK with a loot-pile "grace period" of sorts. You have a full inventory and find a delicious jug of dirty water? Drink it immediately and we're all good, in my book. If someone needed that healing anyway, it's a real crapper to have to ditch an item (which you can't pick up again later - it's just gone), then drink, and then have a hole in your inventory where an otherwise useful or saleable item used to be. I'm all for letting people sift through the loot bag and use up some goodies as they pare down, finally finishing their current action with no more than 3 items left.
  21. I generally feel pretty OK with a loot-pile "grace period" of sorts. You have a full inventory and find a delicious jug of dirty water? Drink it immediately and we're all good, in my book. If someone needed that healing anyway, it's a real crapper to have to ditch an item (which you can't pick up again later - it's just gone), then drink, and then have a hole in your inventory where an otherwise useful or saleable item used to be. I'm all for letting people sift through the loot bag and use up some goodies as they pare down, finally finishing their current action with no more than 3 items left.
  22. *runs off to check Rules Reference*... *MIND BLOWN*
  23. Yikes, this one was a mess. First, I felt SUPER guilty having the ghoul in this scenario. He can be a little fragile at times, but 1 point of armor is probably all you need to ensure that you'll never get one-shotted by a Deathclaw, and there's free healing all over the freakin' place! That's not my quarrel with the scenario, though. Two things were really bothering me by the end: 1) For just one of four scenarios included with the core game, they really should have included more Shield tokens. In a two-player game, I was just one, poor Ghoul trying to make his way in the world and enjoy the radioactive fog. My fiancee was trying to help Far Harbor (in the end, Far Harbor barely won and both of us players lost. Grr). She could have spent more time erecting Fog Condensers so the Shield pile would replenish, but it never really affected her that much so she ignored it and just kept questing. I wound up using the blue 5-Caps to represent extra Shields. Lame! 2) The quests that are invoked by the placement of a new Star or Shield are badly defined. We played with an assumption that where it says, "A Shield is placed," the text really meant, "A Shield is placed by an active player doing things, and not by the Agenda deck during the NPCs' turn." Clarification is needed, but I'm also curious how others have handled this.
  24. ...and that requires a TRUCKLOAD of money. It's not a fun spot to be in.
  25. Seriously can't wait for an official FAQ for this game. I was just pondering this exact matter the other day. Realistically, I think it makes sense if a chem cost a cap to unexhaust every time (buy more drugs, duh), but the way the card is written, the language pretty solidly implies that you only pay for more drugs when you're a junkie. That's a huge edge for the Vault Dweller, I'd say, since his starting equipment gives a boost to Endurance tests. This one is tricky, but your interpretation is pretty much what I've been reading it as: Fights only "involve" stats when there's a weapon. I would say that as long as you have a weapon using a particular stat, the chem (or other booster) can be used whether you have that stat or not. I figure on one hand, this game seemingly doesn't allow for voluntary unequipping of weapons and armor (you can replace or sell, but not just remove to inventory), and in the case of weapon like the Combat Knife (AA, inflict self harm on leg successes), it would speak very poorly of a weapon system where generally having a weapon makes you literally LESS effective in a fight. The option to use chems, outfits, etc during a fight to coincide with a weapon you don't have a stat match with at least gives you SOMETHING... even if it's a something that requires an amount of lucky draws to get.
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