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  1. 1.21 GIGAWATTS!! (Oh, ho hum by the way I went: 7,015. 53 turns, 81 items, 109 tasks, 48 adventures, 6 monsters, 3 other worlds, 12 elder signs, 3 slots) Did you see WHAT QUOC AN DID ??? Go to the high score thread! 20,140 points. 210 turns, 321 items, 408 tasks, 183 adventures. Look it up. Quoc An is the master. He found the master key and used it with mastery. His achievement is beyond comparison, beyond belief. He deconstructed the game. He broke the game. In two or three screen shots he showed us the impossible. Unlike Houdini, he told us his trick. Play Marie Lambeau, Witch Blood, alone. My first attempt, my highest score. And he still beat me by 13 thousand. 183 adventures!!? How do you even go 183 turns without dooming out? Again, that's One Hundred and Eighty Three Adventures won. Any update will need to address Quoc An and his witch. I named my new high score Quoc An cth11 (my eleventh win versus cthulhu). What does he do when he hits that adventure where you lose all your coins and you have like 20? I bet he just loses them and piles on more. Even I went 48 won adventures in 53 turns. Five hospital trips, no losses. So, interesting.
  2. "Reduce Doom" can be an "Adventure Reward" or a "Relic Reward," which yields the gems and also doles out other non-gem duds stated above. Keep note the quantity the used/ dimmed green dots on the doom clock. Can't acquire more than max. Five trophies can push you over the Relic purchase threshold. Add a couple monster kills, and you should be rich.
  3. Devoured, 2,130. 26 turns, 39 items, 41 tasks, 17 adventures, 6 monsters, 5 other worlds, 8 elder signs, 4 dead No gems. 23 left in the investigate pool. Had two glitches boarding the Thule. If you stop the game at that plateau, it will send you back to the museum. If you save the game, it will send you back to the museum. So, in this instance, I made sure to win an adventure on the Thule, then save. Sent me back to the museum, twice. I played a bumbling early game. I was at 8 doom for like ever. So, I started playing for monsters and other worlds in the first phase, just to stack up numbers in some category. Patterns persist. At Sailor's Doom with red gem wild, I used the 4 investigate for the easy 3 investigate task and got rewarded on the harder next task. Elsewhere, chose the -1 san task first, kept the locked terror, and made the scroll last turn, like the computer likes you to. Play the low odds it gives you, and hazardous roads it gives you. Payed 15 for a -5 investigate. Won a five coin. Two Thule duds. Regardless, it wasn't like the deck chairs were buoyant enough to keep the investigators afloat.
  4. Cabala of Saboth (sic) provides three more green runes if spots allow. I can't think of another special spell. The expansion has the new game effects of minus one doom, plus five coin, -5 investigate pool, and the gems.
  5. 4,425, saved. 27 turns, 41 items, 53 tasks, 22 adventures, 8 empty doom slots, two insane investigators. Twenty seven turns, cool. Had this great run of adventure wins to start, straight through the Thule on eight signs. Down around two doom the whole time. All game, only five turns I didn't win an adventure. Until finally Jenny lost the only "regular season" loss. (Jenny also bought a clue once). I lost at R'yleh once, driving "Unique" Investigator insane. Scrounge got bit by a game effect at one Sanity. Never had to unlock a red or yellow. Unlocked green Blotting out the Stars. Won R'yleh with four doom but minus five hundred on the investigators. Stealth. Second attempt. All gems accounted for. Island up easily.
  6. Devoured by Cthulhu 1,265. 27 turns, 26 items, 37 tasks, 12 adventures Y'ever notice when you have a monster killer spell, you always roll the runes you need to kill it anyway, runes that don't usually match another task? Summer may be the culprit, or this losing streak. But this poorly played game took me nine days. I think it's time for a new expansion. I think the main board could have some FFG activity. Any whispers of an update?
  7. Devoured by Cthulhu. 3,330. 50 turns, 64 items, 74 tasks, 27 adventures, 6 monsters, 5 other worlds, 8 elder signs In the end it's tempting to gamble a doom fail adventure. Watchman was trouble. Yellow and Red Yellow Monster. Trending up on dooms first phase, targeting the eigth doom and racking up goods. Avoided doom +2 and monster +3 doom with one fail but no trigger. Reached a high in adventures and items. My cthulhu individual bests are: 55 turns, 64 items, 74 tasks, 27 adventures, 10 monsters, 5 other worlds
  8. Devoured by Cthulhu. 3,055. 53 turns, 55 items, 74 tasks, 26 adventures, 5 monsters, 3 other worlds, 8 elder signs. Same team. Two insane by doom nine. Five attempts at R'Yleh, two with no red gem, three with all gems. All insane at ten doom. Jenny went in armed. Two of the attempts went in with red and yellow plus something. Attempts came together late. Rose the city late. Got all gems late, especially red at the last. Had two or three doom first phase. One investigator got stung at one sanity with a midnight sanity effect. One green lock adventure, two red lock monsters, all in the Thule phase. Again, my only +2 doom was after two visits to wimp up in the janitor's closet, phase one. Surprised how long I hung in there, see stats, and the R'y attempts in vain. Had a hail mary feel to it. At least I played a better game than last.
  9. Devoured by Cthulhu 1,905. 37 turns, 28 items, 54 tasks, 16 adventures, 2 monsters, 8 elder signs Island up early. No gems until the very end, red and yellow. Sometimes play is so weak aboard the Ultima Thule you can't eek out hardly one special adventure. A most unremarkable game. Wasted a Cabala of Saboth. Didn't think I'd even challenge big R. I almost got lucky, but deserved those tedious stats.
  10. Devoured by Cthulhu, 2,695. 39 turns, 46 items, 64 tasks, 25 adventure, 7 other worlds Twilight Ritual midnight +2 doom with a monster was my end. I won 25 adventures. At two doom, the island was up. Now that's cruising. I soon had red and yellow at 3 doom. First phase had consecutive green locks. I discovered 7 other worlds. Adventure +3 doom monster midnight feels like a must-attack. I held off for the right investigator. For the Carcosa of it, to close out the game, Dexter went in blazing with yellow and red for one maddening no go.
  11. Devoured by Cthulhu, 820. 26 turns, 21 items, 28 tasks, 8 adventures, 2 monsters Just being honest. I think I played stubbornly. I bit on some doom fail adventures. I played it out, poorly.
  12. Devoured by cthulhu. 2,260. 44 turns, 34 items, 55 tasks, 19 adventures, 5 monsters, 3 other worlds, 8 elder signs I hung in long after it was over. Long after. It was hopeless aboard the Ultima Thule. I flew there as usual. Same crew. Gained nothing first phase, had no inventory and a modest two doom. I remember having modest hopes. Then I just failed all over. Forget the telling. Let's just say I had 8 doom and like 42 to go on the pool, 42, seriously. At ten doom I pulled one nifty trick. I cast the uber monster killer that you cast before going into an adventure against a red and yellow lock monster in a doom fail adventure that had like 8 tasks (ok, maybe five), unwinable. I cast the thing. I go in. Lock Monster is gone. I return to the map. No doom. But that was forever ago. Midnight, nothing happens. Ten. Another last gasp round. Amazingly I'm getting down to 16 pool with a red and yellow gem. Like a zombie. I spend like no money. I play last gasp two, no time to refuel. Midnight -1 sanity, still at ten. Hobbled. No quit. Pause, but no quit. I trudge out and win a special adventure, it's a -1 doom. I'm at nine. Devour me already! They just limped along, forever, too weak to face anything. So I put up some good fail numbers. But it was over at turn fifteen.
  13. Devoured by Cthulhu 1,445. 25 turns, 23 items, 39 tasks, 12 adventures, 6 monsters. Scrounge, Monteray, Jenny, Dexter. Boarded the Thule with EIGHT doom. Played it out. Got one red gem, no island, just Jenny and Monteray left. Then won an adventure with 17 needed to the pool and left eight on the table. If it was a hail mary before that, that was the final nail.
  14. Devoured by Cthulhu 2,425, 41 turns, 43 items, 59 tasks, 19 adventures, 8 monsters, Jenny, Dexter, Scrounge, Monteray Picked off one by one. Monty insane early. Plenty of time. yellow and bought red gem. Two of my big prizes were duds - -5 pool, 5 gold. R'yleh was up earliest ever. Had nothing to face it. Finally went for lower odds adventures, won some. Faced R'yleh twice. It's so much more fun with all the gems and a bag of tricks. The final adventure usually gives you the two tasks, then might tease you with one skull and a dud, or just the one skull. Thanks.
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