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  1. Glaaki's effect reads: Response: After Glaaki commits to a story, choose a character. That character loses all icons and must commit to the same story as Glaaki, if able. Is this a permanent effect, or does it last till end of phase? Or until end of turn?
  2. Yeah that's been on DeviantArt for quite a while.
  3. I believe it's all characters, although that seems tricky. I think it would have to be worded differently otherwise.
  4. I had a similar question to this in regards to attaching Tear Gas to the pillar when it is committed to a story. I think when it uncommits, it returns to being just a support card. I don't think the character "left play." When it hits the discard pile it hits it as a Support card. I'm pretty sure it's only considered a character while committed to a story. I could definitely be wrong though.
  5. Whoa okay...sorry for the double post, but just noticed the Mulligan rule. That's awesome!
  6. Wait...so we just have to remember these different erratas? Like just remember that Eibon now costs 2 tokens instead of 1? This seems silly...but oh well I guess that happens. I'm glad they released this though!
  7. MU doesn't have many (if any) willpower characters. I can't think of any off the top of my head. But a mono faction deck really restricts the decks ability. The cardpool at the moment isn't large enough to accompany such decks. MU could easily get paired up with any other faction though...in fact, I think MU is the only faction seriously lacking any defense against Terror other than the occasional attachment (Sleeping Pills)
  8. You shouldn't be paying $50 per core set. You should be paying no more than $40, and even that is high. Amazon has it for $31. javascript:void(0);/*1267339435219*/
  9. Okay great I'll definitely post it on the site! I assumed you guys had a section for it, but I don't know French very well, and I know most other American's don't either. Thank you though! I actually got to play with Tom Capor tonight, against the infamous dogs+descendant deck...I almost beat him too! But that's a story for a different day!
  10. Maybe I missed something in the discussion, but the cats are showing their faces in the last AP. They showed a preview right here... javascript:void(0);/*1266789620854*/
  11. Thank you! Does anyone else have any decks that could help?? I could use anything honestly, I want to get as many as I can gather.
  12. Yes, but that site had images of the cards, mine doesn't. Will anyone help me out??? At least point me in the right direction? I can't even find any of the top Stahleck deck lists.
  13. I am working on my new fan site and want to get a collection of deck lists, so I come here humbly to ask you all to help. What I need are deck lists from Worlds 2009, or just deck lists that are generally tier 1. I always hear about the Hastur/Agency w/ Dogs and Descendant deck, but no one has given me a basic rundown of one. I want to form a website where people can go for a quick rundown of decks of all types. Most of them I am just grabbing from the forums here, but I cannot find any "Tier 1" decks. To be honest I just need any lists I can get my hands on. I hope I can get some help from all you guys, it would be really appreciated! I'm going to launch the site within the next week, but need to get more deck lists. Thanks! So to make a long post short, can anyone give me some good deck lists they would like me to post on my new website? Specifically the Hastur/Agency+Dogs+Descendant deck?
  14. We have just been using dice, because it can act as anything, success tokens, domain markers, wound counters etc. We used the success tokens specifically because we thought it would be easier to see, but then found out with the HD video the dice work just fine.
  15. Well I think even as a base character, for what you get his cost is ridiculously low it seems. 4 icons, willpower AND fast...for 3 resources. This is not even including the ability he has...Oh, and to top it off, he has transient. The only drawback I see, is the one you mentioned, which is the discard of a success token.
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