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  1. When you use a download or extract action to take DF tokens from a room's available DF token pile, are you allowed to look at them before you take them?
  2. So someone said the deck boxes are released? Their webpage still says "coming soon". I am so desperate for these deck boxes. They are exactly what I've been scouring the net for over the last year. I've tried enlisting those with crafting skills better than mine to make something similar to no avail. I shall be buying as many as I can afford, as soon as I can get my hands on them!
  3. I have a question using the guard reaction ability. Let me quote the rules real quick: A player may discard a card with this icon at any time during the Locust Activation step to attack one enemy immediately before it moves or attacks. He may even interrupt a Locust figure’s movement (for example, attack the figure after it moves out of cover, but before it moves toward him). He may not attack a Locust that is neither moving nor attacking. For example, he cannot target a Locust that is spawning, unless it later moves or attacks. Scenario: COG player has a guard action card ready and a weapon with Range 2. It is the Locust Activation step, and it causes one Locust who is currently 5 areas away and out of LOS of the COG to move 3 areas closer to the nearest COG. Stepping into the 3rd area gives the COG who is in cover clear LOS to the Locust. The 3rd area has no cover for the Locust to move into. Question: Can the COG use the guard ability to attack the Locust? Reasoning: The rules state "immediately before it moves or attacks". In this case the Locust is finishing its move and it is not about to attack, so you can't shoot it before it moves or attacks. The FAQ states that a COG can use a guard as soon as a Locust enters an area but before they move into cover, however there is no cover in the 3rd area, so this is unclear. The counter argument seems to be that since you can't interrupt a Locust figure's movement, you can use that as the basis for using guard at the end of the Locust movement. Personally I'm leaning towards you can use the guard order but I'd like a clarification, if possible. Thanks.
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