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  1. i am trying to get clarification on this ability. As i read it now, if you use the water ring to cast a fire spell such as "fires from within", you can use the water opportunity options on table 4-1 instead of the fire options. but this would prevent you from using the new fire opportunities listed with the spell such as "Fire: [opp]+: treat the max range as 1 higher per [opp] spend this way" Is that accurate? Narratively, what does this look like? shujenga channeling the water element and then the moment the spell is released, whammo! fire sprouts out?
  2. I am about to start running this book for a group of F&D characters with about 260ish earned XP. They have lightsabers and I replaced the Silver Star scenario in the beginning of this book with an alternative session that had them ending up with Warde's Holocron. I am looking for: (1) any pitfalls or mistakes that are easily made and advice to adjust for them. Also, any thing that was weird and didn't fit. (2) Good home brew scenes that were added (3) How to best scale up the difficulty to account for saber wielding powerful PCs (4) Alternate rewards to sprinkle along the way (5) summaries of what happen in your games (redemption? slaughter? got stuck? etc) Thanks everyone!
  3. FreeXenon, I talked to the designers of this game and they have repeatedly emphasized to me that this game is a "yes, but" and not a "no you can't" game ,meaning that players should be allow to generate/propose house rules or homebrew content with the string that it will cost the player to do so. If Force Rating of 3 is your desire, between you and your GM you should be allow to work out a balancing penalty/system for it. Such as rules for using dark side dots on the Force die, Extra obligation, reduction of other stats (characteristics or skills), increase XP costs for Force powers, whatever. Just because it is not in the book doesn't mean you can't do it. The Force chapter is design to slow burn develop your "Luke Skywalker" character from A New Hope to Return of the Jedi power levels specifically so that the "Jedi" or Force Users don't overshadow or replace other characters. You should keep this in mind when house ruling the carefully designed Force chapter. If your Jedi character's Influence power is leveled high enough, the poor character with all social skills is replaced because Influence (Force Rating 3) is much better and reliable then normal social checks.
  4. mdc273 said: While he deserves your ire for retiring when you feel you had a shot, if you don't make the cut in a tournament you don't deserve to win that tournament. If you deserved to play in that top 16, you would have made the cut. I don't like an unexplained forfeit, though. If you sit down and do not intend to do all you possibly can to win the tournament, you should definitely be bowing out before the cut. You probably shouldn't even enter the tournament. If you were there to have fun, don't deny the people that were there to win the opportunity to win. It's unsportsmanlike. I'm not saying I deserved to win the tournament or even top cut (although it was 15 way tie between all of 3-2 records and strength of schedule is what got me. That would be different if he didn't play or maybe it wouldn't of matter). Either way next time, I'll make sure I'll win enough so that strength of schedule has nothing to do with my positioning. Regardless, my point is still valid. People have been telling me he is a stand up guy. I hope he is, I sure he is. There wasn't any major drama or bad vibes, but these games were running 20 minutes long and the tourney was way ahead schedule so unless he had cripple diarrhea or a family emergency shouldn't he at least stomach the agony of playing a game that I'd dream to play in, hell he could of just flopped a setup and not marshal anything claiming he got all events and attachments and the game would be over soon enough.
  5. I dont know why anyone would forfeit a final table or a top cut game. That could be the last time he ever makes a final table at major tourney and to bow out that way seems like a **** move. Nobody wants to win that way and I'd like to think that we all play this game competitively to play the very best players at the highest level. I was there at Days that night. I went to going drinking at a nearby bar at about 1030pm after the Top 8 round finished. Less than hour later the TOs walk into the bar and tell us there's a winner by forfeit. It wasn't like it was super late into night and everyone was tired. The TOs had even scheduled the final matches the following morning to avoid that. After Worlds Finals was marred by DQs i would be nice to go to a tournament where the winner plays and completes all this games so that where is no question he earned it. I was close to making Top 16 cut. If that guy didn't want to play, do me the favor of quitting before you show up and give people like me the chance to play.
  6. FFG Event Center is fairly close to the UofM campus. About 10 min by car. A group of players are usually found on Saturday nights at 5-6 pm and Tuesday nights 6ish. Saturday is more reliable.
  7. Should be preparing to play and build with and against these cards (and agenda) for the 2012 Worlds? the tournament rules as written does not include these cards for legal play. do we expect that to change in a week or two?
  8. Ran part 1 and 2 this week. Some points. Definitely read and re-read each sections and picture scenes in your head and jot down the details you picture. Prepare uses for advantages and threat on some rolls you know the PCs have to make. If you are not good at improvising, don't get caught on an important with no idea how to drive the plot forward. Part 1: What is the layout of the canyon and where crates, power generators, droids, shipping equipment, vaporators. Is there swoop biker gang hangout? How many famers are milling about? Just outside the landing area and the farm, what are rock formations and ambush points for the raiders. Suggestion: Have the Tuskan raiders ambush up close. Most PC groups can easily gun down minion raiders running at them from long range before melee is even an issue. But if they ambush at medium or close, it really put the PCs on heels. Also, have the ambush start with Jora getting wounded from the opening shots of the snipers, so he doesn't accidentally steal the show from the PCs. For each player beyond 3 add a group of 3 raiders and describe the sounds of even more coming. The Tuskans should literally chase the PCs onto the ship. You could also throw in a kidnapped female tuskan bounded in one of settlement huts. If the PCs go in there either as cover or after the combat, it would flesh out why the raiders were raiding in the first place and makes the Hutt and Jora look villianous. This paints the picture that PCs work for real scum and give an eerie tone going forward which could create interesting inter-group ethical debate about how their ship was paid for. When I ran it, the PCs easily gunned down the sniper groups before the ground raiders ran into engaged combat. Between Jora and the PCs (two of three of them were touting a blaster rifle and bowcaster) the minions fell too quickly. Once the PCs controlled the scene, they lingered around. they perform search rolls and scrounge through the farm and cargo area picking up anything useful like a bunch Jawas (they justified it because they were so broke and they had the time). as a result there was almost no tension. Also, one PC immediately ran to the ship, powered it up and used it to fire ship weapons at the poor raiders. Since there isn't really any rules on how much combat time it takes to take off, I simply called for a maneuver which may have been a mistake. Part 2: The PCs will go about on an information gathering scene to find Lanni and what do to with the crates. This commonly gets derailed when you call for checks to get the info and the PCs proceed to horribly fail at all of them. Murphy law: if you need the PCs to make a check, they won't. Suggestion: Since the scene is pretty dependent on the PCs making at least one of the info gathering rolls, I'd suggest making them easy difficulty. And prep some uses of advantages in case they roll them and you can use it to give them other clues to try other rolls. Add tension and suspense by describing that the PCs sense they are being watched. Call for Perception checks. If they succeed, describe shadowy figures dodging out of site from multiple directions. After the PCs find and talk to Lanni and learn about Techtank, have them encounter a small group of henchman bounty hunters at their ship, if you want to spice up the session with another fight, otherwise proceed to part 3. When I ran it, the PCs failed alot of average checks (without setback die even) to find and access Lanni, it took some on the fly thinking to get them to there. They were kinda frustrated with that (one was even a social skill expert and was still failing checks) so I gave them another (harder) fight back at the ship. Hench man are much better and that fight had the PCs using stims and ducking for cover and passing the boost die to each other with advantages. The more we play, the faster it goes, the more fun we have, and so on. Looking forward to running part 3. Reply if that helps anyone.
  9. Just wondering, what other tabletop RPGs have you played? Do you like because it is a refreshing change from what you are use to or it is right in your wheel house and there is not a lot of games like it.
  10. I agree with this. Over the years, I've been RPGing with a friend that had some difficulty keeping track of a scene in his imagination, like where everyone was relative to him, missing vital details or clues in scene descriptions, etc. This was partially due to him just not paying attention, but I tried some strategies to help him stay in "it". This included a host of visuals aids, tokens to represent mana points, damage or whatever, portraits for NPCs, maps of almost every scene or room. As a result, it just created a mess. The table was littered pages of pics, references, tokens, dice. A cluttered mess. The visuals became distracting to all players including the player I was doing it for. They just stare at or play with the tokens instead of paying attention. My prep time for a session went through the roof and was easily triple the time we spend playing a session. Players felt overwhelmed that they have to keep track of every sheet. I have RPG'd both ways (with a ton of materials and with just a book, sheet and dice) and I think I now prefer the cleaner, simpler "all in your head" approach. I definitely see and understand the appeal of a material heavy RPG system from a designer POV (more sales) and player POV (something to grasp and focus on) but I hope they keep old school and the fans and customers can adjust and appreciate that.
  11. The following were questions that came up during our last session there were not in the book. In addition, to responding to these questions, chime in whether or not you think these issues should be mentioned or addressed the core rules (like in side bar) or left up to the GM to research and write up. 1) In the Star Wars universe, is there fuel for starships? Or unlimited power produced by reactors? How much fuel is consumed per jump and is it related to distance travelled? How much does it cost? 2) How much do docking fees cost? What is exactly is included with a docking service, right to park, maintenance, etc? How does this fluctuate from place to place? 3) When are cargo holds inspected/scanned and taxes and fees levied? When does a smuggler smuggle? In campaign setting where you start with a freighter and jet around galaxy with illegal goods these questions should come up frequently and my personal level Star Wars nerd doesn't get this technical.
  12. i can't imagine being able to split my time and attention around to 8 different players. or even track 8 PCs plus NPCs during combat. all those relative distances and range bands. i definitely feel this system supports and encourages larger groups than smaller groups but there is always an upper limit in table top rpg. i have GM'ed for groups of 5 PCs and found that to be my upper limit.
  13. While I like the standard difficulty of 2 for brawl and melee attack (it is easier to remember at the table), I can see the other side of this as well. Say you are trying to hit (with a brawl or melee attack) a target in two different scenarios. In scenario 1 you are trying to whack a droid with Agility 1 and in scenario 2 you are trying to hit a different class of droid with an Agility of 5. Both droid are the same size, no armor, no talents and the situation of hitting them is the same (no boost or setback die). As errata'd, the hit roll difficulty is the same for each droid. Shouldn't the Agility 5 droid be harder to hit then the Agility 1 droid? What was FFG's reasoning behind a standard difficulty? I understand why Agility doesn't increase defense like Brawn increases soak, it would be a major stat dump. But, it feels like there should be something to account for Agility differences. Like maybe, if the target's agility is higher than the attacker's add a setback die or something.
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