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  1. Give Ramrz. a granade launcher that has a use, and give Hermetica a larger influence on other characters, and finally give characters with very weak weapons aka the +0 walther some sort of weapon, I mean really it is a BB gun. Other than that TH is by far one of the best games I have ever played because it is so open to interpretation and fun variants. My two cents.
  2. Hey all DanSMU here just saying hi to all of the new peoples and hopefully old loyal fan peoples of TH. College has been crazy and the summer even crazier, but I am back to gaming goodness and I am happy to report that I will hopefully be able to snag some new info for us here at the forums being that I do live in MN and FFG headquarters are dang close, so on that note I am off to frag some buddies with some amazing Tala action. I am so excited for Wolf and the new Expansion, and ya know what I would buy a new copy for more figs and reprinted maps and more tokkens for a massive massive battle of awesomeness. OK time to stop rambling. I am excited to be back, and game on everybody.
  3. Well, on the first play through with my friends I decided to take the Matriarch for a spin. True the absence of any real damaging ranged weapons is a bit uncool, however the Metrop Launcher is a pretty specialized weapon, personally I love it, stick 'em, run, and then before you know it Eva no longer can sprint across the map or McNeal is reaching for some victory points. Also, the telsa coil is necessary to forming a strong offense, near the end of our game I had a tesla coil version 2, and the BG armor snagged from Delta along with the Metrop and a combat knife, however I was hoping to escape with a win, and needless to say my favorite character killed me " Oh yeah what are you going to do?" "Wait I thought you used the TNT.....crap" Fun was had by all plus the Nagant Pistol wow that gun is awesome, now if only they would add some sort of sniper rifle then I would be completely happy, how can you have a russian unit and not have a sniper rifle, I mean come on...really? That's my two cents. Happy Gaming
  4. My copy was fine in the whole token department, however two of the four robots were not glued on completely to their bases, I don't know if this was an artistic move or just a little wear and tear on the figures, but all in all I am pleased, kinda wish the volta pistol could do some damage, but its all good, cuz the metrop launcher is soo cool here's hoping for the future expansions to show up at least within the year they are released Happy Gaming all
  5. And yet they do not sell Wolf retail....ugh can I have your Wolf if you win Doc? lol kidding...or am I?
  6. Hey man hows it goin? I know what you mean, I haven't gamed much at all for at least 2 months, **** college However, welcome back to the community, and get some games goin over christmas. Hopefully our little game (at least in the US) will get some christmas gifts as well. Well man take it easy, welcome back, and yeah cool downloads for sure. Peace
  7. The OUTPOST is awesome for sure and the main villian looks just like Magic Hitler yeah I can't pernounce his name, but sha na ra is cheap!!! however, dynomite is my baby doesn't he kinda look like an old very wrinkled prune-like Hitler? No? well my buds and i think so Take it easy all
  8. I'm sticking with it, at least our community is very lively and FFG does at least now allow us to buy Tannhauser stuff when it hits the store And yes I totally agree completely that Wolf should be re-released, however I might have sound away around this since I live about 25 minutes from FFG lol so who knows all, maybe a few kind words could go a long way this Christmas Last point I have is why is there not a **** Thompson sub-machine gun in Tannhauser, if you look at real history Alpha's backup rifle is one of the worst firearms ever created, except of course if there was a japanese faction, the nambu pistol lol nambu pistol But yeah have an awesome holiday all, play some sweet games, and roll lots and lots of 10s
  9. Jackal wow yeah finals this week goin off 6 hours for a total of 3 days lol me and spelling
  10. Woot I use Jackel a lot Doc amazing character for sure not as much as Tala though hopefully only a few more weeks until Novgrod and the other two new mini expansions
  11. Oh well, I'm sure I can find something similar and find a place that will do the job thanks though
  12. I know on the old boards you had a process of getting all the cards through Kinkos, I would totally do that, I just forgot the specifics of what needed to be done. Going for the sheets over and over again gets very old and when ya have a large group like I do here at college it would be nice for everyone to have quick reference to their figures and whatnot. Thanks Malechi Dan
  13. DanSMU


    i would like to know where i could find tannhauser dice a friend of mine lost two from his game any info would be helpful
  14. DanSMU

    Bull rushing?

    bullrush is somewhat good however when you are cornered against straffe and kruger good luck but yeah I don't use it, I make until people use it and they usually fail
  15. Who plays CTF??? lol I use my flags and objective tokens as tokens for new downloadable ones or bonus tokens of the month but yeah I'm a deathmatch guy havin 5 people around the table is one awesome experience
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