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  1. Thanks Dobbler and gang for remembering to stop by Columbia for dinner on Sunday night. That's three years in a row so gotta keep that tradition going. Cool stuff!
  2. Haha. Sounds like Sylar might get a "time share" between actors.
  3. I personally hope it's Nathan as I think his story arc is really running really dry. If he does die, I can envision it being a "noble sacrifice" type of thingy.
  4. Hah I wonder if you can find out who is being contracted for Season 4 and work it backwards from there. Interestingly, according to Bryan Fuller, Tracy Strauss isn't dead and would be coming back in the next season.
  5. I think Sylar is like Gollum.
  6. There are still 2 other guys that I play Thrones with. I'm not sure what their response would be though if the only reason we're going there is to "make up numbers" =P
  7. I don't think Kennon wants Mid MO players to play in SW MO.
  8. Are we also getting a NE MO Regional too?
  9. Sorry guys. Mea culpa I kinda left for NY in a huff and left my wireless card for my laptop at home.... and the only connection they have in my hotel was wireless. A friend of mine that I met in NY told me about this Magic Pre-Release thing last weekend so I tagged along wondering if it was some cool card store and I was hoping to see if any Throners were in the store but it turned out to be a space on the 2nd floor that was shared by some martial arts school! I'll try to catch you guys next time for sure! Sorry for confusion
  10. Cool thanks. I'm leaving for NY tonight. If I don't see anything, I just won't bring my cards then but is there a day you guys meet and play? I'll be in Manhattan until Tuesday.
  11. Hey New Yorkers, Anything cool going on this weekend? I'm actually gonna be in Manhattan for a couple of days and was wondering if you guys were doing anything cool thrones wise. Is there a store that you guys all play in?
  12. This might be a dumb question. But is the external hatch only Room #5? Or would you count the ones below as well?
  13. You guys still doing Valyrian league? Whats the word on the melee for 2009?
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