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  1. This look great. Thanks so much for your efforts. What are the prospects for the PC version?
  2. The key to good design is breathing life into old cards without requiring them to enjoy the new cards. So, I'm with others who'd like to see Banner and other failed mechanics developed.
  3. I was pretty confident about the timing rules, but if I'm honest I mentioned it here to have a cast-iron KTom blessing to show my friends, who have thought it seemed iffy.
  4. While we're discussing Reek, I'll share my favourite way of using him: If you play Dubious Loyalties on Reek, you can trigger his response on winning the challenge, take control of an enemy character, and then trigger the Dubious Loyalties response to take Reek back (since you won a challenge in which he participated, and Dubious Loyalties doesn't specify he should have participated on another player's side).
  5. THanks, KTom. Sorry to miss that in the FAQ!
  6. If a unique character changes control (for example, Reek) that character may have attachments or duplicates attached. Attachments, unless changed control, still address their original owner ("you"), naturally. But what about duplicates? On being played, the rules state, they cease to be any sort of attachment. As duplicates are used as a save response, their use must be activated (a triggered effect?). Therefore, the question is whether the character controller chooses whether to use a duplicate or does control of the duplicates remain with the character's original owner? I am pretty sure that saves with dupes are an action taken by a character's controller and therefore the original owner does not make the decision about the use of the dupes s/he stacked up on the character. However, I feel the need for some KTom validation. Winter.
  7. I can't come until the summer, but I'd be very keen to join UK-based AGOT players then. I'm quite a way from London but could come down once a month, probably.
  8. Sorry for asking a question to which I feel I should be more confident about the answer... Aeron Damphair allows me to put into play a Holy character with cost 3 or lower when he is killed. As I am not marshalling that card, out of house cards will not be subjected to any gold penalty when counting their costs and putting them into play with this effect, right?
  9. Just to add another voice of appreciation: I just discovered the podcasts and listened to them all (except episode 2 which comes out funny on my iTunes) in 48 hours. Good work. R.
  10. roblyon said: Thanks man, that's about what I was looking for. Quick one: in game play I assume it isn't summer or winter until one or the other is revealed via a card. Yes, it is neither winter nor summer until a card says it is.
  11. This card says "If Drowned Disciple would be killed, instead put it on the bottom of your deck." Am I right that it probably needs errata to say 'put in on the bottom of its owner's deck'? (Otherwise it may end up being included into an opponent's deck, which is probably not intended).
  12. Basically, FFG sees LCG format as the focus (probably sole focus) of its design now. I think they named highlander format for legacy because they don't want to bother with regulating difficult interactions between cards from different eras and allowing one copy per deck makes evil combos rare. It's an easier way to avoid problems.
  13. Hi Johnny Yes, the Core Set is designed to be an affordable entry point. Sadly, it has been out-of-stock in many stores for the past few months, though it should arrive from a re-printing pretty soon. Until then the Princes of the South and Kings of the Sea expansion sets would give you the cards needed to start playing with Martell and Greyjoy decks. Many people use Coolstuffinc and CCG Armory for online orders, but your local friendly game store is likely to be able to to order it through his distributor on request. That may cost a bit more but could persuade the store owner to stock it, host regular AGoT LCG events or, at the very least, help the store stay in business! CCG Armory is not as good as Coolfstuff at keeping their online inventory accurate. A number of recent threads on these boards have discussed which chapter packs are particularly useful for starting players. If you intend to buy cards for your group to play with (rather than each buying your own), then you may like starting with Princes of the South (as it contains rules for playing with just one copy of that expansion). The Core Set is the best value multi-player starter kit, when it gets back in stock in stores. Winter.
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