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  1. It's worth noting that in addition to the above, your LGS also has to get lucky and not get shorted on their preorder by Alliance. Why Alliance shorts stores that preorder before the deadline is up for debate...
  2. 25mm is basically 1 inch - the standard size for role playing mats. The Arkham Horror figures are perfect for that scale, though the monster bases are much too big. I've rebased my entire collection for use in my Pathfinder games and will have Wave 4 rebased in two weeks. Personally, I've used bases off of scrap DDM and Star Wars minis, but I've heard great things about the wooden bases from Gale Force 9 and "George Bases" by RDG Products.
  3. Unfortunately, it makes it more expensive to buy everything. We will have to pay FFG's expensive shipping rates one more time for a wave with only 5 minis.
  4. Richard U. Pickman said: They seem to release a new wave every other month. I'm still waiting for the star spawn…Am i missing something or are these the only figures left: 1 Barnabas March 4 Deep One Hybrid 4 Nightgaunt 1 Priest of Dagon 2 Star Spawn If i'm right it looks like wave 5 will be a small one…. You are correct about the release timing and about the only figures that are missing. Looking at the product codes, the investigators are AH01 thru AH48 while the monsters are AH49 thru AH117. But five of the product codes haven't been released - AH90, AH92, AH93, AH96, and AH101. All five of these codes are in the middle of the codes released in the small wave 3 (AH89 thru AH103). I speculate there was supposed to be 4 waves, the last releasing at Gen Con, but something went wrong with these figures and they had to be pulled from wave 3. If so, there's no way to estimate how long it will take to fix the problem and have them available for sale. Maybe they caught it early enough to fix it in time for an Arkham Nights release. Or maybe it will take 6 months to get it fixed and they'll be released along with new monsters from a new expansion. Customer Service wouldn't even hint if they would be released, much less when.
  5. A few pictures taken using the lighting in my sun room. Five at a time was a bit too much for my macro focus. Ashcan, Bob, Carolyn, Charlie, Darrell Harvey, Hank, Jacqueline, Jim, Jenny (poor Jenny looks horrible with this level of over-magnification and at that angle). Patrice, Norman, Monterey, Minh, Mike
  6. Dave99 said: The paint jobs on the new minis are terrible. Everyone is brightly colored and quite cheesy looking. Doesnt do any justice to the arkhm horror experience. I completely disagree. Looking at the 48 minis on the table in front of me, they don't come across as brightly colored, much less cheesy. The minis fit well with the Arkham Horror / Call of Cthulhu / Lovecraft feel. Now, are they as dark as the pictures on their stat cards? No. But that's because of the heavy shadows on all (or almost all) the pictures. If you really want all your miniatures shadowed like that, you could dip the minis into a bottle of black wash for 2 minutes then pull them out and let them drip dry. I'd never do this with the excellently painted AH minis, but it should give you the heavy shadow look you seem to want.
  7. The minis look better in hand then the pictures on FFG's site. Hopefully when they go on sale there will be larger, more detailed pictures of the minis. The quality of the minis are generally better than the rares and very rares from WotC's Star Wars and D&D lines - and at a lower price. Quality is also better than the clix games. There aren't any non-random pre-painted minis that look as good for this price. There's no precedent for expecting better quality than this for $4.
  8. Bashkar said: I bought them all and found the painting and sculpts to be well worth $4.Hopefully they will make pre-painted monsters too! I'll echo both these statements and add that a lot of D&D minis owners would love to buy pre-painted Arkham Horror monsters for their D&D campaigns.
  9. By 3pm Sunday, 28 of the 48 minis were sold out with the rest having 2-6 copies left. Seems impressive.
  10. On Thursday I was told the minis at GenCon were the first minis produced and the limited number available had been flown in specifically for GenCon. It will be about 2 months for the rest of the minis to be finished and shipped across the sea to the US for purchase on this website. The minis look fantastic. Better than most rares from the D&D and Star Wars minis lines. I had no plans on buying them, but made the mistake of pulling a few off the shelves and looking closely at them. I failed my will save and bought all 48.
  11. Scale was an issue for more than just a few gamers. I know myself and two others at my FLGS would have bought some MC for rpg use if the scale had been close to the rest of our collections. And having bought the minis, we would have tried the game and maybe liked it. Looking at WoW minis, the scale has probably hurt their sales as well, although it's less noticable due to how well WoW is selling. My FLGS has about a dozen people who buy minis for use in D&D rpg games. Most, if not all, would have bought some WoW if the scale was right (and again, tried the CMG). Instead, since there are no WoW players at my store, the game just doesn't sell. Monsterpocalypse's scale allows some nice RPG crossover potential with half the monsters and even some of the units, but not too many people seem to be collecting with that in mind (just myself locally). Having said all that, I don't think a more standard scale would have been enough for MC to be successful. Other reasons have been mentioned, but IMHO the biggest factor was timing of the release- essentially the same time as Monpoc and WoW. MC simply got lost in the hype and publicity of these two CMGs.
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