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  1. Happy Birthday Talisman! Starting the celebrating on Nov-1, we've played the edition corresponding to the date:1st edition on Nov 1,etc. Today's final game will be the 2nd edition with all expansions and the Greater Outer Region board,and many homebrew cards. So many good memories in these game boxes! The table is cleared,we have our snacks. Let the battle begin.
  2. I would love to see this game get an expansion.
  3. For those that haven't seen the video, this link is still good as of posting this.It's more of an interview with the game being played in the background. http://thegaminggang.com/2012/07/exclusive-first-look-at-relic-from-fantasy-flight-games/
  4. Nemomon said: Nemomon said: You already have said enough I also would like all the haters to wait until Relic is released. Is there a reason to hate a game that we know nothing about it? I agree completely,but I think the "reason" is that haters are gonna hate. I thought it looked decent in the short video they had of it,and I was no big fan of Timescape.
  5. Found this link. http://thegaminggang.com/2012/07/exclusive-first-look-at-relic-from-fantasy-flight-games/ There's a short interview and a peek at the game.
  6. Our set just arrived!!The board is set up and ready to go.Talisman time.
  7. Freakin' awesome.I am fired up for this one.
  8. I,too, own all the 2E expansions,and I hope never to see Timescape released again.Getting back to the original topic, I would like to see a new FAQ;it's long overdue.
  9. This release is some of the best news I've heard since Talisman was taken over by FFG. I have the GW edition + expansions and I will definitely be getting this one, too.
  10. I appreciate the replies.We ended up buying another Reaper expansion and the Upgrade Pack to flesh out the missing items.The dealer split the cost giving me a discount and free shipping.
  11. I just received our Talisman 4th revised and The Reaper expansion.In our zeal to play,we shuffled in the Reaper parts and played 4 games.My daughter counted the spells,and we seem to be 8 short from what the Rules say we should've received.I made a list of what we have, could anyone be so kind as to match this up to what they have a let us know what we're missing,and from what set(s)? From what I've been able to find here on the boards, we seem to be missing a spell called "Shatter" from The Reaper set. I'll be sure to inventory pieces next time.Total should be 50, I believe.We have 42. Thx. Alchemy Barrier Healing x2 Immobility x2 Random x2 Water Walking Destruction x2 Slow Motion Bladesharp Preservation Misdirection Psionic Blast x2 Acquisition Transference Resurrection Mesmerism Counterspell x2 Nullify Summon Stormcrow Alteration Sleep Displacement x2 Dominate Fireball Enchant Blade Invisibility Summon Bear Enrich Cloak of Shadows Destroy Magic Gust of Wind Reflection Transmute Divination Teleport
  12. gatefold313 said: I always find subforums keep the multiple posters from going too crazy asking the same question over and over. Even though I believe in the good nature in people to read forum rules about searching everone knows it happens. If this board keeps growing in posts though, we will need subsections. I have to agree 100% with this.Being a little proactive now will save time/space later when the forums take off and the games start shipping.
  13. I don't remember the exact year, but I went with my oldest daughter into a hobby shop in -maybe-1986,and saw Talisman 2-ed sitting there.It looked cool and I grabbed it and the first two expansions.It's become my favorite boardgame of all time.I own a copy of each edition and we still play about every two weeks on weekends.My youngest daughter learned to count by rolling the dice and moving that many spaces. LOL That's my history and my fondest memory of Talisman.I played The Ghoul in that first game and he's been a favorite ever since. No one here even remembers what we actually went to the hobby shop for that day. LOL
  14. My 1st Edition board folds and is not the puzzle-piece board as in the 2nd Edition.The box has differing artwork.I have a spare 2nd Ed' board (which oddly came with a copy of DungeonQuest I bought long ago on eBay) if that would help you.The Adventure cards on my 1E set are not colored in as is the 2nd.Look at the Adv' cards and you should know the version.Hope this helps you.
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