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  1. AH! That was the piece of information that I was missing! Thanks much!
  2. Scenario 1: Who gains control of Lita Chantler when "The Barrier" is resolved? It just says put in her play. Does anyone at that point control her? If not, are we able to use her text? Reference: http://arkhamdb.com/card/01117 http://arkhamdb.com/card/01109
  3. You cannot use any abilities on the targeted deployment card using "Close Quarters". She only gains it's dice pool. She can, however, use her own surge abilities.
  4. My mistake - I was looking at the other 4xp card Optimal Tactics. with Lead By Example, the officer would get the move or attack.
  5. There is an official campaign log that you can download from FFG here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/61/d5/61d51b57-523e-4413-9a3b-884d145a1af4/campaignlog.pdf But you can find some more comprehensive ones here: http://boardgamegeek.com/files/thing/164153 Also there is an android app that has been receiving great feedback as well here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gau.ia.campaign.log&hl=en Hope this helps!
  6. 1) Target of the Officer. 2) A figure can perform each special action only once per activation. So yes, you may use "Executive Order" twice if your elite officer has gained a second "Executive Order" ability.
  7. Yup - if you don't have 2 red character missions, 1 gray, 1 green side missions, and 2 agenda side missions. What are you missing?
  8. The two Agenda Side Missions account for the last 2 of the 6 Side Missions in Twin Shadows.
  9. Good question - I wouldn't mind an official response, but the way its written here, it seems you would lose the action. "Command Cards" pg 5 Skirmish guide " To play the card, he reveals it to his opponent, resolves its ability, and then discards the card." and "Negation" reads: "Use after your opponent plays a Command card with a cost of 0. Discard that card and cancel it's effects" It suggests that playing a card consists of revealing, resolving and discarding as one action.
  10. "Building the Agenda Deck" pg 4 RRG "The Imperial player cannot choose an Agenda set if it contains a card with a listed time period range that does not include the time period of the campaign." You may not choose an entire set if one card happens to have a period range the same as campaign.
  11. If you want a specific example, the command card "Reinforcements" says: "Use at the start of the round. Choose 1 of your defeated Troopers that has a reinforcement cost of 3 or less. Place that figure adjacent to any other figure of it's group."
  12. This can effect certain command cards in skirmish - not really used in campaign.
  13. "Adjacent" pg 4 RRG " A space is adjacent to each other space that shares an edge or corner with the space." Since these 2 spaces share a corner, they are adjacent. The rule that may be confusing you is this rule: "Spaces on either side of the diagonal intersection of walls and/or blocking terrain are not adjacent to each other" Which an example is shown on pg 26. But this wouldn't apply to your situation. It is saying that if the terminal was one space below where it is now, Gharrkin and the terminal would no longer be adjacent.
  14. They are printed on the folded paper inserts of each of the ally and villain packs.
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