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  1. Steve, I have to say it, YOU DA MAN!!! Sweet, back to the deck tweakage!
  2. Darn, don't think I can make this!
  3. lol, you will be a busy little beaver!! @ Chaos Child - Got your message, twould be my honour to accept those commons and uncommons, have you been playing long? Really do fancy getting into this TCG, so any pointers or games on the day would be fantabulous. OK, excitement is increasing, come on people, lets make this a goodun!
  4. Sweet, I only have a very small amount so probably be rocking a Death Knight deck (and most likely built wrong!) Awesome, can't wait!!
  5. lo! I'll be trying to come along to this event, anybody gonna be bringing any of the WoW TCG?
  6. Dammit, sorry dude, the folks decided to come over at lunch time, ergo I can't make it, which sux since I haven't played you guys since September *goes to a corner to sulk*
  7. WANT TO COME!!!!! I don't think I can make it dude, I think me parents are coming over (unless they come over in the evening, ooooo, plan forming!!!)
  8. Cheers guys, PS Whizzwang good call, can't believe you got it so fast! OK, I'll give them a call, see what's up! How about the rest of you? I hear Yoshi isn't all he's cracked up to be?
  9. Hey folks (forgive my attempts to be street, it may make a distraction!) I have returned from my Finnish holiday (pics on MugTome, follow the clues!) to find the dust is starting to settle on the last pre-release, and despite FFG, I still ended up missing it. So whats the story!? Which characters appear strong? Which cards are looking to be the must haves in the new series? Any fun interactions/tricks people have seen, or just some great games? Has the artwork improved (fingers crossed!) And this goes double for Mr cpyrotechnica, as I know you went to the Aldershot prerelease, how you do man!? And are you free at all next week, as this will be my last opportunity to play some UFS this year, and I want this new set to pull me from the bad-gunky thats been infesting my mind over UFS these last few months! And when the smuck will this set be available? OK, much love UFS community, speak soon! P.S. Anyone name the Stephen King book some of these words came from, I will buy you a cookie!
  10. This has to be the first time a Wall-o-txt thread hasn't put me off. Seriously, I think this thread has some potential, does anyone have any other ideas to this most heinous of issues?
  11. Lo! Guess I won't be coming after all, as I can't do the Sunday. Guess I can't be too pissed, as technically I wouldn't have been able to attend the original one on 21st November, but this is a little irritating. Started to get all excited, especially since it seems to be real tough to get the promos after the event (and these generally turn out to be essentials). Seriously dudes, I HATE being downbeat (see Joe's thread for more details!) but this really starting to get me down. I can't even run the **** things coz of the size of the kits (which FFG refuse to move on)
  12. Hey dude, long time no hear! I can only offer more of the same I'm afraid. I tried real hard to promote the game in Swindon, and got majorly knocked back when the players got pulled back into Yugey and MTG. This was after giving the buttload of promos, decks from my own collection, creating me own leaflets and posters, promoting at THREE different shops,maintained an upbeat attitude through out. Went from 12 to 3 (and that includes me!) in about two weeks, this was all heartily crippled by: the lack of product being in the shop (don't ask, the two card shop owners need to have a chat!) the set backs in getting stuff, seriously I as supposed to have the Store Champ done ages ago, now its unlikely to happen until the new year. the distinct lack of ANY sort of advertising materials (posters, leaflets, cardboard cut-outs, etc) the now poor prize support (two sets of legal cards, then the rest legacy, hmmmmm......) the minimum size of kits mean a pre-release actually costs MORE that just buying the 6 boosters you were after, which gives me the sneaky suspicion they are making us pay extra to get the hard-to-get promos (also, shop owner won't take on 6 boxes of product if he can't guarantee selling them, meaning new players leave coz they can't buy it, which means less chance of selling all the product, rinse, lather and repeat) Sorry to be so pessimistic, but I haven't been truly 'inspired' by FFG at the moment. A bad combination of factors have all worked together to really screw this over here in Swindon, and I have no idea what its like elsewhere. Special thanks to Craig and Jay here, as they are the only reason I have to keep playing not only socially, but at all. However, it was very disheartening to have the shop owner point out alot of the above problems, then say I have to work that much harder to try and pull people in coulda cried. ****, I've gone and made meself all depressed.... OK, BIG SLAP ON FACE!!! I totally agree with Joe here, we need to do something... the problem is what? FFG seem tough to get anything beyond kits of old stock (which they seem desperate to shift.... suspicious or what?), and people seem to wonder from game to game, but always end up back with the big two. Suggestions guys? Ideas would be awesome, because as Joe said, what better player base is there?
  13. OMG!!! If this is the case, I may be able to turn up!! Ahem.... sorry to every one else....
  14. lo! You coming down this Wednesday dude?
  15. Pants, schedule is non-helpful. Looks like I'm not around til the weekend after, sorry! I was actually looking forward to this.
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