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  1. If it were official, then there would be rules about how unbalanced and annoying it is, then there would be threads changing the rule and calling for that change to be official. It's a game, a framework, make the rules you and your friends are comfortable playing with and move on.
  2. For those of you who are looking to swap out the minis in the game for some detailed models check out this deal on Tanga: http://www.tanga.com/products/16-bluge-series-tanks-from-fantasy-flight-games--2 I've replaced all of the tanks except for some of the British ones in my set and have to say having the detailed mini's makes the game pretty darn sweet.
  3. At the FFG info booth I saw the following: Sample tank units in the A&A brown/Russian color. I'm not a history buff so I could not tell you which ones they were. They looked ok to me, but they were there with a couple of German tanks that looked like they came in the Normandy expansion. I'm not sure if that means there will be more of those or if it was there for comparison. Sorry, didn't take a picture because a few units did not interest me, I wanted the game. From asking at the FFG info desk I was told the following: 1. There were some quality issues that caused the delay. 2. It is currently in the printing phase 3. It is at least 2 months away for completing printing and getting shipped into the states for distribution.
  4. I'm not sure what you're getting at with this comment as it relates to the question, can you clarify?
  5. I would think that if they were at the printing stage they would be teasing us with the prototype/master printing pictures and information by now with a tentative release date on the horizon. The fact that there is no information at all suggests development delays.
  6. Yes, the AT gun is a vehicle. Therefore a squad with the AT specialization would get it's bonus vs. vehicles applied to attacks against an AT gun.
  7. This thread is ridiculous. The Gamer4Life says he has no opinion and doesn’t want to debate a slew of hasty generalizations and then proceeds to give an opinion and then debate them. I’d call you something but it would be unfair to people who legitimately fall into that category. To the original poster, if you want to introduce and hook people into the game, just play it as written. Especially since you state that you’ve never played it before. This is a game of nuance, tactics, and strategy. Even with a base of 6 scenarios (not counting the official and fan ones that can be downloaded) there is a lot of replay value. The bits that you get to play with and the options available in how you build your units should thrill the parts of you and your friends that thrive on pushing minis around on a map board and blowing each other up. The game itself is fairly straight forward with some hiccups around really understanding assault actions and some of the strategy card impacts. Try not to mix up move and shoot too much and you should be good to go. You will learn as you play and eventually your group may decide that it would be “more” fun if you tweaked a scenario a certain way, then you can and you’ll go from there. Getting hooked on the game is easy if you like war games, like minis, and like having to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the game. For what it is worth, I have won “At The Breaking Point” as the Germans. Yes, some luck was involved, but so was a couple of tactics my opponent failed to pick up on before it was too late. I usually don’t win as the Germans but I also prefer to play as the Germans in that scenario because when it comes, the thrill of victory is that much sweeter. When you look at the scenarios (without actually playing them) you can perceive lots of imbalances and things that might be wrong with them. I can only recommend once again that you take the time to evaluate and build a strategy and then employ all the tactics at your disposal through the Strategy and Operations cards as well as the units you have available. Tide of Iron consists of a lot of move and counter-move. The scenario and your opponent are going to present you with a number of problems to solve. Your success with the game will be in how well you overcome them. This will still be true even if you change the scenario but you won't know what to change until you've actually had the opportunity to play through it a few times and determine what you and your mates feel the flaws are that need to be tweaked.
  8. The Demo games of Fury of the Bear were pulled from the event listing and there has been no official posting from FFG about the expansion so I suspect that there was some optimism about it being ready for Gen Con and after the initial posting of the event catalog they decided it wasn't going to be ready and pulled it. So, while I'm sure we'll be asking about it I suspect the general answer will be that it will be ready when it is ready. Honestly with no advertising going on for it now it is unlikely there will be a firm date out of FFG this week. Though I will remain optimistic and hope.
  9. I the for what it's worth column, the two events for the expansion have been pulled from the event catalog as of its most recent update. That's unfortunate, since I was looking forward to it. I wonder if that means that the expansion will not be seen at GenCon now.
  10. The Gen Con event catalog is available online at www.gencon.com As someone else pointed out earlier, it seems they were trying to keep the expansion under wraps until it was closer to the con most likely but the event submission schedule seems to have been their undoing on that front. My guess in terms of a release date is that there will probably be a limited release at Gen Con (similar to how they did BSG last year) with a full release to follow later (a month or so). What would be really nice is if FFG handed out add in cards for the new divisions that they've released online so here's hoping that's their ToI swag.
  11. Greetings all; I've been away for awhile tending to family matters but I happened to be going through the event catalog for Gen Con and noticed "Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear" listed as an event. I did a little (not a lot to be fair) of catching up on the forums and looked around on the site but didn't see anything about the expansion. Does anyone have any information they can share? Short Description from the event catalog: The European theatre of WW II moves east as the Germans attempt to invade and take over the Motherland-Russia. Play the newest Tide of Iron expansion Fury of the Bear.
  12. It would be to draw it, once the card is in your HQ I don't see any reason you wouldn't be able to play it even if you moved the officer out of the church. unfortunately I haven't been able to run through the campaigns enough to offer any advice. For me it usually takes 2 or 3 times through it playing one side to come up with the various strategies for tackling the scenario.
  13. My bad on the odds of the weather deck, I had forgotten about the reshuffle. Clearly I haven't played enough Normandy yet to really get stuff burned in. Still, all that being said, if your group feels it comes up too often and makes the scenerio un-fun then tweak it by pulling one of them out or replacing it with a clear skies.
  14. In reverse order: Yes, all attacks made against vehicles with the open-top trait roll attacks as they would any vehicle. All units can declare either a "Normal" or "Suppressive" attack. Vehicles with the open-top trait still get to roll for armor and any additional cover (wooded, rough, bridges)
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