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  1. Either in Ravenor or Eisenhorn there is a Rogue Trader with an entirely servitor crew inckuding Navigator. Then again it could have been the Navigator was simply heavily cybered up.
  2. Certainly you could have the Death Watch in the Expanse or out in the Halo Stars. Often Watch Fortresses are hidden and unknown by even the natives.
  3. Am I the only one who read this as edible character sheets....
  4. Honestly with the Atomic Raider of Doom I really fail to see how it can really take a cruiser. (Assuming the cruiser captain is smart.) Sure if it some how starts behind the cruiser it's going to do some damage, but so would a cruiser starting combat behind the raider. The real problem with a raider staying in the cruiser's real arc is speed. The cruiser is going about 3 while the raider is going about 9. The raider's weapons range is about what it moves. Thus the best thing a cruiser can do is stop. (Which isn't hard given it only needs 3 sucesses.) In order not to over shoot into the arc of death the raider has to dump a lot of speed every round. Not to mention if they get too close they are in hit and run territory. One good raid takes down the lance. Without a lance the raider can't damage the cruiser. Of course staying out of hit and run range means the cruiser could try turning twice, and get the raider in a broad side.
  5. Alternately or in addition they are dropped off on a planet with almost no gear and have to make it to a pick up point....
  6. My thought is to have them wake from cold sleep in a damaged and drifting ship inhabited by mutants and orks. No weapons other than their trappings and combat knives. They have to activate a salvation beacon and make it to a salvation pod. Also if you have a psyker his ablities are supressed by the after effects of the drugs in his system. After the PCs make it to the pod they realize that this is just the standard test/hazing by the watch capitan.....
  7. I've never seen them do it for a reprint before.
  8. Or the favorite of the tech priest in my group. Take a full move and fire full auto.
  9. Well it depends on the weapons and the target. A ship with a macrocannon and a lance. Is going to fire the macrocannons to take down the shields. The damage after the shields isn't often enough to damage the ship, but lances ignore armor and crits really well. The macrocannon paired with a lance can disable an opposing ship in a few rounds. If your ship has 2 macrocannons then you generally always want to fire both to together unless your target has weak armor. If the target has weak enough armor, your crit chance is good, and you got good BS then the extra crit might be important enough to lose a little damage.
  10. The way I handle a lot of divination powers is the same way as an investigation skill. Want to track someone? Sure you're going to get a general direction just like track plus it's not like the target stays still. Find an ambush? Sure it's just like an awareness roll. Want to know who killed this guy? It's just like any investigation roll. If I want a mystery it's not hard right of the top of my head nulls hive mind warp contaimentation various human and xeno tech designed to protect ftom the warp Also Eldar and the like have had to to deal with psykers for longer than humanity has been in the stars. A mere Librarian isn't likely to have tricks they haven't seen before. They are likely to mask things, set psykic traps, or send misleading visions.
  11. It shoudl also be noted that there are brief mentions of feral 'Nid organisms in various fluff.
  12. My group decided they didn't want to know how it was produced after many comments about the King and family peeing into the jars. To explain the limited supplies....
  13. I think that even for an RT blackmailing the Death Watch is not really possible in the way you suggest. Even the Inquisition steps lightly around the Space Marines. The DW exists not because the Ordo Xenos demanded it, but because they asked NICELY, and it fit in with the Chapter's beliefs and goals. Which is not to say that there are ways have a Squad take orders from a RT. 1)The RT was charged (maybe as part of his/her warrant) with the destruction of a Xenos race which is either had to find or tricky to fight in some way. The PCs were seconded to him to assist in his mission. 2)Maybe he assisted the DW in some way, and now the DW is honor bound to provide a squad to him. 3)He has vital information which he/she will reveal once the PCs finish a certain task.
  14. It sounds like things are going great. Maybe you just leave it as is. Additional thoughts: 1)The leaders of Vaporius are just bidding their time. Once the PCs are gone they rise up kill or capture the missionaries and any troops. Then douse the survivors with water repeatedly. When the PCs return they happily trot out their priests, and pretend until the PCs leave. 2)The do the above and have the natives set a trap for the PCs. 3)Have the natives trade with Fel for weapons, and even a flight of shuttles. They arm their followers with lots weapons and have lots of people to pick up the weapons of the fallen. The shuttles suicide against the PCs ship causing massive damage. 4)The Vaporius natives still have a few dark age nukes, and rockets able to reach space. The atomic rules in the ship section of Into the Storm are nasty. PS- You think you have troubles. My PCs got to the 1st site 1st. Then they destroyed most of the map before anyone else could get to it. They only gave their "allies" 3 point which we'd established wasn't enough. PPS- Suppressive fire doesn't work on people who are fearless....
  15. My impression from the fluff is that there was no LFT communication during the Dark/Golden age of Technology. Humanity expanded slow using ships only able to jump 4-5 light years at a time. There were only small pocket empires. This was one of the major reasons the STC existed as a new colony needed to be able to produce a full range of technology as they were on their own.
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