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  1. Hi cultists, The next European Championship will be an European Open in Paris organized by Le Cenacle Chthonien (the COC’s french community) and supported by FFG, EDGE and the French Museum of the Playing Card. You are all welcome ! When ? Saturday 17th January 2015 10.00 am – 18.00 pm Admission from 9.00 am to 10.00 am Where ? Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer / French Museum of the Playing Card 16 rue Auguste Gervais 92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux Subway - ligne 12, stop Mairie d’Issy. Admission Free Prizes Exclusive trophy and playmates from FFG. Acrylic tokens, wooden domain, alternate art cards, playmates, etc from previous kits. Games boxes, goodies, etc. Ruling - Swiss pairing (4 or 5 rounds), 50 minutes, 1 game per round. Then top 8 or top 4. - The tournament rules is the v3.0 from FFG: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/coc/support/CoC-Tournament-Rules.pdf - The last faq is the v3.4: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/coc/support/CoC-FAQ-Printer-Friendly.pdf - All cards published in LCG format are tournament legal, provided they are not banned (according to the last faq, v3.4), up to and including the latest Deluxe Expansion, The Sleeper Below. - All cards published in non-English language are tournament legal. - Decks must contain a minimum of 50 cards. Additionally, no more than 3 copies of any card, by title, and no more than 1 card from the restricted list (see faq 3.4) can be included in a player’s deck. All decks must consist of LCG legal cards. - Legal Story Deck is found in CT47 The Shifting Sands, F1-12. - Players are required to use art or opaque sleeves for their decks. - Players are required to submit a deck list Please to contact me by MP, mail (dosexplora [at] free.fr) or on this forum or Le cenacle Chthonien: http://cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2693-championnat-europeen-2015-european-open-2015 for your registration or questions. Jean-François (akka Dadajef) PS : the same week-end, there are other LCG and x-wing tournaments in the Museum, probably store championship (Saturday: netrunner, x-wing ; Sunday: Starwars, warhammer conquest)
  2. @ Konx : the decklist for the french champion 2011 is here : cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2154-deck-champion-de-france-lcg-regionals-2011-lyon and yes it's a rush deck.
  3. Hi guys, here a report about the French national. The main event was last Sunday June 5, 2011. It was in the city of Lyon (in the game shop Trollune) during the French’s Lcg’s day. There were AGOT tournaments (75 players), WI tournaments (15 players) and COC tournaments (12 players). Solo and multiplayers games. For the main event to know the French champion, we have played 4 rounds and a top 4 to determine the finalists. The final result is here : 1. Leng 2. Otia Tronem 3. Dadajef 4. Ticondrihus 5. DrJones7 6. Yamsur 7. Selpoivre 8. Coyote 9. Misquamacus 10. Lamurenne 11. Prodigee 12. Lion de Lyon You will find on the cenacle some French report here: cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/f37-les-nationaux and here cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2148-retour-dadajef-du-cf-2011 for games I have played. It was very fun with old and new players and the level was very high. The interest was to show than the apocalyptic decks Yog/Silver Bounce… are strong but when you are waiting for them, you can counter them. 3 players were playing such decks and only 1 finish in the top 4. We have also shown again and again how the descendant of Eibon is always a BROKEN card and the restricted list change nothing for this card. Only the FFG staff doesn't find this card broken, funny. The champion (Leng, our red glove man ) have played a classical rush deck agency/hastur/syndicat. Even without birds and dog, it’s always powerful and fast. The syndicat exhaust splash is nice to end the stories and descendant make the games. The second Otia Tronem, was playing a Yog/Silver Bounce with the habitual cards (Jeffrey, yog characters coming in play for free, dreamland fanactics, etc…). An idea of his deck here : cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2151-deck-otia-tronem-2nd-au-cf-2011 The third player, me, was playing a mono-Cthulhu destroy deck with a splash Angency : cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2149-dadadeck-cf-2011 It’s a good way to lock the bounce silver/yog decks. You play with fewer characters as usual (21 characters + 3 encounters intervention so = 24 characters), a lot of destroy/wound event and then you wait your opponent play cards to destroy/kill them. The agency splash (Intervention is nice for that) is good to have investigation and win stories in 2 turns. On the Cenacle, I explain how to play this deck (in French). The fourth player was playing an investigator miska/agency/attachments deck. It’s a rush deck and the flux stabilizer is great to block bounce or descendants. The card we have seen the most during the tournament was…The dreamland fanatic, a very useful card for all factions ! Others players have played some bounce Silver/yog deck, some mono-deep one cthulhu, shub or hastur/insane decks. More generally, during playtests or tournaments in France the best working decks are : - Rush Agency/hastur + splash (the best splash seems to be the syndicat one) - Bounce ST/yog (classical but very predicable) - Mono-Ctulhu decks + Splash (the best splash seems to be Agency to add investigations and behind bars to finish stories) I will add the Hastur/shub insane deck (Spider of Leng is a great card), it must be optimized again, but very useful against bounce deck. Mono-hastur deck are again a little bit weak and slow to work well.
  4. some mistakes in the faq - you can notice the aspiring artist is not the spoil version from Marius. Actually it means he keeps its arcane icon ? The spoil version is: So the text from the faq should be :" Aspiring Artist should have a skill of 0, no arcane icon, and read: “Response: After playing Aspiring Artist, draw a card...” - Can Neutral Ground (The Order of the Silver Twilight F15) blank the textbox of Guardian Pillar (Dreamlands F78)? Yes, but it will have no practical effect. When Guardian Pillar’s controller uses the Support’s passive effect in its printed textbox to exhaust it to a story as a character with with 4 skill, @###, and Invulnerability, Neutral Ground would then blank the printed textbox but that would not alter the lasting effect on Guardian Pillar that makes it a character, grants it skill, icons, or keywords. Keywords are in the printed textbox, the Neutral Ground remove the Invulnerability.
  5. I don't understand why they have changed again the Doppelganger to abuse him with rats or descendant ? + all problems this card pose. And why they have not put the Doppel in the restricted list if they keep the card so powerful !
  6. If you take control of the IO, you remove it from the attached character. The controller of the character changes, so the IO is discarded (or you will have to attach the IO to one of your character which is useless > your IO on your character to say you are the controller of a character you control already).
  7. You discard the IO (It's written on the card > if the control of the IO change, discard it). If the attached character was committed, you removed it from the story (you regain the control of your character) as says the faq : "Any time a player gains control of a committed character during a story, that character is removed from the story."
  8. when you take the control of an attachment you must attach it to a CARD you control (cf faq), if you can't do it, you can't steal the card. With the Repoman you can't steal the snow grave because it is attached to a discard pile, not to a CARD. "If that card is an attachment, immediately attach it to an eligible card you control (following all requirements on the card). If you cannot, then you may not take control of the attachment."
  9. Some questions from the cenacle's players : 1 ) Textbox and "printed textbox" ex : Neutral Ground + Guardian Pillar The neutral ground blank the "printed" textbox. Is the Guardian Pillar have a "printed" textbox or just a textbox when it becomes a character ? is the Neutral Ground working against The GP ? 2) Twisted Choregrapher Twisted Choregrapher says he gains all printed icons of characters attached to it. If a character card is attached to the TC in another way than the TC's response (ex: action of the Hound of Tindalos or the expendable muscle), does the TC gains the icons of theses character's cards. Or, how can you have more than one character attached to the TC at the same moment (the 's' to the word "characters attached to it" means you can have any number of attached characters ?) 3) Julia Brown, Oddly Amphibious(F107) - If I play the interruption of Julia Brown, Insomniac (The Spawn off the Sleeper F17) and replace it by the Cthulhu version, Julia, Oddly Amphibious, must I discard 2 cards and draw 2 others ? - If I have only one card in hand when I engage Julia (Oddly Amphibious), must I discard this card or not ? Than can I draw 2 cards ? 4) Do Cats of Ulthar or Julia Brown (Nt) or any card that can come into play commited to a story have to be put into play exhausted or readied ?
  10. Not since the faq the text of the card is now : Doppelgänger (F79) Should read: “When you play Doppelgänger from your hand, choose a non unique character in play with printed cost X or lower. Doppelgänger becomes a printed copy of that character.” The Doppel doesn't return in your hand.
  11. Jack is working only with triggered abilities so the example with the shotgun is wrong (you will see this wrong example has been corrected in the last faq). Taking a wound because you lost a combat struggle is a game effect is not a triggered effect or a triggered ability (effects you will see only on cards) (see in the faq card effects / game effects). You can play the Jack's disrupt as soon as a triggered ability is triggered, and not just one targeting Jack. Then the faq says : "Also note that if a card is targeted, but becomes an illegal target (e.g., via a Disrupt: action), the targeting effect is then ignored." it means you haven't to choose a new target, the effect is ignored. The situation you says for the CCG games is right. You choose the guy to have the wound, you play the disrupt to change him to domain and the wound is ignored, you don't choose a new target. @ prof : During story resolution you can play disrupt and Forced Response (like all green windows), but no Action and no Response.
  12. yes, as you can target all characters with a 0 cost .
  13. no, Repoman is a passive effect. You can cancel only a triggered effect, that means an effect with bold word Action, Response, etc... You have not such bold words with the Repoman.
  14. DoE is powerfull but way to counter him are not only to wound it directly. Other ways to block him is to play a primal fear or Agoraphobia or all bounce card to return him in the opponent's hand. With a neutral ground in play, DOA lost is Willpower and fast keywords (so he can become insane). A 70 steps in play and your descendant is put into play exhaust Snow Grave is a card we will see also again in all competitive deck just to counter DOA and the Silver Twilight / Yog decks (to avoid recursive way) or miska /recursive Itinerant Scholar or Agency / attachment (prize manor or Evidence Locker). Lock the discard pile is actually a very good thing (and its also for that you must have good cards to destroy support cards in you competitive deck). If you build your competitive deck as you said, with a neutral ground in play I will block 12 cards of your deck for example. I add a Snow Grave and block your discard pile. So, with only 2 cards (and you can play all factions with this cards) 3 x Neutral Ground, 3 X Snow Grave you can have response against a lot of opponents decks. Be careful not to play to much neutral characters ! So yes the DOA is a strong card, but actually you have some good cards to play against him. He is always good to play because you can use it has a transient resource and all your opponents will have not response to block him once in play. DOA is just a good joker card if your opponent have not think about him during is deckbuilding.
  15. MarthWMaster said: Professor Atwood would be a Miskatonic character, right? Yes miska.
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