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  1. Jeez. Hardhome alone (S5 e08) last nigth gave me more thrills related to ASoIAF since the shift to LCG. I mean - WOW
  2. I mean... I hear what you are saying Bomb, but what you regret is actually a weakness of the later novels - Martin has added so many characters and so many story lines that it is taking forever to wrap everything up. I think one of the brilliant things about Beniof and Weiss' adaptation is how they are condensing things down to and merging characters to maintain narrative flow and momentum. So Araianne gets subsumed into Ellaria, who we already met and who would get lost if another Dornsih noblewoman pops up in season 5. Similarity - they are casting Season 6 already, and one of the call outs is for a "pirate: rugged, dark and violent" who will probably end up being Euron Crow's Eye (they aren't casting by character name any longer). And I bet the blend him and Victarion and biol down the Greyjoy cast as well. I question their decision to kill off Mance Rayder much more - but I guess Brienne will be the rescuer of Theon and Sansa, so I see why they did what they did. Still - he was so much fun in the books.
  3. They most definitely aren't - and (for my money) Beniof and Weiss have surpassed Martin in story telling. Just seeing who met up with who is Essos last night (The Gift S5 E07) was plot advancement that Martin has denied us for over 15 years. I am really losing confidence in his ability to finish this story - something I used to argue fiercely against, but the passing of the years has swayed me.
  4. Well -I'd love to read new books - if GRRM ever stopped painting miniatures and published a new one.
  5. As Beniof and Weiss depart form Martin's source decks - are you guys liking where they are going or not? Generally I think they are doing a better job than old GRRM, but that might be my frustration with his multi year delays in publishing.
  6. I pretty much agree with LoB here. I was never a fan of rotation, but the cad pool had become a little unwieldy after all these years, and I support the decision. I am more likely to turn up at local tournaments next fall when the game has become somewhat manageable - though I doubt I will ever be a really competitive player again. I won't miss Influence, wish Agendas were going as well. I do look forward to the two Plot thing coming back - though Valar had better be still excluded. Hey look: these new baords have spell check! Sweet!
  7. I just wnated to drop a note of thnaks to teh NYC metagroup for hsoting such a wonderful event. I am very proud to be a aprt of the alrgest NYC organized play event ever - at 26 participants. Thanks to all who travelled to play. It was wonderful seeing ofld friends like bloodycelt and the Rd Woman and each of my games was very enjoyable and thought provoling. I ended up at 2-3 on the day which si baout what I expected given how far removed from competitve play I am/ I ran a Tier 2 (generously) Dragon rush deck and actually hung aorund even in the games I lost. More important;y though - I spent a wonderful holiday weekend afternoon playing Thrones - and I need to do more of that in 2014. Thanks again everyone.
  8. Count me in. Not expecting to accomplish much competitively, but it should be fun to see friends old and new.
  9. Although - there have been calls for it for years. I did like the way they were handled in House of Talons, but I would applaud an addiiton of the Arryns as their own House. Frey would be a pretty blah House and the Boltons are pretty well represented already - I'd like to see the Falcons get thier own card.
  10. Um....wow. Thsi thread reminds me of the old days - though I don't think I ever saw Dobbler roused to threats of physical violence before. Have fun at GenCon kids!
  11. Well, i for one have never been one to search other sites for dicsussion - so I am pleased that we seem to have a fucntional forum here at the game's center for conversation and analysis.
  12. Are we there yet (In light of the latest Regionals)? Is TLV dominating the meta such that 85 card decks are now the norm?
  13. I am truly sorry to have missed this event - but I plan on being more of a presence in the next couple of months and hopefully seeing a lot of folks at Black Friday this fall. Really sorry i couldn't make this event.
  14. Have the new rules fixed the “deal making outside the table” thing that was pretty much making a joke of the format? If they have - i would be willing to give the format another chance competitively - kingmaking At the table and diplomacy will always be factors and are part of the appeal for me. But the idea of the more populous metas getting together to arrange their "team" placing well and targeting other threat players or people without as many "teammates" was a huge turnoff and detracted from the feel of a serious competitive format. I am hoping they got this fixed because the most fun i have ever had with Thrones was in multiplayer matches.
  15. I'll echo the sentiments. not sure how well she will work with teh arrogant Counsellor, since he needs to be atatcking alone - but teh ability to kneel out an oppontn's threat character can be huge. She is nicely balanced without being broken and will see a lot of play witout being an auto include. I also agree with the creator on the appeal of the dual Hosue Tyrell cards and the excellence of House of Thorns. I like his nod to the falvor of that set - still one of my favorites. Great work here.
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