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  1. I´ve often voiced my general answer to postings like this and took flak every time...so, don´t take it personal, ok? If you declare the actions of your players as "stupid", in general, they aren´t. They probably just thought it would be fun to do it like that OR you and your players had different ideas on how to play the game or the situation. It´s difficult, but probably your players had the general idea of: We are the heroes, we kick the door in, flatten the tyranid resistance and take the objektive like real men. Your idea was probably more along: Hush, hush, don´t make a sound, if they can sneak in, it will probably just end up in a running battle for their lives. Most of the time i would allow the players for the heroic version, as players tend to have more fun with that, but the sneaky version also has potential. But sometimes you have to drive your point home with a hammer.....i.e. by having the tyranid horde devour the last nibbles of a space marine squad to demonstrate that *fighting* the tyranids would be a really bad idea. As to situation on a space port derailing completely: What should he have done? The player wanted to get through, not be caught like an idiot on the premises while loitering for hours (effectively being left out of....everything?). So he tried to get in with his false papers. Ok, they were bad, but there was not really an alternative, right? He tried to do something in his power (manipulating the security) and failed. Again: There should be consquences, but ultimately someone thought "i should help him" - tried throwing in a nonlethal grenade and failed. Again - good use, good idea. In my view it doesn´t warrant a TPK. They should be allowed to escape, but the police should be on their heels, making things more difficult. But not impossible.
  2. English isn´t my first language, so...I admit my grasp on your language isn´t perfect. As you correctly understood, the navigator was dead before the eye was removed. So, i guess, the removal could kill a navigator, but not necessarily. It´s not like he is breathing through it, it is an (admittedly) important sensory organ, but not a vital one.
  3. Hm. I remember that Alexandro D'Arquebus (the imperial fist accompanying the inquisitor Jaq Draco in the Inquisition War Trilogy) scrimshawed a symbol into the eye of said navigator ("Vitali Googol"). While this was probably somewhat uncomfortable, the navigator endured the procedure. This enabled him to safely lead them through the eldar webway to their destination. But to return to context, the eye was later removed - After he was shot by slaaneshi cultists and succumbed to his wounds. So, actually, it´s not an absolute truth that losing the eye would kill a navigator. Worst Case it could result in a character similar to a guardsmen that lost both arms with severe nerve tissue damage or a psyker that burnt out certain power centres in his brain. You end up with an unplayable character with no abilities. Well, in the case of the navigator he would have a house to rely on to pay for his lifestyle.
  4. I have extensively bookmarked the available 40K fanart on Deviantart, have a look: ikkaan.deviantart.com/favourites/3467897
  5. As opposed to the people that classify something like that as heretical, i would like to point out that space marines are special. And since we aren´t talking about the tabletop, a lot of stuff can happen. A highly decorated marine that has a knack for maneuvering heavy tanks and probably hasn´t done anything much else in his combat career (aside from getting out of the tank to mop up). And: He´s a iron fist, so very prone to accept technology. And now imagine he gets shot at by an anti tank missile, losing his legs, gets badly charred and maybe some nerve damage. Clearly he should have the honor of being entombed into a dreadnought, but we all know they are prized artifacts and new ones are hard to build. Every dreadnought the chapter has is already in use, and the occupants are not willing to be kicked out. Yes, a constructed case, but where to go ? The emperors grace is a little harsh, and the chapter would lose a dedicated tank specialist. A tech priest mans up and makes a suggestion, maybe even loses his head. Then they think a little over the idea and do it anyway. Would be hell of a special character, and i don´t see it too disruptive to the background as long as its not a full company of dreadnought-tanks. PS: Transporting someone would be out of the question. That would diminish the honor of the marine. This tank would be completely closed. PPS: This story would actually be more interesting if the marine in question went mad/chaotic and massacred his fellow marines. This would be unknown to the player squad.
  6. Maybe its a force weapon in form of a house-dependent insignia.
  7. Fighting alongside 30 men means you have to share the experience with them. Having the 30 men assault an enemy encampment on their own may work (depending on mass combat rules), but it won´t hone the PC´s fighting skills. The armsmen get the lions share of the experience. I know, it has a metagame feeling to it, you might argue that this would constrict players in an unrealistic fashion. I may disagree...in my opinion it actually aligns itself with reality. Lets have two examples that are black and white (we know theres a lot of grey in between, but lets look at extremes). Both are rogue traders, one got there by hard work, the second by inheriting the title. The first one would be someone who had a hard start, working himself up the ladder, forced to do the dirty jobs himself at the beginning. He got his respect by proving his prowess and commercial knowledge. He knows his crew respects him because he requests much but also cares for his men not as numbers but as people. If the situation allows it, he displays courage and takes part in assaults or leaves the ship with a small selection of men (well...call them PC´s). When the tactical assessment shows he needs force, he takes troops with them to drive his point home. This way he keeps himself keen and alert. The second one inherited his title and learned etiquette, tactics, a little bit combat knowledge (mostly dueling with power foils), commercia, foppish behaviour and ritualistic court dances all his life. He has been in combat a few times, dueling over minor squabbles, potentially dangerous but not deadly. He knows how to lead troops, but not by example - its just infantry tactics, by the book. He probably reads more books on these topics, but only to avoid having to hire new troops. They expire so fast when being shot at, you know. His crew think of him as a squamish dilletante, who probably enjoys the company of young deckmates in his private cabin (even if thats not true, it probably is discussed with fervor). Why ? Well, because they have to solve all the problems, he is just giving orders and taking the profits later. Now tell, me - which one is the lifeless slob, poor on experience, rich on scandals and probably living a meaningless life? These are completely different rogue traders, equalling in power. But if you ask me, as a player, i would rather play the first rogue trader over the second (or a member of the second rogue traders crew...that might also be interesting).
  8. Thats a bit fuzzy. Generally, webway gates for vehicles and personnel look like this: http://www.wargamer.com/files/articles/2660/20090225100147.jpg There is nothing mechanical involved, and also no rings. I would avoid the stargate comparison. Older novels seem to suggest that webway gates can also look like natural openings, which probably means that the actual wraithbone construct is concealed via a holofield. This adds to the mystery, maybe even local rumors within populations of other races (the fey are hiding in the mountains, etc.) Starships would use similar exits/entrypoints, even if they are bigger and float somewhere hidden in empty space. Given the enormous space and the relatively small size of such portals (they don´t need to be as big as the ship that wants to enter, they just project the opening "field") it is very unlikely that ships other than eldar ones will ever find one. This gets even more improbable when hidden by concealing fields. Eldar technology is not easily used by other races, most of it is operated via psychic contact. I would imagine that psychic barriers and race-constricted traps would make it impossible for a human psyker to activate it. The use of the webway is a closely guarded secret, and other races are not welcome to profit from it.
  9. The Adeptus Mechanicus surely considers itself above minor routine tasks as producing toiletry articles. Which does not mean that the production does not need machines. Which also does not mean that these machines need to be blessed by the adeptus mechanicus. This is were mere tech adepts come into play, see it as a requirement of a corporation (better if we rename this to industrialist dynasty or manufactorum firm, feels better). You want to use printer presses to produce some sort of newspaper? Then you have to have a tech adept that ensures that the print team does the right things and does the needed blessings. That way the mechanicus receives a sum for lending the services of a minor member and you get normal printer journeymans that know how to use the presses. I imagine this would be the case for every production-centered industry: automobile, small arms (we know that there are several firms producing military hardware on their own), entertainment (on the richer planets), etc.
  10. And since this brought me to take a closer look at the worldworks-page: http://www.worldworksgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8554 h*t ****, im so going to buy this...HARD. EDIT: Forgot to say: 5th of August is not possible anymore, the printer mixed something up, postponed until quality issues are solved.
  11. Okayy......this can become rather lenghty, please forgive me The Doom Boardgame, very sci-fi, modular http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/10640/doom-the-boardgame Hybrid and its Extension, Nemesis. Both very grimdark, oily, messy, dark laboratorously. Also modular http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/8515/hybrid http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/10667/hybrid-expansion-1-nemesis The big and exceptional AT-43 Tiles if you need to cover a large table quickly with a hive http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/24878/at-43 WotC Dungeons and Dragons Miniature Battles and Star Wars Miniature Battles Maps (look for starter packs at amazon). Some map tiles are free to print, look at the boardgamegeek galleries. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/7929/dungeons-dragons-miniatures http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/11229/star-wars-miniatures Toposolitario has cool paper models and a big industrial area map, printable and also seamless.... http://www.toposolitario.com/principal/index.html Free Maps from the Zitting Cisticola, great stuff http://thezittingcisticola.com/Wordpress/ http://www.thezittingcisticola.com/coppermine/index.php Space Hulk, obviously, and also modular http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2163/space-hulk http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/63091/space-hulk-2nd-edition http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/54625/space-hulk-third-edition Stuff i want to buy but keep on my bookmarks for ages http://www.ninegods.com/market/scifimaps/index.html http://www.ninegods.com/market/modernmaps/index.html http://www.ninegods.com/market/fantasymaps/index.html http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?cPath=1607&products_id=20531&it=1 http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=19929&it=1 http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=27932&it=1 http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=27932&it=1 http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=20207&it=1 http://www.mapsofmastery.com/store.html Unsorted cool stuff i cannot be bothered to sort... http://www.heroquestdownloads.com/ http://oldscratch.smackwell.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?num=1059535965 http://www.hollandhaven.f9.co.uk/starwars/2dextras/2dxtras.html http://greywolf.critter.net/ad&d.htm http://www.fantasticmaps.com/Gallery.html http://www.rpglife.com/maps/ http://rpgmapshare.com/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=66 http://fitz.jsr.com/roleplay/props/mapping.html http://www.enworld.org/CrookedStaffProductions/page19.html http://educatedgamer.net/gallery/index.php?cat=12 http://www.griffincastle.com/ http://web.mac.com/shidara1/The_Horroclix_Crypt/Maps.html http://starwarsmaps.blogspot.com/ http://www.ashenvaleart.com/MainPages/CartographyPage.html http://www.ashenvaleart.com/CartographyPages/M10MeyhovicHouse.html http://www.educatedgamer.net/maps.htm http://www.daemonsdomain.com/heroclix.htm http://curiouslurkings.blogspot.com/ http://www.dundjinni.com/forums/forum_topics.asp?FID=6 http://www.dundjinni.com/forums/forum_topics.asp?FID=14 http://www.creativegremlins.com/gallery/index.php?cat=32 http://greytale.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1 http://forum.cartographersguild.com/forumdisplay.php?42-Dungeon-Subterranean-Mapping http://www.cartographersguild.com/forumdisplay.php?40-Building-Structure-Mapping&order=desc http://rpgmapshare.com/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=1812 http://www.wargamevault.com/product_info.php?products_id=78668 http://s701.photobucket.com/albums/ww14/sgibson260/Legions%20of%20Steel%20Tiles/7x7%20Sci-Fi%20Facility%20Modular%20Map%20Tiles/ EDIT: ****, forgot the paper models from Dave´s Games http://www.davesgames.net/ EDIT: And Hirstarts, probably the best and time-consuming terrain possible http://www.hirstarts.com/
  12. I would suggest that the obliterator virus only starts out with ressources at hand. And an unmodified human isn´t a good starting ressource, aside from minor augmetics and a personal weapon, there isn´t much tech to convert at first. Freshly infected may be able to pass as humans, concealing assimilated weaponry, able to "pop out" their guns at any moment. As they assimilate armor, technology and weapons, the obliterator may not be able to pass as a human and hide till he killed enough victims. With the assimilated gear he will grow and eventually transform into a full blown obliterator that can create any weaponry he needs. This would make things more interesting and also dependent on the environment. Obliterator viruses may have a hard standing on feudal worlds while thriving on hive worlds and being a monstrous threat on forge worlds.
  13. Two GMs Tools i want you to know about...first, a little older, the Mutant Sound Mixer: http://www.stefanisberg.com/mutant/Mixer_eng.html And for automatically, dynamically changing "Nature" Sounds, the Virtual Ambience, which i found today: http://download.cnet.com/Virtual-Ambience/3000-2170_4-10657998.html The second one gets special applause from me, since i has everything built in, and is ready to play a changing forest ambience out of the box. Both a free as far as i understand. The first one can dish out most ambience sounds you need, even if it´s a little repetitive. And its customizable.
  14. Looks like this character is focused on combat alone, nothing else. So whats wrong with him being so powerful ? He won´t typically be useful in interactions anyway, intimidating everything in sight to the point where politely asking/bartering for something is a pointless exercise. I know it all depends on playing style, but its not a well rounded character. Its possible to make killer chars in every rpg....well, i don´t really see the problem ? Hes exceptional at what he does, but won´t ever get to the inner workings and reasons of adventure progression.
  15. I think it is in Dan Abnetts Damnation Crusade grapic novel, that a feral warrior encounters a space marine and is totally in awe. The marine states he is a warrior. The feral warrior asks "Which wars require warriors like you ?", and the space marine answers something like "Wars beyond your imagination." This is probably the best premise for Ascension and Deathwatch. Just because Dark Heresy focuses on the "smaller" threats, think of all the stuff 40K holds that is more dangerous than an unmodified human could fight. Realistically, the overwhelming majority of 40k horrors are not in the scope of dark heresy...
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