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  1. They just need to modify a few rules, and TOI will be a little better IMO. 1. Give infantry squads movement of 2pts, with one extra hex move if on road. All non clear terrain costs infantry 2 pts. All clear terrain 1pt. On road, infantry can move up to 3 hexes. This corrects the illogical notion that infantry on foot can move as many hexes as a truck going cross country. A truck can move at least 15mph across most off road terrain, so it would move at least twice as far a squad on foot would in the same amount of time. How on earth would infantry ever reach a target before time runs out? or more likely they are eaten up my MG's in OP-fire. Have you ever driven a ww2 truck across a european field? If its freshly plowed you will be doing well if you do 5 km/h, and more likely you won't get anywhere at all. 2. Make transportation of infantry/AT guns simple. Any halftrack, truck or tank can act as a carrier to transport an infantry squad, with exception that mortar and MG squads cannot ride on tanks. To Transport, a carrier is activated with an advance action, starts in or moves into a hex with a squad. The squad can then load without spending any pts, and then rather than remove squad base, just then move carrier and squad to the destination hex. Upon ending move in that hex, both squad and carrier are fatigued.. To denote this, place 2 fatigue markers stacked one on top of the other, which shows both units are fatigued but signifies only one action has been used. Why not Mortars and MG's? not room in truck? Beware that this way of doing transport is highly exploitable by Flip-Flop. Why would it be nessesary to mark that only one action has been used? It is not that difficult to keep track of acttions. 3. Allow halftrack and tanks to also transport using the fire and move action, if beginning turn in same hex with squad. The tank or halftrack is activated and then you move both squad and halftrack together up to half (rounded up) the carriers movement allowance. Upon completion of the move, both squad and halftrack may combine fire at half strength a target in range of both. Same for tanks. Tank and squad fire at half strength at same target in range of both. This is powerfull, I can just picture a Tiger moving with a flamethrower squad...... I do not think anyone actualy went into battle in top of a tank or inside a transport. I actualy do not think you could have Made anyone do that! 3b. A Halftrack or Tank/TD which uses fire and move, may only move up to half (rounded up) of its movement allowance. For consideration of difference between turreted tanks vs. SPGs: SPGs can only move 1/4th their movement if using fire and move. Once again attackers can't seem to make a deadline anymore. Assaultguns were actualy meant to advance with infantry, not be stuck on the baseline. 4. For AT guns: AT guns which are considered part of a squad may be tranported by halftrack or truck along with that squad in the same way, and at the completion of move of carrier, squad, AT gun and carrier are fatigued (stack 3 fatigue markers). The move only requires the one action of advance. A squad with AT gun cannot be tranported with fire and move action however., or by tank or TD or SPG. But AT-guns are not considered part of a squad at all! I have yet to read about a battle in which AT-gun were moved around by transports. Horse Artillery flashback. 5. Squads & AT guns are always considered unloaded when beginning the turn in same hex with a carrier. Only during the movement action is the squad considered loaded, thus may only be fired upon in loaded condition by an enemy unit in OP fire which executes that Op fire on the carrier and squad as they move at least one hex in LOS of the Op fire unit. Which basicaly makes a transport & At-gun into a limited tank. Either fire or move. 6. To resolve Op fire on transported squad and AT guns: The carrier is the target, which is attacked, and if destroyed, roll a 6 sided die to determine if squad, and or AT gun survived according to what type of carrier: If damaged, the carrier may still continue to move, only one mp is lost. A.If carrier is halftrack, and is destroyed, a die roll of 1,2 ,3 destroys AT gun, and that number of casualites are removed from squad. 4,5,6= no effect, and squad /AT gun are considered unloaded, but immediately fatigued. B.If carrier is a truck and destroyed, 1,2,3,4 destroys AT gun, and that many no. of casualties to squad. 5-6 = no effect. Surviving squad and or AT gun is then considered unloaded but both are immediately fatigued. C.If carrier is a tank, regardless of effect of attack on tank, the squad must roll a casualtie die roll of 1,2,3 causiing that no. of casualites to squad. 4,5,6 is no effect. The squad is then considered unloaded and is immediately fatigued. And the AT-gun Tank just became even better. I can now survive being destroyed in battle, at least sometimes. 7.Tanks take 3 levels of damage: light, medium, heavy. 1-2 = light 3-4=medium 5-6= heavy This has some merrit as tanks are at bit easy to destroy, but again it will tilt ballance of scenarios considerably. Taken as a whole, it is a diffrent game altogether. None of the current scenarios will work with these infantry movement rules
  2. Hefsgaard2

    LOS question

    LOS is always both ways.
  3. Tremendoso said: Important: note that a unit may not qualify to activate equipment if is it pinned, disrupted, heavily damaged or inside a fortification (pillbox).1) When a squad is heavily damaged? 2) A squad with only a officer can activate an anti-tank guns? 1. A squad is never damaged. Thus the rule suggests that there might be equipment usable for vehicles some day. 2. Yes, remember the figures are only an abstract of actual combat abilities. That officer is not a alone, someone has to wash his socks! ;-)
  4. Right out of a war movie! However, unless cutbacks in the army have reduced squads to just 4 soldiers, there are proberly still a few grunts left to actualy carry the flamethrower, as no real officer would ever consider that kind of manual labour :-)
  5. and yet tank repair is already in the game.....
  6. Engineers can dig foxholes as an action, så why could mechanics not fix a track or similar to make a vehicle combatative again?
  7. you do have several turns during the action phase. Eksample: German player has initiative and activates 3 units, one at the time. Then the US player activates 3 units. German player 3 units. ... Until alle units have been activated, killed or placed into OP-fire.
  8. Victory in the Pacific :-) That is a dear old one. Up Front, another old Avalon Hill game. Cardbased squad vs squad combat. Fastpaced with lots of tough decisions.
  9. because otherwise it would be even more useless....
  10. With regards to 88s ( and other guns I suppose) they can not depress worth a ****, so it would make kind of sense to hide just below the ridge they are set up upon. ;-)
  11. Or - perhaps just secretly bid every turn?
  12. WW2 is full of examples of the inability of artillery to pin defenders in defensive positions. Casino, Guadacanal, Sevastepol.... Usualy the defenders would get back up when the barage lifted. Just how many guns were assigned to a force the size of a typical Toi Division? Toi is not a Sure-Thing game like Chess. It is a matter of juggeling options until one succedes and then exploit that break. Arty is another such factor in ToI. Most of the time its effect is minor, but once in a while it changes the cource of the game.
  13. A squad consisting of two mortars is the anomaly here, and frankly should not be allowed. Arty can be very annoying and often a gamewinning factor. Deadly way to use it is to hit a group of infantry with suppressive area fire and then assault the pinned defenders.
  14. Sounds like your frined should contact the place he bought the 'game'
  15. Not that it varies much from normal game. Move&Fire HalfTrack(with Squad mounted) next action Squad Assaults. The Halftrack is for providing firesupport not breaching buildings :-D
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