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  1. Am I missing something? OP says this was released last week, but I don't see it for sale anywhere. I don't even see a date mentioned in the announcement article from FFG.
  2. Well, while there was a big backlash against a co-op SW game years ago, and a (vocal) majority wanted a PvP game, I don't think many were happy with the results of the game. And the co-op LCGs hadn't dominated the scene back then like they do now, so few people knew how much fun they were. The fact that Andrew would make that comment and laugh shows poor business sense. Now would be a fantastic time to introduce a co-op Star Wars LCG. Star Wars has gained been ignited with new and renewed interest in fans over the past few years. There are plenty of characters to choose from, and they could even do what Lord of the Rings does utilizing both main characters and minor/original characters (like the ones from Imperial Assault) as playable. The only problem I can see is satisfying those players who are determined to only play as Imperial or "Dark Side" characters. But that could be solved by creating a spin-off game (kinda like what Marvel Legendary did by creating a Villains expansion).
  3. Exactly. In my group we all voted to simply start the game with our heroes' rewards. It makes us feel a tad more heroic and keeps the game at a fun, casual level (but not too easy).
  4. I am also very much excited for this. I enjoyed both LoTR and Arkham Horror. I anticipate enjoying this game even more.
  5. According to the designers, the Decimator was meant to be an evil version of the Millenium Falcon. And I'm just basing the size off the given techspecs - 38m length (compared to the Falcon's 35m length, but the Decimator is much narrower) and a standard crew of 2 with 2 gunners (same as the Falcon). Of course the numbers come from an old RPG, but I'm sure that the X-Wing game also uses similar stats based on the size of the ship in that game. Source: Wookieepedia I'm a little partial to the Decimator since it was my favorite ship to fly when I played in X-Wing tournaments.
  6. Why is the Decimator too big for this game? It's roughly the same size as the Millenium Falcon.
  7. I have mixed feelings here. I'm excited to finally have new physical content for Descent and that they finally balanced out the hybrid classes. I'm disappointed however at another missed opportunity to add more of the missing heroes. I was especially hoping for Red Scorpion since I like her new artwork in Runebound. Her artwork (along with several others) has already been included in Road to Legend for over 2 years now, but they still haven't made a new "official" character card for her in 2E. And for that reason she's still not able to be selected in RtL, so I guess I'll have to proxy a different character image for her and continue to use her Conversion Kit card.
  8. This was my concern when I first glanced at the pilots. I had assumed they used the new Han Solo they've been trying to push lately. I gave a huge sigh of relief when I saw the likeness was modeled after Harrison Ford instead. No offense to fans of Solo, but when you've been living with Harrison Ford as Han Solo for nearly 40 years, it's really difficult to accept anyone else in the role. And as a huge Doctor Aphra fan, she'll probably be the first character I choose!
  9. With four investigators, it was a very difficult game. Out of five games this weekend, we only won once. Our first game against Azathoth resulted in complete utter loss. It wasn't even close. We switched out investigators as we realized we didn't get nearly enough clues and lacked someone to research them well. The second game, we also lost badly. We decided to focus solely on clue gathering our third attempt since the monsters and warding wasn't proving to be a problem. We lost again, but it was much closer. Our fourth try we finally won! Deciding we had finally found good team synergy and a proper balance of abilities, we took on the second and just barely lost. The big baddie only had 2 health left on it when an unlucky gate burst hit a neighborhood with a lot of doom and caused a chain reaction that was just enough to end the game for us. Overall it's a very fun experience. I think I'm going to shelve it a bit though. There aren't nearly enough headlines, so we keep getting the same ones over and over. Also we're waiting for our favorite investigators to get included. Until then, we're going to stick with the LCG, but we are definitely coming back to AH3!
  10. Just a small nitpick about monster movement. This weekend we had a "rules lawyer" playing in our group, and strangely enough, there is nothing that states how monsters move. It states their destination space, but nothing about how it gets there. The person in my group was arguing that the monster could take a longer path around the board since it was still moving towards the destination space. I had to spend about 15 minutes reading through both books trying to find something as simple as "monsters take the shortest path to their destination", but there was nothing. Fortunately the others in the group backed me up, and the guy managed to grudgingly go along with the "shortest path" implied rule.
  11. I'm really hoping Nera Dantels makes it back in the game somehow. B-wings are my favorite Rebel fighters, and I loved the idea of Dagger Squadron. I played the heck out of Nera Dantels both in tournaments and in HotAC (her pilot ability anyway). I won't go as far as to say I'd quit playing X-wing 2.0 over this, but losing a couple of my favorites (I really enjoyed Juno Eclipse as well) really stings. I'm just glad Kath Scarlet and the Binayre pirates are still around since I commissioned a professional painter to paint a fleet of them for me.
  12. In case people have forgotten or can't bother to read the OP, please stop cluttering this thread with posts other than questions. They're going to have to dig through all the pages on this thread and find questions that are now getting buried among too many posts that aren't questions.
  13. Are they getting rid of some of the pilot names? Some of us have noticed that Juno Eclipse's old ability is now given to a different pilot. Also I see no evidence of Kath Scarlet, and instead they've introduced a new Firespray pilot. This is a pretty big negative for me since I had a Firespray painted to match her ship (and several other Binayre pirates), so I'd like to know that they will still exist in 2nd Edition.
  14. After reading the rules of the campaign, I don't really see the point. You're basically just adding a 2nd prelude card to each game, and the only thing that persists between games are the personal stories. They may as well have just said, "Campaign Mode: Play 6 games in a row against different Ancient Ones. Enjoy! Oh, and no changing your investigator between games!" I guess I was hoping for some sort of character growth, like perhaps adding a permanent stat point to a skill, health, or stamina. Or keeping an item. Gaining a talent. Something. Sure you'd have to increase the difficulty somewhat each time, but that's the fun of campaigns.
  15. I agree with the shortcut to the ordered unit's surges and the location of the Activation tab (although it didn't take me anywhere near 30 seconds to find it... probably 6 or 7 at worst). I'm a bit perplexed about your door problem though. I just place the door on the table right past the "jigsaw" piece. I've been doing it that way since the Descent app. I don't quite understand the point of adding a temporary terrain piece just to set the door on, unless you have some specific phobia of your door touching your table surface. I've been fortunate to not run into a single bug through my first playthrough, although I've also been avoiding doing certain things that others have claimed led to a bug (such as opening the rules link while in the middle of a game).
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