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  1. I guess it all boils down to whether you want to make the best campaign you can, or if you want to make the best campaign that is still playable by the majority of players. I'd vote for the 2nd, since I wouldn't be able to play your campaign otherwise.
  2. I am curious as to how effective MGs and flamethrowers really were against tanks. I imagined that MGs and flamethrowers (if they ever got that close) would do little against tanks, but after researching a bit it seems that flamethrowers were a bit more effective than I thought. It seems that directing a large amount of burning fuel into engines and into open hatches and vents and whatnot would deal with a tank in short order.
  3. I've been reading up a bit on how the assault waves work, and it seems like it's a very powerful tactic to the point of almost imbalanced. Would it work too much in the defender's favor if casualties on the attacker are applied first before they can roll their own dice?
  4. Don't know how to send private messages. Please send it to me johndale.quimpo@gmaildotcom
  5. Hmm. Interesting. Yep, we all basically draw a Political card during Status phase, and not allow them to be used as trade goods.
  6. I have 4 out of the 5 scenarios, as they are on the fan created database, but I'm missing one. It's the only one of the five I can't find on the internet. Assault on Singling -- by Aljoscha S. Nett Thanks. Not interested in playing the scenarios in the base game scenario book, bad reviews for the scenarios.
  7. sigmazero13 said: I think most players these days use Shattered Empire strategy cards. That means Age of Empires is pretty much out of the picture. Some people have some house rules for Bureaucracy to allow for it to be used, but in it's raw form, they are incompatible. And I think overall, most people tend to use the new Strategy Cards completely, including all the "II" cards. Occasionally a "I" card will be used instead, but I've found this to be the exception. Once in awhile, for nostalgia sake, veteran players will use the old set, or some mix of old and new, but generally, I find that they are only used regularly by playerswho don't have the expansion. ..... And I've seen Warfare get an interesting variant, where when you pick Warfare, you CHOOSE if you want to take Warfare I or Warfare II (and the other is unavailable for the round). Interesting. Personally, we use Leadership, Diplomacy 2, Assembly, Production, Trade 2, Warfare 1, Technology 2 and Imperial 2. Is there a thread you could point me to showing which are the most fun strategy cards to use?
  8. Well, Battle Savvy is pretty much just the C&C Ancients Battleback rules in the box, so I figure maybe the other rules would work also. There are 3 main differences (in tactics) between Battlelore and Ancients: Battleback, Evade and Retreat. Battleback: This one is already implemented in the Battle Savvy rules in the Heroes expansion Evade: This one I can also see working. Basically, you can have your units "evade" melee attacks from other units by foregoing their battleback (this will work best with the Battle Savvy rules). When you evade, your opponents will no longer hit on a Swords on Shield result. That simple. You decrease their chance of hitting you, at the cost of not being able to battleback. Green units can evade all other units. Blue mounted units can evade foot units, red mounted units and creatures. Red mounted units can evade foot units and creatures. So basically, agile units like green and mounted units can evade. Retreat: This one I can't get to work well because of the Goblins. What they had in C&C Ancients was you retreat your max movement. With goblins, the lizard riders would have to retreat 8 hexes PER FLAG. I'm not sure how to work around it.
  9. I love The Green Flame, it adds so much more flavor to the game. **** those cultists!
  10. Oh boy. You need help. Arkham is actually really easy play, a lot of rules questions will come up though, but you don't need to be a rules expert to start playing. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/23314 That's the legendary flowchart by Mr. Skeletor. It has helped many a new player to start playing Arkham. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/22286 This one is a play guide by UniversalHead. Download either one (I prefer Mr. Skeletor's) and use it to play SOLO for a while. Set up one investigator first, then play that. Then keep upping the number of investigators until you can play with other people.
  11. I'm interested in having players actually team up to fight monsters. I think it would be cool if investigators can all go to the same location and team up to kill the monsters. I'm thinking each investigator rolls for horror check separately, then combat check they will check how much dice each will roll after factoring in the monster's combat rating, rolling all those dice in one big attack. It adds a lot more teamwork feel to the game, but it might make it too easy. Of course this means that we'd move combat to the end of everyone's movement phases. Obviously, this would be a house rule. I was just thinking of ways to make it work.
  12. excellent ideas. i stumbled upon the using the RtL dungeons stand alone myself. seems like the best answer. hhaha. thanks guys. we've been playing descent for almost a year, on and off, maybe around once a month. fun game, but like i said, some days you just get horrible downers.
  13. we played another long draggy game of descent again. we even included the spawn token that prevents too many spawns and still the nasty summons kept coming to clog up the corridors. sure the game is fun, but after what, 3 hours of hack and slash, the game really starts to drag. my brother summed it up for me eloquently, when he said that when we play it, after a few hours he just suddenly realizes "wait, are we still playing this?" anybody got quests that they can suggest that are quick, around 2 hours, with maybe 2.5 hours really stretching it. and please don't say "the rescue" we must have played that one around 5 times already and it gets old fast. and no to RtL either. cant commit to a really long campaign, we have lives after all.
  14. www.battleloremaster.com Raven's got info on the next expansion, and I think it's going to be awesome. No mention of heroes though, unless you count that thing about Edward. Dragons are definitely in. Demon beasts were mentioned once, but then again they could be referring to the dragons also.
  15. FFG is obviously going to come out with their own edition of Battlelore. Taking a bit long with it though. In case they haven't realize it yet, they should do plastic dice with the faces embedded in, like in all of their other games, instead of the cheap wooden dice Days of Wonder came up with. I wouldn't buy a brand new copy of Battlelore just because of that, but maybe if they included other cool stuff, I might be tempted. I will definitely order a pack or two of plastic dice though.
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