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  1. I had the pleasure and the honor of painting the champion card of CoC Champion Graham Hill, since the card is, at long last, out in The Key and the Gate it is my pleasure to post it here in the usual bigger size. Please click to enlarge.
  2. There must be an echo in here ;-). She wasn't named and the description called for a female human Jedi squaring off against a group of Imperial troopers, so yes, I'd say she is basically a product of my imagination.
  3. Good evening, everyone it has been quite a while since last time, I can only say that, fortunately, I am kept rather busy painting… Here is one of my latest for Star Wars, Weapon Mastery, as usual click to enlarge, please.
  4. Hello, I wanted to share with the community another of my works for the core set, here come a couple of my favorite characters in Star Wars… Hope you all had great holidays, and may the new year be your best yet. Thank you to all who commented on my 'Lightsaber deflection' thread . Sorry for not answering individually, but between a few inpending deadlines and holiday-related family obligations I appear to have misplaced the thread…
  5. Once again something of mine has been spoilered, so here it is, for the community to see (and hopefully enjoy) at a better size. As usual, click to enlarge. Allow me with this to whish you a Merry Christmas (or seasonal holiday of your choice) and a wonderful New Year.
  6. Thank you all for the appreciation and encouragement, it really means a lot to me. spalanzani, Nerdcore, wish I could offer it to be framed, or made into a playmat… maybe Lucasfilm will make something out of it if they like it enough. JrusalemJones, it will definitely have pride of place on my Facebook page, though.
  7. Hello, Some of you may know me from the boards for other LCGs, my name is Tiziano Baracchi and I'm one of the free-lance illustrators working for FFG (I paint and have painted for Game of Thrones, Call of Chthulu and Lord of the Rings). Usually, when a piece of mine comes out of non-disclosure I post it on the relevant forum so that interested players could see the full art in a bigger size, so here comes the just spoilered 'A Message from Beyond'. Looking forward to your opinions, please click to enlarge.
  8. Neither really, it's a Wacom stylus, it looks more or less like a big ballpoint pen (minus the ball). Thank you for your enthusiasm.
  9. Yes of course. What I meant is that, when I work in digital, the file I have on my monitor is my canvas, and tablet and stylus are my brush and colors,what I do isn't really that different from what I did when I used oils (the only difference, sadly is that there isn't a physical original). First thing I do, when I get an assignement is to research the scene and the characters, then I start working on a possible composition, often drawing thunbnails (small, very rough sketches); when I'm satisfied with one of them I draw (in digital) a bigger and more detailed sketch that I send in to the Art Director (for this stage I already use reference, models or photos of models, the reference isn't inserted in the piece, I just have it open on another monitor while I work, to be sure to get things like anatomy and light right). If the AD requests chenges I make them and resubmit, if the sketch is approved I start working in color. I first import my drawing in Painter, where I paint the color base (Painter mimics in digital the 'feel' of traditional media, I like to use artist's oils ), after that I go back to Photoshop and start refining the piece :blending, painting the texture in (again, my textures are painted, not taken from photos), adding details, shadows and highlights… Below is a detail of this same image at work-size, you can see the brush-strokes of my stylus.
  10. Thank you Dennis. It is digital, but painted from scratch, there are no photographic elements in the piece. Working on oil or acrylics (my traditional media of choice) would take to long to be feasible with FFG's deadlines (not to mention having to scan or photograph the piece). If you have any question or curiosity feel free to ask, I'll be happy to answer.
  11. Hello everyone and a good weekend to you. At long last, with A Throw of the Dice, an illustration I painted quite a while ago has come out of non disclosure, here it comes in a better size for the community's pleasure (hopefully). As usual, clicking increases the size.
  12. Thank you for the appreciation.
  13. I confess that keeping this one under wraps has been difficult… As usual, click to enlarge.
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