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  1. The problem for me is not the scheming. I've got some pretty vicious players here. It's just that most of the time there is no real reward to offence. I wonder how a system of objectives/Victory Points would work to fix that passivity.
  2. I've been playing AGOT (6 players), and the impression I had at first has grown stronger. Let me detail: -At first people rush for empty space, except maybe greyjoy, when he feels like he wants to hit lannister. -Then nothing happen, everybody defends, cause it's too expensive to attack. -At some point, someone thinks he can make a push to victory. He either manages a bubble victory, aka complete the n castles objectives just before being wiped from the board by other players coalition, or gets screwed, loses most of his possessions, and somebody else becomes the new major enemy. I'm dissatisfied by both turtling and bubble victories. Are we playing it wrong? Do you have suggestions, rule mods, tactics? I think that 6 players makes the situation even worse, as far as bubble victory is concerned.
  3. How do you play the westeros decks? As the official ruling says, or did you come up with something to avoid the 10 barrel-counting turns games? I know it's not supposed to happen very often statistically, but we all know one can never trust stats. My group plays that if you get the same card twice turns in a row, you draw a new one, once. The events alternate much more regularly, but there is still a bit of randomness left, with no extra deckmaking phase. Your opinion?
  4. I read the english version of the rules.. and found out that something had been lost in translation. French version doesnt mention about M&K being able to pick up stuff. Guess next time i'll read both versions before posting ^^'
  5. Well, in my set of rule it only says they can give items, and nothing about picking them up. I agree that they must have an use of some sort, but I am really not sure which one it is.
  6. When a leader has 'if i win the battle, you might keep the march order', does it mean: *I keep the marker with the invasion troups, and can rush the map risk-like *I let the marker where it was, it only allows me to do 2 marches from the same starting territory against ennemy units this turn. *Fnord And about the -1 leader of the Martell: If the other player has a 'ignore enemy card text' ability, and is higher in fight-influence area, does the martell player get to play his second leader card, or not at all?
  7. What about potions and gold piles though? Afaik it doesnt cost mp to take, but then it's a movement action. If they cant take them, how can they carry stuff? only by being given items by another char? I dont know what to choose between the two options. Taking runekeys is quite too much for me though.
  8. I'd recommand you avoid to take a prez/admiral role, and possibly not pilot. Or you could take Baltar, to warn them of the eventuality. Or you could only GM the game.
  9. 1. I would say no crisis, but am not sure. 2. No counters, no effect. Although if you lost all your civilian ships your population must be quite low (didnt make the sum of pop loss, but I wouldnt be surprised if it reached 0). Anyway, If all civilian ships were destroyed, you dont place them anymore. One less thing to worry about ^^. 3. That could be useful. Make us a nice pdf containing all brig questions? 4. Yes, all quorum cards are passed to the new prez. I'm pretty sure I saw it in the rule book. 5. Heavy Raiders dont care about smaller ships. Their only purpose is to board the BSG. So yes, they board even if vipers are present.
  10. Flbbd2fl

    Game Concept

    Bleh, limited time edit function? what the f? Anyway, if you are looking for horror style, you might want to check the Call of Cthulhu. Chaosium system is not particularly interesting, but the gumshoe* version is awesome for horror (and pulp). It is an almost diceless system, though, which might not be your style if you like a dicefest game like TH. **** *: http://www.pelgranepress.com/trail/index.html
  11. Flbbd2fl

    Game Concept

    There are bits of stuff approximatively everywhere, problem is that i'm not sure they're compiled anywhere. You can find a timeline somewhere in that very forum. I guess TOY*'s CCG will add more fluff too, but buying everything is kinda expensive, not mentioning the wait time for all stuff to get translated in english. Anyway, there are lots of shadowy spots, so be ready to invent quite a bit. ***** *: Take On You, the french group that made tannhauser originally. They're planning to sell a related CCG, based on more classic war situation (rather than commando-ish situations in TH)
  12. When playing with new players, I would recommend having a short 2 hourish fake game (after or before something different, if you want). Use a very small map, like 2 rings only around Mecatol Rex, play with revealed objectives, and up to something ridiculous like 4/5 VPs (only to have a goal, I understand that race balance might be broken). Small map= more aggression, less resources (thus less time taken to decide how to spend all that prod points), and overall, an easier way to get the grasp of the rules than being lectured, or have to sit for 8 hours knowing that mistake at turn 1 will prevent you to do anything. Afaik, it's quite hard to understand a game from the rules alone if you're not a trained gamer. Once all players know the rules, you can go for a real game.
  13. Flbbd2fl

    Game Concept

    Tannhäuser has got 4 characteristics: Fight, Phys, Mind, and Speed, so you should use a system (maybe homemade) that relies primarily on those 4 values, with sub-values like specializations, e.g. Fight:Light Weapons. That only means you need to define various skills related to the primary characteristics. Now ou'd have to drop the whole Hit Points <-> Characteristic maluses I guess, or give players much more HPs. If you dont like homemade systems, and want to keep the current structure of rules, you could quite easily use the Feng Shui* system, or a variant thereof. Feng Shui has got 4 main characteristics: Body, Chi, Mind and Reflexes. I'd suggest linking Reflexes and Fight, Body and Phys, Chi and Mind, and Mind and Speed, making the translation from system to system relatively easy. Now I went a bit fast by assuming you'd want to play something tannhäuserish like I would, namely with stunts and explosions. The system choice really depends on how you want the action to feel. Dark/Realistic? Maybe go for nWod. Even though the potential serious aspect of TH makes me smirk. 'Yo, I've got retroengineered alien weapons, and I fight nazi demons! And leather-clad nazi girls with whips! Srsly.' ***** *: Feng shui is described on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feng_Shui_(role-playing_game)
  14. Well, it really has to be a regular test, since the brigged player can only play 1 card per skill check...
  15. Flbbd2fl

    Bull rushing?

    Imho, the only case where bullrushing might be useful is to block an objective. As for a race for nighteyes, since bullrush causes you to spend your action phase, you couldnt have been able to take the item during the same turn.
  16. Let's say there is someone in the brig, can I play 'Executive Order' to have him move out without making the skill test, or is he only able to perform the skill test, as per location description?
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