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  1. Not wanting to be pedantic, but technically Tyrell are one of the great houses…however, saying that I do think they would presently fit better as an ally to either Baratheon or Lannister, as suggested above Although the way things are going in the books, they may see some bigger fisticuff action soon. And whilst Greyjoy make sense as the next great house release, given that they have fought pretty much everyone, I would much prefer to see a Nightswatch Vs. Wildlings new core set release. They are two very distinct sides - especially the Wildlings - with the opportunity for some really creative units and characters. Plus, the battle at the wall would make for a great advanced scenario Oh, and I second the Boltons as an ally force. Imagine the fun you could have taunting your opponent after capturing one of his commanders, knowing full well that they're likely to end up at the end of a flaying knife…or killing the sadistic Bastard of House Bolton, if you prefer!
  2. I'm glad someone else used GW Plastic Glue first as that was what I was intending to do. Glad to hear it works As for getting a buzz off of it, I once went to bed having been spending an evening gluing a box or two of Tyranids together. A few hours later I had the most real and scary experience of my life as I awoke to that feeling that something was in my room. I heard a droning sound and opening my eyes came face to face with what I can only describe as a bee-winged Hormagaunt hovering above my bed. I remember screaming at it and leaping out of bed, hurling my duvet over it and standing their, sweat dripping, for a good few minutes before getting the nerve to pull back the sheets and find that I had been dreaming/hallucinating. From then on I glued with the windows and doors wide open!
  3. Interesting question. Not sure the official answer sorry I assumed it went to your opponent, the risk you take balanced by the power gained if you pull out something great. From a story perspective, it could be said that the trap was set by your opponent and was so nefarious that your Red Bannermen were unable to spring their leader or simply assumed him/her dead. Alternatively, the Wicked Witch could have caught him with magical guile and passed him off to your opponent for some component of spellcraft. There are a whole range of creative explanations for how he ended up a prisoner of your enemy. Get creative!
  4. oshfarms said: Richard Borg said: A Champion does not have a banner color therefore the second part of the Fireball card does not affect the Champion. Richard Borg If that is the case, does that mean that a regular archer unit (non longbow or crossbow) has no possible chance of hitting a Champion with archery? No, because I'm sure the rules specifically state that SoS from ranged weapons count against Heroes despite the Weapon card's rulings. Don't have the page ref on hand, sorry.
  5. I would think that anything that doesn't hit with a Sword on Shield acts in the same way as ranged weapons are indicated in the Heroes expansion, i.e. they work against Heroes (but not their troop if acting as a Leader) despite the rules on the Weapon card - or Creature card in this instance ..
  6. Agree with the denotation of Hero, Leader and Champion. Hero encompasses both, whilst the others are specific. Also concur with the movement riles for Leaders equaling the unit they are with.
  7. Only had the one game with Heroes, but having checked out the cards and read your thoughts, which are intriguing. I can kinda see what you mean. I hadn't really considered the balance of Classes before, but I can see that the Rogue may indeed have a difficult time of it compared to others, especially with his abilities shared by the more powerful warrior. A ranged attack sounds good and fits perfectly with the character. However, I don't think the warrior is broken by comparison to the others, especially the wizard. So the Warrior might get a dice or three more through two skills. The Wizard hits on Lore, meaning he has a 1:3 ratio compared to the Warriors 1:6 and that's with his starting skill, let alone the other lovely tricks he can Presto out of his hat.. As for the Champion Vs. Leader balance, it's only one additional Casualty check thanks to the death of a unit, but this could be the difference between life and death, I guess. Personally, I thought that this might be countered by the Artifact selection for Leaders Vs. Champions, but I haven't rifled through the deck to see if this is so. A simple balancing suggestion could be to ignore the first Casualty check received from a Sword on Shield when acting as a Leader.
  8. Like the Ruthless ability. An interesting concept that would impact upon the Race's tactics and the way they are played. Concordantly, it would give them a uniqueness and individual style, which is what you want with a new race. Sweet! Also love the Broadsword idea - two-for-one is a great idea I think it would be interesting to have Orcs connected to the woods - as with your timber wolves - as opposed to the generic Orcs hate nature and live in hell holes. Love to see them as a force of nature rather than an enemy of it. You could have Green flag Deer Riders, Blue flag Timber Wolf Riders and Red flag Bear Riders. What could be cooler than an Orc riding a Grizzly? Maybe an Orc riding TWO Grizzlies?!?!
  9. So how does this one work? Against a Champion, firstly can it target them, i.e. are they a unit (I'm guessing yes to this)? If it can, I'm guessing Swords on Shield force a Casualty Check (despite the text of the card), but what about rolls of Lore? Do these insta-kill the Hero, i.e. over-ride the Casualty Check? Against a Leader, similar query. Does the roll of a Lore wipe out both unit and Leader, sans Casualty Check? Does it simply kill the unit and thus force the Casualty Check? Your thoughts...?
  10. No, he gets to stick around. The "use or lose" approach to the Rock Elemental is his drawback for being a mega-hitting Level 1 Red creature-feature.
  11. Blue Spider? Really? That's possibly even better than the Troll card as it adds a new creature alt to the game
  12. The Monsters pack is basically being made to appease certain malcontent players (like me) who struggled to obtain the promo figures first time round, as well as noob BLers, whilst at the same time, tweaking them slightly in order to draw in the guys (and gals) that did. Clever move really. Either way, both parties win as they can use either the minis they have or the ones they will get in this pack in order to play two variant beasts. Also, note that there are four monster cards in the critters pack - the 4th being the much sought after Troll creature card, if I'm not mistaken Good job to FFG for resolving DoW's mistakes, I say.
  13. Got to agree with the above. When FFG do get round to reprinting BL, I really can't see them making any major changes. The game is already balanced and running like a dream. But the real reason for believing this is that it would be daft for them to release Heroes, Dragons & Monsters only to then release a shiny new, altered 2nd edition. Mr. Borg seems to already have a gazillion ideas he wants to share with us Battlelore loyalists, so why waste time with fixing what ain't broke?
  14. Yeah, me too. The whole curved blades and strange mounts always cried non-European to me. I'm guessing that the Welsh or Irish will be represented by a Fae or Elven race...maybe. Then again, the Welsh already appear in adventures, if I'm not mistaken, and they appear to be human.
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