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  1. 61. - Shipboard Riot During transit from one battle ground to another in the depths of the void, or worse the warp, a riot has broken out on the transport vessel. Either by the crew, Imperial/Penal regiments, or warp infestation the majority of the ship is in a state of havoc. The ships leading officers have locked down much of the lower decks in hopes of slowing the spread of destruction. Will the player's experience and skill be enough to bring the ship back under Imperial control? 62. - Space Hulk An ancient but forsaken vessel has been encountered with a distress beacon still activated. The characters are selected as a part of an search crew sent to the space hulk to investigate what happened and possibly save any possible survivors. Will the squad hesitate as they weave from narrow passageway to narrow passageway? What caused this behemoth with a crew of thousands to come to the state it is now in, and what if whatever caused it is still here?! 63. - Chaos Reavers Fanatical Heretics, Dark Eldar Reavers, Ork Kaptain, or Ruthless Pirates have chosen the vessel your on as it's latest prize! The ships Armsmen won't be enough to drive back these invaders alone and the Captain has requested the regiments assistance. Now all to do is actually defend against anyone that would step foot on such a sacred Imperial battleship.
  2. WittyDroog said: Honestly the only situation I could think of where this would be a huge problem is if your group was a mixture of all the various games, for some reason your party consists of an Adept, a Deathwatch Assault Marine, a Rogue Trader, and a Forsaken for the hell of it. Maybe I'm just in a minority but I've never seen a level of game mixing that bad in practice. System and GM... Nightmare!
  3. Beowulf, your comments here are answered to in the other Thread. Sadly, two threads were posted when making it. Hopefully, you will have more understanding after reading that.
  4. beowulf101 said: I don't think I've read many comments that would suggest anyone would hate to play a game about the Imperial Guard - more that the fluff will be copied and pasted across (again), that the core rules will be pasted across (again) and that in order to play and get into this element of the setting some of us will have had to have bought this game system for a fifth time over. No one is knocking the writers, the effort or the Imperial Guard content, just the business model that at 400 pages per book, the core rule sets now cover 2000 pages over five books. Saying that this takes the piss out of the buying customers doesn't make anyone a hater of the system or the setting, there's a clear and separate set of issues going on. Each book is not all part of the same system, instead they are all play alone systems. However, they have similar aspects that can be adjusted to allow them to work together somewhat. If you don't believe me just look at the Psyker sections in the books. Customers that buy every book may be upset that parts of the core rulebook for each setting are the same but that is just part of producing a product that can be bought and played if just once product is purchased. If your Roleplaying Group just wants to play Only War they shouldn't have to buy RT and DH too. However, if they do it may increase their overall enjoyment by adding Voidship Skirmishes and Investigation Endeavors. In actuality by splitting the books up and adding all the information you need in each book, for individuals that only will buy one book the cost is cheaper. It is not until you buy all of them that it is a lot of money. THOUGH your buying several games so it makes sense to cost a lot. Btw, as expensive as Warhammer Tabletop is I am confused that anyone that is interested in Warhammer is complaining about $50 dollars. In all the truth is they are trying to save money for individuals that are only interested in parts of the Warhammer 40k setting. Psion said: I like the Guard, they're tied evenly with the Tau as my favorite army/faction in the Dawn of War games, but what you've posted is the kind of fanboy prattle I'd expect on the Deathwatch Forums, not here. I have (wisely) not purchased every last 40k RPG book that has come out but I can understand the complaints from the people who are saying "Not another **** core book." I don't know if this is FFG or GW's idea but the 40k RPG line seems to be drifting into book bloat territory, which is never a good development. Will I pick it up? Perhaps, though I'm going to wait and see first. Lol! By no means am I a Space Marines fanboy. Though if calling it as I see it puts me in that group, I just gained some respect for them. To the point as I said above its not another core rulebook for any of the other Fantasy Flight publications. It is a game and system on itself. You, just like many people screaming fowl also say they haven't bought all the books. So if you bought Only War and it was connected to Death Watch you may be pissed to have to buy that book too even though you don't like that type of playing. Wouldn't you and everyone else complaining be please to know that when they buy Only War they can play with it right after purchase? Fantasy Flight would love for you to buy everything they ever produce but they don't expect that. Thus, they make sure the games they sell can be played stand alone. Now I enjoyed DH but the stuff they made after like RT and now OW are more down my alley of play. I know people that are wet just thinking about Deathwatch but by no means is that my cup of tea. So I may see it from a different point than some of yall are willing to. But I hope if you step back and look at how they are trying to market the RPG Books they have, you will be more understanding and happy with how it is being done. I hope that they do produce more supplement books for the other systems. I think if they did they would have more interest in them. They have done great work with DH putting a lot of extra books in it, but that forces new groups to make substanial investments to make sure they have all able material. Some groups may be happier with a new setting with less books. So I expect even after Only War has 3 or 4 extra supplement material books that Fantasy Flight with already have another or more RPGs coming out.
  5. Bassemandrh said: You're* a hater. And no. Just because someone may have some problems or concerns about this product they do not become haters by any stretch. Lol! Attacking a person's spelling, really? Did you need an ego boost or did you just not have a good response? QQing about a company making products is hating. Fantasy Flight isn't bending your arm behind your back to buy it, so why be upset they are making more material? They have attached information that allows all books to work with each other. All wish to make is RPGs that are unique for different point of Warhammer 40k and after purchasing just one a group can play the game. Thus far the "problems or concerns" have had no substance.
  6. I just wanted to make this section so that individuals could post positive thoughts and feeling for Fantasy Flight Games to see, about the up coming Box Office Buster... Only War! So Fantasy Flight Games knows that there is a large group of interested players and fan looking forward to this game. For anyone that could possibly not understand why there should be an Imperial Guard RPG. Walk your candy tail to your local book store and find the Imperial Guard Omnibus: Volume 1... Flip to the Foreword written by Dan Abnett himself. After reading that, if your not sold on this game and the fact the the Imperial Guard is one of the best parts of Warhammer 40k. Well then, your a Hater.
  7. I just wanted to make this section so that individuals could post positive thoughts and feeling for Fantasy Flight Games to see, about the up coming Box Office Buster... Only War! So Fantasy Flight Games knows that there is a large group of interested players and fan looking forward to this game. For anyone that could possibly not understand why there should be an Imperial Guard RPG. Walk your candy tail to your local book store and find the Imperial Guard Omnibus: Volume 1... Flip to the Foreword written by Dan Abnett himself. After reading that, if your not sold on this game and the fact the the Imperial Guard is one of the best parts of Warhammer 40k. Well then, your a Hater.
  8. DM Variyn

    Hordes Combat

    Cifer said: I disagree. When the average cover isn't sufficient to hold off a boltgun round and probably won't even provide concealment against the autosenses of the armour, it's not going to do the covered ones much good against Marines - so why shouldn't the rules reflect that? The rules do reflect it. Thats why Bolters do so much damage and have pen. If you are hiding behind a Flakboard wall its not going to do anything but if your behind a wall of Armaplas you got a better chance. Its obvious Bolts don't go threw everything. If they did the Imperium would never build fortifications. AND I can see where you are coming from about my variant being a lot at first. But we in all rights are smart people. Adding, subtraction, and multpilication are not beyond us. So asking my players to do such so their damage feels important is not a bad request. I think the only feeling of it be too much is because its not written in the book. If you flipped to page * and read that math was needed for hurting Hordes. No one would think the wiser. Right now Hordes do one thing... Steal your ammo. Ether it be Frag Grenades or Bolter Rounds. I also have to say the idea of a Space Marine being like a sports car leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The idea of Space Marines just being mindless destructive machine is a stereotype that should be washed away. FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD! Is not tactical. Read any good Space Marine novel and you will see they are all about tactics and not rash behavior.
  9. DM Variyn

    Hordes Combat

    To ease everyones worries on Hordes, I'm sure Fantasy Flight have not play tested their own published game. Therefore that is why they haven't notice how damage against Hordes is...well boring. I do understand that the first Hordes fought are random citizens that walked out with kitchen knives and went to war. But still. You should never be about to tell your players. "Don't worry about rolling damage." Which you are replayed to by "But! I rolled a Righteous Fury!" So I sat down after the game and pondered a good system that was easy and fun. I wanted to keep fights still difficult and my players still wanting to roll well. Here it is! Everyone knows the starter Rebels are 30 Toughness/No Armour. So thats 4 damage that must be rolled to hurt their Magnitude. (3 damage to get past their Toughness, 1 damage to actually do damage). In the system I made not only every hit has the ability to do a Magnitude damage but every x1/x2/x3/x4/x5 of damage. So to take Multiple Magnitude from a Rebel you must do 4/8/12/16/20 etc. Each time you take a Magnitude you remove the amount needed from the amount of damage you did. Example: A Space Marine shoots a bolt pistol and does 15 damage. He did 2 Magnitude damage. (15 - 4 = 11 Thats one Magnitude, 11 - 8 = 3 That a second Magnitude. The 3 remain damage does nothing.) Some of you may love this idea. Others (probably your GM) will cry that it makes doing damage to Hordes too easy. Play with it, work with it, mold it, or leave it. This is just my fix to the problem. HOWEVER! If any of you are looking at really killing a Horde, unless your a Devastator Marine you should be throwing Frag Grenades. That is 5 Magnitude a hit. Seeing how robotical players were when seeing Hordes. "Everyone just throw Frag Grenades..." Oh look, your five players just threw Frag Grenades into that Horde. Thats 25 Magnitude damage. The Horde instantly flees because they are under 25% Magnitude. To fix that problem too! I kept the rule from up top and add that Grenades do not 5 Magnitude Damage (Blast Quality 5) but d5 Magnitude Damage. Unless a player rolls a Righteous Fury, then the Magnitude Damage is the max 5. Then you can add on what the real dice damage. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rules. If you have any questions feel free to ask. LAST IMPORTANT NOTE: GMs don't forget to use cover on your Hordes.
  10. Cifer said: The important condition here being having both Fate Points and Die Hard. I don't know about you, but when my character's wounds hit -8, that's generally a pretty clear sign of having had too few fate points, so I'd consider one or two the most you can hope for in that situation. As for the OP, I consider blood loss to be deadly enough. In your example, help was there within one minute. Imagine ambulances in our world - "Yeah, we can stop hurrying to the crash site, guys. It's been over two minutes, everyone who was in mortal danger has already croaked." Cifer I'm sorry but its not at all a clear sign of too few fate points. It actually just means that the player was hit with an attack that went past -10 and they used a fortune to make it above -10, meaning they wouldn't die (You can only use one fortune in response of an attack. Basically you can only heal d5 wounds from any given attack. Note: After any attack you can use more. However, gaining back wounds does not stop Blood Loss.) To the idea of people dieing in two minutes. It happens and is very common for medical assistance to get to a bled out victim of a gun shot or car crash. The main reason they live is due to someone staunching the bleeding or a object forcing the wound closed in the case of car crashes. That's why when you find someone wounded your not suppose to move them. So you don't re-open the wound. This is what stabbing weapons do in real life is open a wound that can't easily be stopped and you bleed internally. That's why you leave such items in arrows, knives, pipes, etc in. Ever seen a cowboy movie where they snap the shaft but not pull out the arrow . Though as I've seen in your other posts you probably won't agree due to some internet d**k measuring contest. Everyone Else I personally kept Blood Loss to how it is except you add +1 to that 10% each round. So a character will die around a max of some 4-5 minutes. This makes it no matter what a player will die sooner or later without medical care, even if they have great rolling skills.
  11. Graspar said: Yes it's quite deadly, once a round toughness tests at -10 or instant death is about as deadly as it gets without being actual instant death. Any additional damage would be lethal and he's already lost an arm. Grasper So you know Grasper it is not a -10 Toughness test. That is actually deadlier and after reading it I might change that to it . But what Blood Loss is, is a 10% chance to die a round. Explanation: On a d100 roll the player has to roll ether over 89 or under 11. Depending if they pick highs or lows. That is what Blood Loss is. Quicksilver If you would please explain your "1/3" example. Because out of 100 the chance of rolling 10 of the numbers would be 1/10 of a chance to die. That again is not adding re-rolls due to fortune or Die Hard. So for a person with Die Hard and a Fortune they would have to roll a 1 out of 10 roll. Then use Die Hard, again roll 1 out of 10. Then Fortune and roll 1 out of 10. Now they are dead. Well obviously not due to a Fate. However, this is the rough numbers of a death due to Blood Loss. On the idea of Heroes, I think the fact that they start with Fortune and Fate is what makes them Heroes. The fact that they can re-roll rolls, gain wounds, react at the start of initiative, etc. Not to forget their stats, weapons, armour, and equipment are all better than even the average person. Most importantly the fact that a foe dies at 0 wounds and a player can go to -8 or -9 before dieing.
  12. ItsUncertainWho You might want to reread what I posted. Obviously you didn't get the point. Quicksilver I did not say at any point that I wished my players to die the next round due to Blood Loss. What I asked is if it is actually deadly or not. 10 plus rounds on a crit one off from instant death should still be deadly. Therefore they put in Blood Loss. However Blood Loss will not unless the Dice Gods do not shine on your player at all, kill anyone. To your note of not killing your players. I can't agree. If your players don't fear death then why even have combat or danger? I personally see that taking out the most important part of 40k. Life is cheap.
  13. Everyone knows from both DH and RT our arc of fun can be flipping to the Critical Chart, thumbing our way to exact damage done and body part. Then finally as a GM or player reading out what happens to said player as he is hit into negative wounds. Somehow, by my own fault I had always assumed Blood Loss was extremely bad. It was a instant death will a moment of lingering pain. However its not at all. Since I have been running my game I thought that each round the player passed their 10% death roll for blood loss but someone did not staunch the bleeding that on your next roll it got bumped up by 10%. Therefore, first roll would be 10%, second 20%, third 30%, so on and so on. That seemed 40k to me and I never questioned it. I mean if you look at how grim everything is that seemed logical to me. Instead its just a 10% period. So a player could bleed out for dozens of rounds as long as they had Die Hard (lets you re-roll when rolling on Blood Loss) or if they have a good amount of fortune points. This might not sounds like a problem but let me give you an example of what happened in my game last night. So group of Assassins attacked my RT last game and were able to critically injure her to a point where she was forced into the Churgeon Wing for a few weeks so she could get a new augmented leg attached and get over the loss of the real leg. Well anyways, the rest of my players with order of the ships captain went into the Rogue Traders room in search for a connection to a system they were heading to (They believed that the RT knew something they didn't. And a connection between the Assassins, Pirates, a unknown space system, and a unknown great treasure). Anyways again! One of my players picked up a ancient box with gold etchings on it made from nalwood. Being the thief/lawbreaker of the party he tried to open it even though it was obviously the RT's. Well it had a thumb print reader that also read the users DNA. If the DNA was not of the RT's family then this same thumb print reader introduced a neurotoxin into the user. Using some of the crazed toxins from ether the DH or RT notebooks that came with the GM Screen the players arm skin boiled and after a few moments of pain expanded and finally his arm exploded (He went into negative 8 wounds on the energy Crit Chart on the arm). So he started to bleed out (Blood Loss). Well by using fortune and Die Hard he was able to last 10 rounds before a medical crew got to him and 2 more rounds before they were able to Stanch his bleeding. Now I'm not sure if 36 seconds is long to bleed out in real life but in this game it seems really long to me. He even had, I want to say 1 more fortune left. So I'm almost sure he could have lasted another 5 rounds. Anyone else have this problem? Is anyone also like the rule of adding +10% each time? Any one disagree with me on how weak it is?
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