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  1. Funny I read some Sirlin's quotes, as the one who made me discover it was Graham Hill, one of the best CoC player I ever faced.
  2. Seeing th preview of ST's character that allows you to bump a card back from discard (Dr Baker), you might also imagine possibility to use Cat House with this character +IScho ...
  3. I hadn't seen it before !!!! It's been 8 month since it was written and I did'nt notice it !! At least, the necrologic works was usefull for me !!!
  4. Beside this, Nate French is not the actual contact for the community, regarding to the introcution of James Hata as the new Line Support for the game. Concerning what Bright Knight said : I feel a little puzzled about your post. Yes, you can win against the magah+70 steps. But consider them comboed with Endless Interrogation and you'll understand what I mean. You MUST play character in this game. If you're lucky enough, you'll have a rats or 2, but if they are exhausted, they cannot defend. 1 bbird is then enough to trigger EI twice and empty the opponents hand, who will be topdecked. And that's enough to allow you to gain enough points to summon the descendant or anything else to be able to win 1 story a turn. I agree that there are a lot of answers since Secrets of Arkham are out on sale. But there is still a difference between playing 3 character with Fast for 1 and draining a domain each time you want to kill one of them !! I actually play a deck designed to face the GENCON (Tom Capor's one) and you can't make a single mistake or the game is over. The GENCON has an automatic-drive-in mode you don't have to think about how it works, as it works by itself. and that's the main problem. Speaking about pure Agency, reminds that the even the low cost character from agency can be taken away by Polar Mirage (1 cost event for Hastur) or can be taken care of via stealing the characters, which is enough to uncommit them... IMHO, the only solution leads in Cthulhu/Yog destruction, but I fear this game increasing its power, the whole pool will be cost-reduced and power-increased... And the reason why we leaved the CCG was officially the fast tempo it owned (you were able to win turn 1 or at least turn 2!).
  5. Ok, as Dadajeff and Wendigo said, there was a mistake in the cards being "soft-banned". We decided (TO from the french meta) to do it and asked every players who wanted to came and play in a french official tournament to follow this TO rules : - No Steps - No Endless Interrogation and we did asked our players on the french board if they do agreed it or not. Most of them were OK and we did so. Like Wendigo said, The Belgian Tournament from October was one of the most challenging event I've been a part of, included Stahleck (despite I loved my games there!). The curx being the problem of tempo included by several changes to the rules : - Mulligan increase the possibilty to have Birds+steps in hand. This is enough to totally screw the T1 and T2 of your opponent, du to the inner construction of the game. The mecanisms of this game are build so the players have to follow a ressource curse to increase their power on the gaming board. Those steps were enough to unbalnaced it. Something had to be done. - Endless Interogation was a card designed to be included in a bithematic deck (HAstur/agency), but you were able to use it in Hastur only deck, du to the cost of 0. The fact to be able to re-use it twice in a same row totally destroy the balance between hand advantages the players should have. The official ruling from FFG did increase the potential of this card to a simple "must have". So, there were three months of playtest before we finally admit the 2 cards did more arms than the Magah, which can be dealt with if the two other powerhouse are removed from the game. And we did practice it in gentleman's agreement for Poitiers tournaments, so we finally admit that the ban has to be done. I'm not saying we are the one who did the nicest choice or anything like this, but the practice did offer us the possibility to finalize our decision. That's why we have asked FFG to follow this and consider a ban. But everyone can do whatever he wants to, as long as his gaming partners are okay with it, we are not the owners of the absolut truth ... But I'm pretty confident saying that the ban is to consider in a way to allow other faction to be more involved in the top 3 in Nationals or any challenging event. But we send our ruling requests and propositions for MONTHS, and still had no answers. FFG did not provide a complete FAQ las ttime one was edited and a lot of query need answers. We are counting something like 17 questions sent and no answers... Which is bad ...
  6. Oh gosh, I'm really sad reading this !! The 09 French Champion (yes he was!) is leaving the game... and I truely feel bad about it. I had the plesure to meet you IRL twice (09 French Nationals+ 09 Castle Stahleck) and I still feel gratefull for all your knowledge shared with both new comers and older players. The game we shared were both fun and instructive, you were as kind as possible and always explained your orientations and choices to your opponents once the party ended. The community is loosing one of it's deckbuilding-sorceror and I hope we'll have the pleasure to meet you again on the card-game universe. I hope everyone will enjoy your post and feel what a real playtest has to be : sweat, tears and blood ... ^^ Thank you very much for all your kind word and I wish you the best for all your futur gaming investment. Hope to see you again Vincent
  7. Cause he's not an investigator when you it from your hand to the table. He only gets the text once the printed cost being payed and the text copyed.
  8. Well, I'm kinda excited about those cards : The Cthulhu's one is pretty interesting in adding possibility to do something with the Cultist. It's exactly the kind of stuff which might be a nice inclusion in a Yog/Cthulhu deck (cultist for 0, recursion). The new Cthulhu version offer the possibility to have a great finisher, which I found usefull. The second card is a card that use the trigger from your opponent strategy. It's more a "destruction strategy" answer than a real gain of power for Yog. But, if you consider this as an independant (a subtype which start to decrease its power as they have no new cards for some AP now!), that's you need to play it from your hand (not discard pile) + it will only allow loops with Silver Twilight's bump, I don't feel like it's a powerhouse. A nice new card, but it will only gain 2 slots from my Yog decks...
  9. Well, I thought there was something in the rules that said you can only target stuffs that are in play, except for the cards that précisely mention they target something on the discard pile ..
  10. First time I see a Rules discussion about "karmic balance" and conformity with the title ... Love this ...
  11. I hadn't got enough time to read carefully the whole FAQ, but ... There is something that might concerns this (top of 8 page of the FAQ) "Whenever a card effect affects both players simultaneously, the active player resolves his effects first" I agree with the fact that you have Two players who are affected in a simultaneous way (Player a drive dangerous inmate insane, Player B has a character that becomes insane). But the FAQ said that you have to drive insane DI first, then the other character does. Once done, you might consider the Response windows to open (only disrupt may interrupt the process) and Greatest fear might apply. There was also something explained on the FAQ (page 11) " At any time a card effect targets a character with the lowest skill and there is a tie, the card effect’s controller may choose which character is affected." It concerned the skill ... but it's quite similar, nope ?? I did practice this kind of tricks in my Hastur/miska deck (refer to the CENACLE : http://cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/proposez-vos-decks-f44/combo-deck-drive-me-insane-t1889.htm)
  12. Being a TO myself, I tend to allow my players to use old black-board cards when playing leagues or tournaments (but they have to apply the modification from the LCG, so Anthro Advisor has CAI !!) 3 reasons : - I don't want to see the players who spend huge money in the CCG leaving the game because they have to buy reprints... - French editions are out after the american ones, so reprints can be incorporated instantly in the pool. - Considering it's just a fashion problem (well, the boarder are not from the same color, but sleeves are an obligation in French Tournament), I think that you must allow your player to use the cards the way they want !!
  13. I'm actually building a mono-Miska, you can see my attempt on the Cenacle's page (http://cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/proposez-vos-decks-f44/deckbuilding-on-parle-plus-trop-de-miska-en-ce-moment-t1829.htm). Yet, the mono miska deck is far underpowered when facing HAstur or Cthulhu. Removal does hurt it a lot and stealing character do break your possibilities to rush stories. Playing tournaments quite often, I hadn't seen a viable mono-miska for quite a while. Like Jhaelen, my dreamer-deck totally aborted and I tryed to add Hastur to give it more consistency. I'd be interested seeing what you actually play, Professor ^^
  14. There has been a personnal site which allowed you to do so, but the site is now off !! So, I don't have any good answer to give you right now.
  15. Totally agree msommi !! I actually play a mono-cthulhu with serpents and it runs really well. So, if I were you, I would consider buying one of each Yuggoth Contracts AP. They worth it and might allow you to play without buying Dreamlands or others stuffs yet. Then, when you'll feel the need to consider them, you'll might want to buy the others extensions. Just way for the reprint of dreamlands, they'll be in 3x editions.
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