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  1. Last week dacardwold had a great sale on Winter Edition boosters. 6 box case for 29.99
  2. Thanks for the reply Wes although I think you misinterpreted what I was looking for. I'm looking for the old Gold Dragon Redemption binders, I don't actually need the cards to fill them. Incidentally FFG actually owes me them from back a few years. They never sent me my final Gold Redemption items when they shut down the program. Though they were nice enough to cash my check to cover the shipping. I forgive them though it was a crazy time, lots of changes happened around that time.
  3. Looking to buy a few of the old CCG promo binders. Have: Westeros, Sea of Storms, Ice & Fire, Valyrian, Reign of Kings, Flight of Dragons, Premium and Promo Cards, National Championships. Need: Throne of Blades, Crown of Suns, Winter, Song of Twilight.... perhaps more can't remember which ones they made. Anyways if you have any you want to sell drop me a line: einroy2 at gmail dot com
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    UPS just delivered my copy of BoN and let's stick with wow. I'm just sitting here reading through the rules now but just the box is impressive. It is way bigger than I thought it would be and the insert for the components has enough slots to become a game of its own. The tricky part is where to store it as the box is wider than any of my current shelves. Can't wait to get to get this one to the table for play. Definitely going to take it to my game group tonight to show it off.
  5. Is anyone else concerned/bothered by the lack of info/hype/publicity/etc for this game. Basically the only new about this game ever was that they were going to publish it. Conversely look at Battles of Westeros which has had at least a dozen front page news plugs in the last 3 months. Makes me wonder about the long term plans for this game. Though ultimately of course it will come down to whether it's a good game or not.
  6. Absolutely this kind of thing is why I bought the boxes. I've just barely scratched the surface of looking through what I have in the boxes but in a week or two I should have a better idea and can put together some stuff for you. Cheers. LoneWanderer said: Einroy, I would be really interested in buying a bunch of old-skool common cards off of you. In order to generate some semblance of a local meta I'm trying to pull together enough cards (LCG w/ CCG extras) to host a playgroup of about four people (offering twelve decks to choose from each time) but am having difficulty amassing enough resource locations to make it all work. Do you think that we could work out a deal for some of the really staple CCG things like; Winterfell Heart Trees, Great Keeps, Godswoods, Northern Fiefdoms, and Broken Towers (and the other houses' equivalents), and maybe some of the neutral stuff like Roseroads, Searoads, Crossroads, Fallow Fields, and Kingsroad Farmstead/Keep/Inns? Would be delighted to work something out with you, let me know if you would like me to send you my e-mail so that we can figure out some details.
  7. I'm checking out TCO right now. I very much miss my collection list from tzumainn's site. All things considered I suppose this is as good a time as any to switch to a new trading site as I just added a bunch of old cards to my collection and would have had to update my lists again anyways. I was looking around my FLGS store and found a few old boxes of Thrones cards lying about and offered to buy them and the owner surprised me by finding a third huge box in the back room. Rough guesstimate is around 8-10k mixed rarity cards from Westeros through Valyrian. Yay me. So once I get things cataloged I should have a bunch of new cards to trade/give away.
  8. Now don't quote me on this because I'm not 100% sure I've got it right but... I had noted that all of the "FFG Demo team" members seemed to be around 17 or 18 years old which seemed odd but it was mentioned to me that a teacher from I believe Kentucky used his students to help with the demos which may explain their lack of knowledge of all products and their current level of support. That said if you'd come by the Catalyst games demo booth Me, Stephan, and a certain Maester would probably loved to play a little Thrones (after hours of course) and would have known way more about the GoT LCG status than John Q High School Student.
  9. I agree with rings whole-heartedly and call on him to return to GenCon, win the national championship, and design that card.
  10. I don't know if I have a favorite house to play. I've always been partial to Stark and I've played them the most but since I don't play competitively often I tend to make theme decks. Almost all my decks are unique centric and are of limited effectiveness. One of my favorites I played at Origins a few years back was based around putting every attachment I could find on free attachment Sansa and letting her run amok. I lost every game but it was great fun to play. My most effective deck was a noble crest themed deck of Bara and Martell that used almost exclusively noble crest characters and events. I never got to play it in a tournament but it held its own against Luke** when he stopped for a visit just before his GenCon joust win. Least favorite is usually Lanni or Martell. Really good control decks annoy me because when they work it becomes a one player game and I'm not the player. ** In Luke's defense there were about a dozen time in three games when he kept me from doing something stupid. It was still good to know that the deck itself was pretty good even if its player wasn't always.
  11. You can add me to the list of players. einroy2 [a] gmail.com einroy2 on AIM
  12. Considering you having a standard tournament, why not just have a regular old ITE/5Ke booster draft? Though some of the fun for you might be putting together the draft cube and it would be good to have some cube testing. I guess I can see it both ways. E
  13. Thirded. Any chance to play is better than the once or twice yearly I have now and an online option would be fantastic.
  14. Will have to be used carefully in defense for sure but will be great for powering "lose a challenge" mechanics, especially lose by 4's like ITE Areo Hotah.
  15. I was just curious if anyone else was still waiting on their redemtion stuff from what, June or July when it ended? I saw FFG cashed my check for shipping in mid September but still haven't seen anything in the mail.
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