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  1. Taking a better look, since Courtier’s Resolve (Void Shuji 1) is almost identical to Warrior’s Resolve (Kata 1), only switch strife for fatigue and glory for honor, I would say Courtier’s Resolve too can be used in any stance.
  2. 1) when you activate an Element technique that requires an Element roll, you Need to Be in that element stance, right? 2) when you activate an Element technique that doesn't require an Element roll, you don't Need to Be in that element stance, right? (Like "Courtier's resolve" void shuji 1)
  3. Kaito is a strange beast: maybe Privileged Access should only be granted to specific techniques, not to technique groups. Otherwise those groups became almost like additional groups of "Techniques Available".
  4. Sorry, the "but in a lesser way" part was a leftover from another phrase (I didn't completely erase).
  5. So, you buy all Rank 1 Air Kiho, Then, when you are Rank 2, a new manual hits "the road", with new Kiho... too late? I think I'll keep them "backward compatible".
  6. A Rank 1 Kaito Shrine Keeper has Privileged Access to the Technique Group "Rank 1 Air Invocations". So he can learn all Rank 1 Air Invocations? If did not learn all Rank 1 Air Invocations, can at Rank 2 learn the remaining Rank 1 Air Invocations?
  7. Yes, Kaito too... A school that grants access to some techniques from a profession it doesn't have can be acceptable. A school that doesn't grant access to techniques from a profession it has is "very strange" (from my point of view). Bushi > Kata --- Shugenja > Invocations --- Courtiers > Shuji --- Monk > Kiho --- Shinobi > Ninjutsu Anyway that is a very good question: it seems profession descriptors serve no function. There could be a Bushi school without access to Katas...
  8. I would completely agree with you if they didn't give them the Shinobi descriptor, only the privileged access to ninjutsu techniques.
  9. "Shadow" techniques should be something completely different from "Ninjutsu" techniques: they should only be usable by someone with Shadow taint. "Ninjutsu" are secret and forbidden arts practised by shinobi: this is way there are only 3 shinobi "professions" in the base manual. And all 3 these shinobi professions still get all those secret and forbidden arts... but not the group.
  10. I can accept the fact they did only a short list for the 2 "generic" technique groups (Rituals and Maho), but I don't like at all the fact they did not "complete" the Ninjutsu technique group (it only has 4 Air techniques). The fact that the Hiruma Scout, Shosuro Infiltrator and Soshi Illusionist all get the Ninjutsu techniques as privileged access and no school gets the Ninjutsu group is simply an "escamotage" to cover that.
  11. Kaito Shrine Keeper [Monk] School has no access to Kiho?!? Isn't a little strange? Same thing for Shosuro Infiltrator School [Shinobi, Courtier]: no access to Ninjutsu. Ehm... no school has access to Ninjutsu...
  12. For the Air Stance I was thinking something like: "When other characters make Attack action checks and Scheme action checks that target you, they cancel every Explosive Success they get." or, less powerful: "When other characters make Attack action checks and Scheme action checks that target you, they change every Explosive Success they get into a Success."
  13. The other scale because the higher school rank character has (normally) higher ring and skill ranks. This should be applyied to the Air stance (for defense) too.
  14. Exactly... I think that only School Abilities should be linked to School Ranks.
  15. My point is that using School Rank outside of School Abilities feels... strange, not elengant. If you have more than 1 School or no School?
  16. School Rank is not used anywhere beside School Abilities. Why adding it in the Air stance and not increasing TN by 3 if Air is 5 or more, by 2 if Air is 4, by 1 if Air is 3 or less?
  17. The only thing I truly hope for is for Techniques to have requirements like: - clan (already there) - family - role - school
  18. Rituals is for everyone (and Maho is for everyone who is tainted), so every school has effectively 2 "variable" technique groups.
  19. What bothers me is that a Crab Shugenja can learn the same combat Techniques (Kata) as a Crab Bushi (beside the 2 abilities specific of the Crab Bushi). There should be some Kata with a requirement of "Bushi" (same thing for the other Techniques).
  20. So bushi can Commune with Spirits (ritual)? To tell the truth, anyone can Commune with Spirits now... this feels wrong to me.
  21. So you get a "Rank 1" School Ability and a "Rank 6" School (Mastery) Ability (but no Rank 2, 3, 4, 5 School Ability)?
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