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  1. The above FAQ when downloaded says it is FAQ May 2017 this is over a year old, did it take them a year from doing it to releasing it? This is very odd are there other FAQ's done for other games still to be released. Why are they holding back their FAQ's?
  2. When you play with most expansions added do you use Cities of Ruin most of the time or is this one used only occasionally?
  3. New Errata & FAQ just released.
  4. Thanks for the great explanation, i fully understand now, as they say if don't ask you will never know.
  5. l put something like this on the BBG site. Playing with the Ancient One Atlach-Nacha the first Mystery card i draw It says, "If an investigator would gain an Artifact, he may gain the Crux of Cykranosh Artifact instead". then "At the end of the Mythos phase, an investigator with the Crux of Cykranosh Artifact may lure the Spider-mother's brood into the open, spawn The Brood Epic Monster on his space". l have to get the Artifact Crux of Cykranosh to fetch into play and defeat The Brood Epic Monster. I do not have the Artifact so the Epic Monster is not in play yet. I have the Old Journal Unique Asset which i passed the test then flipped over the card which said Advance the active Mystery by 1, does that mean i have beaten the Mystery?
  6. At last a reply from FFG to my question, When you draw a Cultist while playing with Atlach-Nacha can you place it in your space if there is no Gate or Monster there? The answer is yes.
  7. It matters if it stops people arguing for 15 minutes as they did in the last game i played which to say was not enjoyable to me. I sent FFG a email on the 30 March asking the same question and so far all i have received from them is a acknowledgement of my email.
  8. I contacted FFG on the 20 February and so far all i have had from them is a receipt of my email.
  9. I thought i would as this here as there are differing opinions on Board Game Geek. When you draw a Cultist while playing with Atlach-Nacha can you place it in your space if there is no Gate or Monster there?
  10. There are 2 rules that i cannot download for The Grey Havens, they are, A Storm on Cobas Haven & The City of Corsairs, they both say Forbidden, i can download all other rules ok. Does anyone know why they are not working or can someone fix them?
  11. Do you know if this was intentional by Fantasy Flight or is a error?
  12. Has anyone else noticed that on the back of Minh Thi Phan investigator card, at the beginning of her story her name is spelt in reverse as Phan Thi Minh , is this an error or are there any cultural reasons for this?
  13. Just bought the game and the card is the old version, thanks anyway.
  14. l asked this question on BBG but so far have no reply so l am asking it here. The January 2016 FAQ Errata lists the Haunter of the Dark Mystery Card as incorrect. Has this card been corrected in the later printings of Under the Pyramids and if so what is the correct wording of this card now?
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