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  1. Wow, thanks for the quick reply! I guess the armour restriction on Troll Slayers keeps them from falling into this category as well? Also, what about their action cards? By RAW most of the actions are available to anybody who is (for instance) wielding a greatsword. Is it a good idea to limit the Wardances and Swordmaster actions to those careers (I don't remember if Ironbreakers have their own actions or not).
  2. Not sure if this is the best place to ask this or not, but here goes: I've just started running a game of WFRP 3e. There aren't any Swordmaster's in my group atm, but a number of players have been looking into them with interest. Are they really that broken? I haven't had a chance to take a look yet (I've been focused on just keeping up with the stuff that is immediately required for my game). As a follow-up question, are there other careers that have a similar reputation/have things I should watch out for?
  3. Both very handy and cool ideas, thanks! I'll give them a whirl at the game this weekend.
  4. So one of my players in a campaign I just started is a Gambler. Has anyone put together any good systems for running gambling in the system? Should I just run it as an opposed test? What about games of pure chance?
  5. Thanks for the links! I'll take some time sorting through them, but they look fantastically useful. I ran a very successful WFRP 2e campaign a while ago, and so this will be my first foray into the 3e rules. I was intrigued by the dice mechanic, and hope that after the initial learning curve it makes the game more straightforward during the session.
  6. Hi, I'm looking to run my group's first game of WFRP. I just have the core set, but in reading the rules there are a lot of little rules to remember that aren't on the action cards (like a Comet can be turned into a critical hit with any attack). Are there any reference sheets or anything that people have put together to have this information at your fingertips during play? Sorry, my search-fu is weak...
  7. Hoping against hope that there has been some progress on this. Anything coming together?
  8. Any new developments on this? If not, would it be possible to get it as is now and calculate power manually?
  9. I think it's pretty heinous that it's taken them 18 months (or likely 2 years given FFG's reliability with posted release dates) to get a book out on something so core to the Rogue Trader game. </rant> At least in BFG, fighters were unable to attack ships as their weapons were too puny. You needed bombers to cause structural damage, or assault craft to land hit-and-runs.
  10. Does anyone know whether bobh or anyone else is planning to integrate the new components and hulls from Into the Storm into RTSU? Have found the utility incredibly useful in my game. Was thinking about doing adding them in myself, but I'm quite slow with excel and didn't want to duplicate work if someone more proficient is already on it.
  11. In a world where the approved 'norm' of the Imperium is broad enough to include trillions of people, grotesquely misshapen Ogryns, plants and planets that attack people, and the kind of steampunk cybergear that is poured onto the characters, I can't imagine the gender of a sexual partner being of the smallest significance to anyone of rank in the Ecclesiarchy. Sexuality, and sex as a whole, is only a serious issue for us because we live in a world that is incredibly boring compared the that of the 40k universe, and so we focus on minutia. Control and monitoring of anything less than sex and/or breeding with xenos would be a complete waste of resources and energy.
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